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Happy Sunday my loves! Today I have a new Girl Chat Q&A video for you! We are covering lots of topics you guys sent in questions about, such as favorite bras, hair removal and skin tips and more. You can watch the video here! As I have been enjoying doing with my recent Q&A's, I will be answering a few more of your questions below in this post. Hope you enjoy and let me know what other topics we can discuss in the next Q&A!

Photo from my trip to the Amalfi Coast
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Do you ever compare yourself with other girls?
Although I touched briefly on this in the video, I did see a lot of questions about this topic of comparison on general, so let’s go into it a bit more here! I think it’s so normal, especially in today’s world, to compare ourselves to other people. As mentioned in the video, we now see and have access to thousands of people just by opening an app on our phone.

I do think however that seeing what else is out there can actually be a positive thing sometimes, and of course, at times, not so good! Trust me I’ve been deep in Instagram thinking of things I’d rather change about myself, I think we have all been there haha, but I snap myself out of it as soon as I gain a bit of mindfulness on what I’m doing - and then I ask myself, “Ok Annie, what is it you admire about this person?”. If it’s something that’s actually quite positive, “I like their ambition, their emphasis on family or how dedicated they are to their craft etc.. then I see how I can use that as motivation for myself. It might even be something physical, like I love her haircut, or her fashion sense is really cool or her skin looks so clear and glowy. Again, I look for the positive and I ask myself, how can I use this as inspiration and transform it in my own way that makes me happy. On that note as well, always congratulating people on their success as well (even if only in your heart) will always bring it back to you! Send out your good energy to people who you admire and see how it flourishes in your own life! :)

Without the access to social media, and thousands of people sharing their lives, stories and information online (especially via YouTube and blogs), I would not have been able to learn and grow, and essentially develop into the person I am today. My point is, the INTENTION and our MINDSET whilst consuming content online is really important - and we should try to simply let it INSPIRE us and not make us feel down.

If however there’s an account or person you follow online, and instead of feeling inspired or uplifted after engaging with their content, you feel down and feel like you’ve gotten no value from what they’re sharing, then unfollow them, simple. We control who we follow online or who’s content we consume, don’t forget that :) My advice is to curate a follow list that makes you feel GOOD and/or motivated to bring about positive change in your life, that bring you some sort of value.

And when it comes to our appearance, if there’s something you would love to change or improve about yourself, and it doesn’t harm you or anyone involved, go for it! But make sure the reasons you are doing it are for YOU and nobody else. If there’s something you simply can’t change (or don’t wholeheartedly want to change), then learn to LOVE and embrace it!

At the end of the day, we are all unique and so beautiful in our own ways. On this topic, I once read a quote that said “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.” This has been in my heart since I read it many years ago and I share it often with friends and family. I also love the quote “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” We all have space to shine and there is no shortage of love to go around!

Do you see yourself still being an influencer 5-10 years from now?
My passion is learning, connecting and SHARING! I love connecting with you guys and talking about things that have helped me in my own life. Whether it’s about skin tips, fashion favorites, most loved products to health, home and personal wellness - I am passionate about everything that makes us feel confident and our life beautiful. Whether I continue sharing that in a traditional “influencer” setting via IG and YouTube is difficult to say as the space is constantly changing and evolving!

But yes I do love my relationship with you guys and the platforms I have to connect and share, so I can still see myself doing something similar in the future! I know as I continue growing and evolving, so will my content and hopefully you guys, my audience, too! I’m sure in 5 to 10 years I’ll definitely be blogging about life as a mom, my kids and our business! :)

Photo from my trip to the Amalfi Coast
(Click here to watch the vlog!)

Would you continue eating mainly plant based if you got pregnant?
Yes definitely! I am so happy where I am with my diet lately, eating mostly plant based but also occasional eggs and fish (love wild smoked salmon for example). As long as I continue feeling good and energized I will continue eating what I normally do. I know however I will do lots of research when we get closer to starting that next chapter, into what foods are important during this time, what to avoid, important supplements etc.. I am also quite intuitive with my eating, so I will definitely listen and check in with myself for certain cravings I might be having and adapting that way as well. I am SO excited for that journey however and will definitely be sharing lots with you guys during this time :)

How do you feel with mood swings if you have them, and what peps you up?
Ah yes I definitely experience ups and downs. Some days are generally really good, but others can be sprinkled with more difficulties. Having a good morning routine however helps me so much! Check out this video for a detailed view into my morning routine. That really helps to set me up for the day. Meditation, journaling, exercising and taking time to plan out my prioritize and tasks for the day allows me to stay focused, productive and happy.

If I have a swing and something throws me off track, the quickest way is to stop and be grateful for something. It can literally be ANYTHING - gratitude for your breath, your vision, your spouse, your family, the roof over your head, your lunch, the phone or computer you’re reading this on right now etc.. Gratitude instantly brings us to the present moment and is like a switch for taking us out of a bad thought or moment.

Putting on an uplifting video or podcast (or even just a good song) also works wonders. I think interrupting the negative thought is really important and replacing it with inspiration and motivation to change your mindset. Take a deep breath and keep going! XOXO


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