Hello my loves! A few days ago I asked you over on my Instagram to send me any questions you had relating to beauty, lifestyle, health and anything in between. I received over 600 questions - thank you guys so much! I filmed a video answering a few of them, which you can watch here, and as there were so many interesting ones, I am answering a few extra questions below in this post! 

How do you whiten your teeth and keep them so white?
I occasionally use the Crest 3D Whitestrips. They’re not the best for your teeth so I don’t do it too often, but man do they work! :) I’m also not a huge red wine drinker or coffee drinker, which I think helps a lot for maintenance as well! Pro tip, when I do drink coffee I sip it through a straw to avoid staining my teeth!

Was there a pivotal moment that “switched” you over to healthy eating and living, or did you come to it naturally?
After I lost a lot of weight as a teenager (click here to watch my video about it) it made me a lot more mindful of the food I was putting in my body (I definitely did not want to go back to my unhealthy ways!). With that said, as a teenager and young adult I didn’t know as much as I do now about healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle so I definitely indulged a lot more.

When I was around 24 however, I went for a health checkup and found that I had some hormonal imbalances that led to a few complications with my ovarian health. I then learnt about the power of plant based foods and natural methods of rebalancing the body, lowering inflammation and acidity in the body. This was a huge “AHA” moment for me, and since then I’ve made several adjustments to my diet, which now include no dairy (it is such a culprit for digestion and a host of skin concerns such as acne and eczema) and I focus on eating lots of fiber rich vibrant plant based foods such as leafy greens, sweet potatoes, beans, quinoa and fresh fruits and veggies. I go with what makes my body feel at it's best. This is what's working for me now, but I am always willing to learn and experiment when it comes to my body as I feel like it's an ever learning process and journey :)

Can you tell us more about the supplements you are taking for health and beauty?
I LOVE zinc for my skin! It’s a nutrient that is required for numerous processes in the body including wound healing, cell growth and development, immune function etc... and it’s something that can often be low in people who suffer with acne or problematic skin. I have been taking it for the past few years and it helps me a lot! I also love Viridian’s Clear Skin Complex - it’s also got a good mix of probiotics in there to which is super important for gut health (click here to watch my video all about gut health, my tips for better digestion and how it’s related to skin).

I also love taking spirulina - let’s rephrase.. I love the benefits of spirulina, but the taste is actually quite awful hehe. I take the supplement version so it doesn’t stay too long on my taste palette. Spirulina is an algae rich in vitamin E, selenium and tyrosine, which are all known for their powerful anti-aging effects. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which is essential for healthy glowing skin!

How often do you get facials? And what kind?
I try to go every 3 weeks to once a month. My skin loves a deep cleanse and I find it an essential part of a good skin care routine. The type of facials I like are hydra facials, jet peel facials, micro needling, and sometimes I will do a chemical peel (although this is more of one-step intensive treatment done about once a year to deeply rejuvenate the skin). So as you can see, I like to go to facials to have them do things to my skin that I can’t do at home. I’m pretty good with doing masks and facial massages at home, so when I go, I want the effective, deep cleansing machinery-type-work! :)

I have acne scars and I want to know what you would recommend?
Acne scars are a though one! I still have a few and unfortunately it’s not something that will be fixed with one treatment or facial. To fade these scars, you literally need to break down that scar tissue which will then allow your body to create new fresh skin. An at home treatment that helped me a lot is dermarolling! Exfoliation is another KEY - such an important part of skin care, but especially for brightening and evening out the skin texture. I like a gentle physical exfoliant, but chemical ones are also great. There’s one from Drunk Elephant called the TLC Baby Facial, and it is amazing! You can also use toners that are rich in AHA’s and BHA’s that will gently over time eat away at dead skin cells and resurface the skin texture.

What is your favorite perfume at the moment?
Hands down it’s the Jasmine Sambac & Marigold fragrance from Jo Malone! I discovered it last year in September and I’ve been wearing it non stop ever since :)

How do you manage jet lag while traveling? Is coffee a big part of your diet? What are some of your best online shopping venues?
My key for balancing jet lag is HYDRATION. Lots and lots (and lots) of water. I feel like when your body is better taken care of, it works better for you. Also adjusting yourself as soon as possible to the new time zone (staying up a few extra hours / waking up earlier) even though it hurts in the moment, it will be worth it later on! Temporarily sucks but worth it in the long run!

Coffee is not a huge part of my diet - but I do enjoy it from time to time as a little treat. Tea on the other hand, I could literally drink ALL. DAY. LONG… :)

Best online shopping, ASOS, Mango, Zara, & Other Stories!

How do you keep a work-life balance and actually find that for that soul-routine? If you have ever had one, how do you get out of a “run” or “daily race”?
The morning and evenings are the times I prioritize for reflection, relaxation and grounding. I wake up early to allow myself enough time to get myself ready for the day, and have a good amount of time to just focus on myself and self care. I like to take my time having my morning water (watch this video here to find out more), meditate, journal and get in a good workout. (There are days where I can’t do all of these, but I adjust accordingly and prioritize what I feel to be most important.) This routine sets me up so amazingly for the day! I can’t stress enough what a game-changer having a solid morning routine has been for me. (I will be doing a morning routine video soon, so stay tuned for that!)

During the day however, I am turned up and ready to GO! I am very specific about my time because there are lots of things we are juggling at the moment, plus aiming for two videos per week (that I self produce and edit) takes a LOT of time (and creative energy!). I try my best to not feel overwhelmed, but to be honest I am so grateful for what I do that I just want to give it my ALL every single day, and I am actually happy at the end of the day when I can put my head down on my pillow and feel like I did my best and pushed myself.

Then in the evenings I take time to again get back to my center and for this I love to READ! I just uploaded a video featuring a few of my favorite books (which you can watch here) and I also have an evening routine if you haven’t seen that already (click here to watch).

As I work from home most of the time, it’s important for me to have an ON and OFF switch or “time zone”. So I try not to do any work related things too late in the evenings so that I can focus and regenerate myself the best I can for the next day.

Thanks so much for reading and I'll make sure to do another Q&A soon! XOXO


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