How I Cleanse My Skin

Fun fact, cleansing my skin at night is one of my FAVORITE parts of the day. I love doing my makeup, but I love taking it off too :) There's just something so therapeutic and enjoyable about the whole experience. I've found that properly cleansing and taking care of my skin has helped tremendously in keeping it clear, smooth and glowing. Cleansing is of course essential for removing makeup (and sunscreen), but it also helps to lift any pollution, dirt, accumulated oils, dead skin cells, and any other build up from the day that can irritate and inflame skin. This allows your skin to properly breath and regenerate, without having any pollutants clogging up your pores.

I am a huge fan of double cleansing at night, so I first take my makeup off with either a balm (the Drunk Elephant one is great) or a micellar water (I love Caudalie's one). I then go in with a cleanser and my LUNA 3 to really deep clean my skin. It is a sonic-pulsating cleansing and massaging device with super soft silicone bristles that help deeply cleanse your pores without being abrasive or causing irritation. The backside is the firming side of the device that is great for massaging the face and neck. It is so gentle and soft on the skin, but once I'm done using it, my skin feels so clean, smooth and as if it's been exfoliated with a traditional scrub (without the abrasiveness of course). Due to the bristles being made of 100% silicone, the tool remains totally anti bacterial and hygienic, (which also means you don't have to replace or change any brush heads every few months). The 8,000 T-sonic pulsations of this tool are also so relaxing and feels like a little facial massage every time I use it. Two for one! Love it 

My go to cleansers at the moment with my LUNA 3

My two favorite cleansers at the moment are definitely the Kate Somerville EradiKate cleanser, which is amazing for acne-prone skin. It contains sulfur which is such a great ingredient for targeting acne causing bacteria without over drying or stripping the skin, and the consistency of the cleanser is very creamy and rich. This is the cleanser I use with my LUNA 3 at night, usually whilst having my evening shower (it's 100% waterproof) - would highly recommend this combo! Another great cleanser is the REN Gentle Cleansing Gel, this is my go to for the mornings as it's very soft and calming, as I don't need a very deep cleanse first thing when I wake up. Using a gentle cleanser like this along with the LUNA 3 after a morning workout is also really beneficial for helping to cleanse your skin of any sweat. Leaving sweat on skin for too long can cause breakouts and bacteria build up so cleansing post-workout is essential!

I've tried a few variations of this Swedish-born FOREO tool over the last few years, but my favorite is definitely the LUNA 3! This is a ‘two-in-one’ device: an enhanced T-Sonic facial cleansing brush AND a firming massager. The size is perfect, and I love the new features of it. You connect it with your phone via the Foreo App, and choose from 4 different massage treatments to tackle fine lines and wrinkles on the face, chin and neck. The treatments are done using the reverse side of the tool, and each last 2 mins (except the contour which is 4 mins). The treatments are accompanied with a guided how-to video that you follow along with, so it's really easy and simple to use. I like to use the firming massage function a couple of times per week. To prep my skin, I apply a few drops of facial oil (love the Rosehip Seed Oil by The Ordinary), and/or a moisturizer (The Drunk Elephant Protini is my fav!), so the tool has something soft to glide over (to avoid any tugging of the skin). I select the program I want, and let the tool work on firming and contouring my face :) The app not only helps you time your personalized cleansing and massage routines, it also has the "Find My LUNA" feature, so you can locate your LUNA 3 in case your misplaced it!

Click here to learn more about this awesome little device!

What is your favorite part of your skincare routine? Do you also enjoy cleansing and facial massage? I would also love to know if you have any favorite facial tools you'd recommend I try? Let me know below! XOXO

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