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Our Wedding Day

My loves, we’re MARRIED! I am so excited to be sharing a few of our wedding photos with you here on my blog. Looking back at these fill my heart with so much warmth and joy. It was truly the most magical and special day, with the most incredible people! It felt so surreal having so many of our loved ones all together, from all parts of the world. Of course there were a few dear friends and family who couldn’t make it due to the current world situation (my heart goes out to other couples in the same situation), but they were definitely there in spirit ♥ Marrying my best friend and soulmate, in the same special place we met 5 years ago, surrounded by our close friends and family, is a memory I will cherish in my...
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My Updated Free Wellness & Self Care Planner

I am so excited to be sharing my updated wellness and self care planner with you! The original one I created was really simple and served it’s purpose, however this one is so much more beautiful and inspiring. I love the addition of a few quotes and feel-good affirmations that really set you on the right path for the day! It is so incredible to have this sheet to keep my progress organized and noted so it’s not all swirling around in my head 🙂 I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this planner as well! In my latest video I share exactly how I like to use this planner and you can print out your free copy below (after the “Read More” section). Let me know what you think and if you’ll be using it as well! XOXO...
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Q&A | Supplements, Time Management, My Inspiration…

Hello my loves! Today I have a new Q&A video and post to share with you! Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions. I answered a few in my recent video, and since there were so many good ones I’ve answered some more below! What supplements do you use at the moment for balanced hormones and healthy skin? I have a dedicated video on the topic of supplements, you can watch it here I still love these, but I’ve just had a look through my cupboard and here’s a current updated list of what I’m taking. Great for skin & overall health: (I’ve linked examples of these from Amazon.com, however these are not the exact brands I take as I order in Europe, but linking for my US viewers!) Zinc (I like both capsules example here and...
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Answering Your Questions

Hello my loves! I hope you’re all healthy and well. I just uploaded a new Q&A video answering some questions you left under my recent Instagram photo. You can watch the video here.  As there were so many great questions I’ve gone through them again and answered some more below! 🙂   What was the most challenging thing when you decided to move to Germany? Definitely missing my family! My mom lives in Switzerland and I’m very close to my siblings who live there too so that’s definitely the most challenging part. In terms of a challenging thing about Germany, as a country, I overall LOVE loving here. The quality of life is amazing (just not too crazy about the cold winter months hehe) but I would say perhaps the language. I have learnt to speak quite a bit...
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My Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays my loves! Christmas is right around the corner so for this post I’ve partnered up with Nordstrom to show you my favorites from their annual Holiday Gift Guide! These are all products I personally love and use, and I think they are great all-around gifts that can be perfect for anyone in your life. Let’s dig in!     I absolutely love this festive and decorative time of year! Ok, the cold weather and little natural sunlight are not my favorites, but seeing all the beautiful decorations, lights, Christmas markets and people in the holiday spirit really do make me smile. I am also so excited to be seeing my family again soon! These are a few of the gifts I will be giving to my friends and family back home.   The Bella Sofia Look Set...
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