My name is Annie Jaffrey and I’m a 28 year old beauty, health and lifestyle blogger born in Sweden and brought up in Switzerland. I spent six years in New York City studying business and marketing within fashion and related industries and graduated with honors in 2012. I have since had the opportunity to live in London, Dubai, Barcelona and Geneva.

I started my YouTube channel in February of 2011 with the goal of sharing my passion and experience with health and beauty. I also wanted to create a space that was “Annie’s” – a positive, creative and inspiring environment where girls could get tips, be entertained and forget about daily stresses.

After six years of blogging, I have been fortunate enough to turn it into my professional career, and I have my supportive viewers to thank. 

I create a variety of videos on my YouTube channel, and started the blog with the goal of sharing more frequent and personal posts about everything from health to fashion to beauty as well as daily happenings. 

Keep your eyes on the stars & your feet on the ground


For partnership, collaboration, or gifting inquiries, please email: annie@gleamfutures.com

For personal, PR or general inquires, please email: annie@anniejaffrey.com