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Hello my loves! I just uploaded a new Q&A video answering questions about my workout schedule to style essentials, finding inspiration for healthy food, life when I had to move back in with my family, tips for anxiety and more! You can watch the video here :) As there were so many great questions I decided to answer a few more here on my blog!

I have recently eating plant-based foods and exercising for my health, but how do you cope with cravings? Although my mind is keep telling me to eat clean, I still crave for those sugary unhealthy foods like cakes, ice cream, etc. By the way, you are my healthy role model.
So great to know that, thank you! I am all about a good balance, I like the 80/20 approach to eating healthy. So I mostly go for nutritious salads, veggie dishes, wild salmon and simple healthy foods, but I also like to have little desserts, sorbets and the occasional delicious pasta dish. I think a healthy body comes down to what you do for the majority of the time that really counts. I recently did a video called How to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food, and I think the tips there apply a lot to cravings as well!

How often do you wash your hair? I used to wash my hair about once a week, but as I’ve been really consistent the last few months with everyday workouts / movement, my hair gets a lot “dirtier” quicker due to the sweat that builds up. So now I wash my hair approximately 2 (sometimes 3) times per week - but the longer I can go, the better! I sometimes get away with once a week if it’s a low-key kind of week. But if I’ve got events or travels, that usually increases the amount of washes. (This is the shampoo I am using at the moment, and my favorite conditioner!)

Hi Annie! Just curious about your thoughts on dating, specifically your beliefs on ‘the one’ and knowing if they’re ‘the one’.
Oh this is such a great but also somewhat tricky question! Well I wouldn’t say I believe that “love at first sight” always applies. I think infatuation at first sight is real, but I find that true love and finding “the one” goes a lot deeper than what we can see the first time we meet someone. Being physically attracted to someone is great (and important) however, what I find the most important is having common values and life goals as one another. Wanting to build a life together, growing together and moving in the same direction. These things can only be felt and known with time. Knowing that you can truly trust someone is so important and is fundamental to the feeling of them being “the one”.

My thoughts on dating is go for it! You’ll learn so much about other people, and also about yourself. If you’re young and feel like you’ve already found the one, then that’s great! But if you’re single right now and afraid to step out and meet people, my experience is that nothing truly great happens in your comfort zone. You have to step out, take leaps and trust yourself (and life). Yes you might have some bad strange dates but I think we all have hehe! If anything it will be a funny memory to look back on in a few years :) You might also make some new friends along the way.

According to your opinion, what kind of parental nurture (behavior) is right? :) What are the things that you'll teach for them in the future? :)
Firstly, as a lot of you may know, I cannot wait to have kids! :) I’m so excited for that time in my life and my dream for them is to be exactly who they want to be. I just hope to guide them, encourage them and be an open book on everything I can to help them navigate their first years of life. I am so happy to have grown up with parents who did allow me freedom and support in my life. My mom especially instilled this great sense of trust in me, which I respect so much. She allowed me freedom, but I knew that if I broke her trust, it would be taken away. So unlike a lot of people I knew when I was young, I did not have to sneak around or lie.

I want my kids to be able to come to me with anything, and feel they can share. I also plan on being open and honest with my kids about traditionally “taboo” topics like sex, the human body, work and everything else. Instilling structure and positive self discipline will also be priorities for me, as I know these are tools that are so essential in life, and bring you so much happiness. I also know that children are sponges, and absorb everything you say and do. So being a good role model for them by living my best self, doing what I love, keeping fit and healthy, being kind, working hard etc. is also a priority and will be translated to them too.

Hi Annie! Love from Toronto! 🤗 Since cold and flu season is approaching us.. what are you go to home remedies when you're feeling under the weather?
Lots of rest, vitamin C (I increase the amount of lemon juice I have during the day, and focus on eating more veggies - try this veggie soup it’s amazing), zinc supplements are phenomenal (see my favorite supplements here), lots of herbal teas, and trying to lower stress. I hate getting sick (as I’m sure all of us do) so when I feel something coming on, I switch gears and try to heal myself before it develops into a full on cold.

How's wedding planning going? When are you getting married?
We are not planning our wedding just yet, but when we do I will definitely share more about it with you guys!

What is the sweetest thing you have done for Mo and he for you 😊 I’ll never forget the first time I visited Mo in Munich (I was living in Geneva at the time), he knew how much I loved healthy food, wellness etc. so he went out and bought an array of beautiful fruit and vegetables and had his whole kitchen stocked with amazing food. He also bought a blender for me to make smoothies in! How sweet :) Not only that, but he knew how much I love fresh sheets and a cozy bed, so he got new great quality comfy pillows (the large ones you see on our bed) and tried to make the whole place feel like home for me. He also cleared out a huge part of his wardrobe for me with empty hangers (I checked his side and all his things were squeezed in so tight hehe). I’ll never forget that day. He has done many other sweet things, but that’s the one that comes to mind first. As for the sweetest thing I have done for him, I think you have to ask him that hehe :)

How do you stay so consistent with healthy living and taking care of yourself? I admire this about you so much!
Aw thank you so much! I stay consistent with it because it keeps me feeling at my best. And when I feel at my best, I can do my best. It’s a win-win! Of course I sometimes fall off the wagon and life gets in the way, but I pick myself up and keep going. It’s not always easy but I try to prioritize my health and wellness so that I can enjoy life to the fullest. Our health and happiness are everything ♥

How often do you go back to Sweden? Do you still speak Swedish sometimes? I would love to visit Sweden again soon as I haven’t been there in about 5/6 years. I was born in Gothenburg for those who may not know :) And I speak Swedish almost everyday with my mom :)

Thank you guys so much for all your great questions! I will do another again soon! Love you ♥

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  1. You are a role model! If every person would be a bit more like You, our world would be a better place!