What I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I could not be more excited about it! I am so ready for the warm bright days ahead and to celebrate I want to share a few of the things I am looking forward to this new season. Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to this summer!


Warm weather and me go very much hand in hand :) I love wearing lightweight summer dresses and sandals pretty much all season! So comfy, easy and CUTE. I will share some fashion videos and hauls with you soon featuring some really pretty pieces.

Can you believe it? So surreal to think I'll be 30 years old next month! I'm so grateful for everything life has blessed me with till this point and I am SO looking forward to this next chapter of my life. I honestly feel the BEST I have ever felt and I truly believe our body, life, career and everything in between is what WE MAKE it. So cool to think I spent almost all of my 20's sharing my life with you guys and having you be part of it means so much to me.

Something I love about living in Europe is how easy and convenient it is to travel to different countries in the summer. Summer in pretty much all of Europe is so beautiful! We have a couple of trips planned, one however will actually be to New York. I always love going back to the city I spent most of my early 20's in. It gives me all the feels, remembering all the experiences I had there and how much I grew as a person. Will always be so grateful for that time in my life! (p.s. It's also where I started my YouTube channel, back in 2011, so it has an extra special place in my heart for that as well.)

I am currently working on redoing my entire blog and website! I am so excited for it to get a refresh and showcase some really cool new features on it. It will be a bit of an adjustment in terms of the back-end set up as I am switching the platform as well (currently on Blogger and I'll be switching over to Wordpress). But as with any new tech software or platform I've upgraded to, it just takes time and patience to learn it. It will be so worth it though and I can't wait for you guys to experience the new site! 

I love how I feel when I take care of myself, both body and mind. It gives me this internal self-confidence as I just FEEL better in my body, and it also gives me more energy and clarity during the day. The last couple of months however have been SO busy and I feel like I keep slipping off track. One of my goals this summer is to find my balance again and, yes work my butt off, but also get my butt to relax at the end of the day. Now that the weather is warm and nice, a simple walk outside at the end of the day is something I will schedule in to unwind and get some fresh air. 

This is honestly one of the best things about summer! Gimme all the fruit please :) I love fresh local berries, peaches, watermelon and oddly I've been so into pears lately too. They're just so juicy and sweet now (and actually quite low in the GI scale). My favorite time to eat fruit is for my first meal of the day (on an empty stomach) and as a snack between meals if I'm feeling peckish. I also love some fruit after dinner if I'm in the mood for something sweet. What's your favorite fruit at the moment? Let me know below.

Ok I might be torn with the fruit here, I think this is actually my favorite part about summer hehe :) Waking up early has changed my life in so many ways and it's so much easier (and fun) to do it when there's actually light outside already. I just love having that time for myself, having my water, prioritizing what I need to do for the day, getting in a great workout and setting good intentions for the day. It makes the world of difference and I would highly recommend setting a morning practice or ritual if you haven't already.

I suffer from low vitamin D in the colder months and it's something I usually supplement - but there's nothing like the REAL deal :) I love the sun, I love feeling it on my skin and it just makes me happy. I of course protect my skin with a good SPF, but about 10 to 15 mins of direct sun (in the early or late day) is recommended by doctors to absorb the daily amount of vit D required by our bodies. Fun fact, vitamin D is actually required by our bodies in order to absorb calcium and have strong healthy bones. It also helps to regulate our immune system and plays a major role in the life cycles of our cells!

Do you guys remember my beautiful beige bike from last summer? Mo and I both got bikes last year and we recently took them out of our cellar, got them washed up and went for a long bike ride through the park. It felt SO NICE. Such a great way to move around in the summer, especially if you live in a city, plus you get a workout in at the same time!

As some of you may know, I do not live in the same country as my family. Although I do see them throughout the year, summer is a time we always plan something fun and get together either for a little family trip somewhere or I go home to see them. I love my family so much and they've been the biggest support system for me, forever grateful for the close relationship we have. I recently went home for my moms birthday and this weekend we are flying to Barcelona to visit my dad for the weekend - cannot wait! :)

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know below! 

What I'm Wearing
Top & sandals from Zara
Jeans from Agolde
Necklace from Missoma
Earrings from & Other Stories
Bag from Chanel


  1. Thanks for this beautiful article Annie, and I can't wait for your new website ! :) For the moment, my favorite fruits are strawberries ! I just love to add them in my morning oat meal with a frozen banana, this is so so delicious ! I am so excited for summer too, even if the weather is very cloudy and rainy in France today…;) Have a nice day, and continue to do everything you do, this is so inspiring :)

  2. Hi Annie, I am a long time fan of yours, watching your videos since your NYC days.
    Your number one item on this list is one of my favourite things about summer! I love dresses (maxi in particular) as they are modest, fun and fashionable all in one. Thanks for creating this list!

  3. Hi Annie, thanks for sharing your thoughts and projects here. I love reading all of it, it's so inspiring. And I cannot wait for your new website!!
    As for fruits, I also love them first thing in the morning. At the moment I love watermelon, it's so refreshing during these hot summer days. And of course strawberries from my little garden, so sweet and delicious. Yum :)
    Do you always take Vitamin D supplements? Also in Summer?
    So, have a nice day, and hope to read from you soon :)