Answering Your Questions - Part II

Hello my loves! Last week I sat down to film a Q&A video answering lots of questions you had sent in under this photo on my Instagram. I received over 600 questions ranging from all different topics on health to money management, love advice, breakups, fashion tips, birth control, how I've lived in different countries, positivity, and everything in between :) Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions! You guys are all amazing and I am humbled every time by your curiosity and willingness to hear my opinions and thoughts on things. I answered a lot in the video, which you can watch here, and also covered some more frequently asked questions like where I am from, where I currently live and our wedding plans. Since there were so many other great questions, I wanted to sit down today and answer some more, including the top ones that got a lot of likes / thumbs ups. I hope you will get to know me a bit better through these types of videos and posts and if there are any other questions you have leave them below in the comments!

How do you manage your finance and what is your advice for young girls aspiring to become their own #girlboss? 

I grew up with very independent and strong women around me. My mother and grandmother instilled in me at a very young age that I must earn my own money when I grow up and be smart with it. Save, save, save! My mother had been fully supporting herself since her late teens, and my grandmother has the heart and grit of a lion. They taught me to be independent and to honor myself for my own personal gifts and talents. My father was also a self-made man, and it was so inspiring to see how much he had accomplished, and he taught me the power of hard work and discipline. I am so grateful to have grown up with inspiring role models like them.

The question of “how” I manage my finances is pretty broad, however I will say that setting up a savings account, or putting aside a certain amount each month, is one of the best and smartest things you can do. Even if it’s just a small amount, never underestimate how much it can amount to after a few years. You need savings for buying a property one day or starting a business for instance, and to just generally feel secure financially and to feel you can support yourself no matter what. When it comes to spending, if it’s going to make you broke, don’t buy it! I know it’s tempting but there’s absolutely no point spending all of your money on a luxury item to then not being able to pay your bills or sacrifice by buying cheap food. Don’t get me wrong, I love an occasional luxury item, but I prioritize spending money on healthy food because my health is my priority, I spend money on travelling because I love to experience and discover new places. Mo and I always make the best memories when we travel that will remain in our hearts forever. I also prioritize saving because I want to buy a property one day as I know it will be a great investment for the future. Then if I have money on the side and I want to buy myself something special then I do, and I enjoy it with my whole heart because I know I am in a good financial state to do so.

My advice for young girls is to find your dream, and work really hard at achieving it every single day. There is no short cut or substitute for hard work, discipline and grit. But if you find something you love to do, then it won’t feel like work! That’s the beauty of it all! Save your money, feel financially independent and secure, and be smart with your purchases. Have a plan for your future and work for it every day!

Can you do a quick overview of where you've lived and how/why? Curious to know how you've moved around so much. 

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and lived there till I was around 12 years old. We then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where I lived until I was 19. Approaching graduation, I started applying for different universities, but I really had my heart and mind set on one in New York, The Fashion Institute of Technology, which I ended up being admitted to. I got my student visa and I was set to live and study there for 5 years. It was always a huge dream of mine to live in New York, and it was definitely an incredible experience. I studied Production Management in Fashion and Related Industries, and Advertising and Marketing Communications – from which I earned my Bachelor’s Degree. After my four years of studies and one year of work experience were complete, I moved back to Europe and chose to live in London as this was another city I loved a lot.

I did not want to move back to Geneva as I wanted a new experience and overall found it to be a beautiful city to live in. I lived there for about half a year, and then had the opportunity to move to Dubai. I was optimistic at first, but it did not turn out to be as I expected. Dubai in itself is a really fascinating city, however my personal life was crumbling and I knew that it was not the right place or situation for me. I moved back to Europe and stayed in Barcelona with my dad for a few months to get back on my feet again. They had just moved there, so it was fun discovering the city with them and I overall really enjoyed my experience there. I am also very blessed to have a career online, so I can be quite mobile and free when it comes to where I live.

I felt ready to get my own place again and feel independent so I returned to Geneva, and got myself an apartment and a car. I lived there for about 2 years and it was a really special time for me. Although I love being able to discover new places, it had been a long journey getting to that moment of feeling stable and truly independent in my own space again. I cherished every moment of my time there. A couple of years go by, and I met my now fiancé, Mo :) It was love at first sight! We were inseparable. I met him through my best friend during a vacation in Spain and he lived in Munich, Germany (as did my best friend). We knew from the beginning that we wanted to be together and create a life with one another. So a couple of months later we moved in together. It was bold, it was risky, but it felt so right in every cell in my body. Six months after being together, Mo proposed in the Maldives and our relationship continues to grow and blossom each day. I am so grateful for how my life is unfolding, even when you think things aren’t going your way, there’s always a greater plan in store. Timing is everything. So now we currently live in Munich, Germany and call this our “base” for the moment, however we love to travel all over the world, and we could imagine living in London in the near future!

What is the number 1 thing that drives you to live your best life? 

Knowing that life is short and that I am the only person who is in charge of how I successful I am is what motivates me. If I can dream it, study, configure and plan it out, I can achieve it. There’s a thought I often refer back to which is that, in 100 years I will no longer be here. Reminding myself of this is the quickest way to snap myself out of any fears or doubts that I have. I have been given this life, however imperfect or perfect, but I will make the most out of it and give it my all. I am also extremely motivated to constantly reach and live my best truest self. I think it’s important to have honest talks with yourself from time to time, and see what’s working, what isn’t working. Readjust and then keep moving forward. Striving to live my best life, in all areas (physically, with relationships, mentally, spiritually, with my career) is a huge motivation for me.

How do you get used to living far away from your family? What do you do if you miss them? 

I miss my family a lot but I also love where I am in life right now and where I currently live. We are happy for one another and support each other in doing what makes us happy, but of course we do miss each other a lot! My family and I speak almost every day, so we stay connected and we travel often to each other so we can spend time together.

What book are you reading now? What else do you recommend? 

I love listening to self-help books – although I like to think of them as personal development books because I think they are vital for showing you how to reach your fullest potential. They inspire me and create a positive uplifting energy around me which is so important. I am currently listening to the audio book, The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz. This is a classic! A lot of people call it the “bible of success” and it focuses on how important mindset is in achieving anything you want in life. I would highly recommend it.

I also recently finished reading The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav which is also really inspiring and uplifting. This book is focused around creating authentic internal power by aligning your soul’s purpose with your personality, and recognizing your powerful ability to manifest and create. It explains the importance of choosing love over fear, in every situation, which has had a huge impact on my life. A must-read as well.

Other great books I recommend are What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. There are also great YouTube channels that have lots of great content on self-development, such as Robin Sharma, Brendon Buchard and Actualized.org

Are you vegan? Plant-based? 

I eat a predominantly plant-based diet, however I am not vegan. Veganism encompasses a whole lifestyle, which I tried for some time, however it did not work for me in the long run. I eat mostly what grows from the earth naturally as that’s what makes me feel at my best, so lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and I avoid dairy products as they aggravate my digestion and skin tremendously. On occasion however I do enjoy a bit of fish and am ok with eating a desert or treat now and then, even if it contains eggs or dairy, because I find it important to have a balance and enjoy the moment. If I’m not careful, I can easily slip into being too strict on myself, too picky and this has caused me a lot of suffering in the past. I have found a really good balance for myself over the years, and this can take time. I know some people agree or disagree when it comes to people’s diet choices, but I believe it’s a totally personal matter and each person has to find what works best for them.

This question is inspired by Oprah. What do you know for sure? 

I know for sure that life is 100% what you make of it. You create your own reality.

What is your best advice to new influencers? 

I think the beautiful thing about social media and how “influencers” or making videos / blogging even came about, was people’s desire and interest to share posts about what they loved! And more so, to connect with like-minded people who shared similar interests. So that would be my first tip, share what you LOVE and don’t be afraid to be yourself! I think true passion is what drives and sustains a successful YouTube channel or social media account. Whether you’re interested in beauty, fitness, fashion or even gardening – whatever your passion is, there is someone out there who would love to read and connect with your take on it! There are a lot of trends in social media, but it’s so important to stay true to yourself and show your uniqueness. 

Second would be to create a structure or plan to make sure you’re creating consistent content and keeping yourself focused and on track. Although it may look like influencers or bloggers are just living life spontaneously and have lots of free time, there is actually so much work and planning that goes into creating content and staying on top of all tasks and to do’s. It’s a full time job, but again if you do something you love, it won’t feel like work!

What advice would you give someone trying to re-start a health and fitness journey and finding it to be overwhelming? 

Take it day by day! Small but consistent steps practiced daily will lead to massive results. Write down where you are now, and where you’re ideal self would be. See where you can make small improvements every day to get you closer to being your ideal self. Set up some healthy habits / goals to achieve every day for instance, start your day with water first thing in the morning. It will rehydrate all your cells, tissues and organs after a long night’s sleep, get your digestion going, give you a burst of energy and starts your day off on the right track. Also commit to doing daily exercise, however small it may be. Keeping active is so important for the body, so whenever you can move a little, do it. Go for walks, take the stairs, attend a yoga class, go to the gym or a dance class. Anything that will get your body moving and that you also enjoy. And remember if you feel like you’ve gotten off track, just gently bring yourself back. There is no need to beat yourself up about it. You can restart fresh at any moment

Do you wear sunscreen on days when you don't go out? 

No I do not. I know that some people suggest it, however my skin is so extremely sensitive that it cannot handle sunscreen every single day. Plus I think a little bit of sun everyday is healthy and really natural and important for your body.

What are your thoughts on Accutane? 

I prefer a holistic approach to treating my acne as it is a condition that stems from an imbalance in the body. If you’ve been following me for a few years, you’ll know my struggles with my skin. I have been to countless dermatologists over the years, and one of them suggested I take Accutane. I did some research and found how damaging it is for your liver, and how it can have such an impact on your internal chemistry that it can actually make you go into a depression. This alone was enough to know this was not the right option for me. Through a lot of trial and error over the years, I have found that my skin is at it’s best when I have a good balance of eating well, taking care of my self both internally and externally and keeping my stress levels low. You can watch this video here where I go into detail about it.

Lately you seem more grounded, content, and just joyful in general. Have you ever suffered from any type of depression? If so, how did you deal with it? 

I have never been clinically diagnosed with “depression” but I have definitely had moments in my life where I have felt deep sadness and internal suffering. The saying “It’s both a gift and a curse to feel everything so deeply” definitely holds true for me. I also see this trait in some friends of mine and people I’ve encountered over the years. Those who have a “well” or large “space” for love and positivity, if not in the right mindset or environment, can easily swing to the other end of the spectrum. I’ve observed this countless times with myself and others, and that’s why it’s so important for me to be around good people, and have good energy around me. I for instance cannot watch negative TV shows or movies, especially with any kind of suffering, my heart and mind simply cannot allow it. The same with people. I love connecting and engaging with others however I’d rather be by myself in my own happy bubble then be around people who are negative and suck the energy and life out of me. Interactions with negative people make me feel totally depleted and exhausted. I know my potential, and I nurture that every single day by surrounding myself with uplifting and positive inspiring energies, people and environments. I like to keep my space clean, connect with nature, have an empowering morning routine which includes meditation and journaling, listen to positive audio books or motivational videos, think good thoughts, take care of my body by exercising, practicing yoga and eating healthy, set goals for myself and live life each day with purpose and passion. This is what drives me in life and allows me to keep my well filled with all the love and treasures of life.

How do you have the motivation and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle when the people around you don’t choose the same as you. I have been trying to live a fuller life and make healthier choices but it's hard when nobody else is doing the same. 

I can totally relate to this. I actually don’t have many people in my life who eat or live the same way I do, but at the end of the day, I live this way because it makes ME happy. It allows me to feel great in my own body, and feel happy in my mind and succeed in my goals. That’s all that matters to me in the end!

This might be too personal but I'm wondering on what kind of contraceptive method you are on. I'm very sensitive to hormones and I'm looking for something without it but still effective. 

There’s a great app called Clue that will help you track the different stages of your cycle. It takes a few months of recording for it to start getting into an accurate rhythm of your personal cycle, however it can be a great tool to use to know when you’re ovulating and to avoid intimacy, and/or to just generally understand your body better. With that said, it’s of course not a 100% sure way method to avoid getting pregnant. Although I cannot wait to start a family, Mo and I still have so much we want to do before having kids so I need to have a more secure form of birth control at the moment so I am taking traditional birth control pills. As somebody who doesn’t like taking any form of medicine or even pain killers, it gives me an uneasy feeling to take these pills every day but I have not found a better option for myself right now. I know that it is only temporary though so I try to not let it bother me too much.

You always wear white / beige blouses but your bra never shows. Which bras do you wear when wearing see through blouses? 

I like wearing a nude strapless bra with pretty much every top. I show exactly which bra I wear in this video, you can also find a direct link to the bra in the description box below the video.

I would like to ask about your religion. Are you Christian? Do you believe in God? 

I love learning about different religions and I am very open minded and accepting of all views, however I do not practice a formal religion. With that said, I do believe in God and have a strong spiritual connection in my life. When I was young my parents took me to both mosques and churches and I was exposed to a lot of different traditions and practices. I love that I got to experience this when I was little and I was always fascinated by how different people could practice their religions, but how similar the goals or desires were. I believe there are many ways to connect with God and it’s important to do it in the way, which is right and true for you. If I had to define it, I would say my religion or spiritual practice is love and kindness, for myself and others.

Blazer and camisole from Mango
Jeans from Levis
Boots from Massimo Dutti
Belt from Gucci
Handbag from Chanel

Photos by Florian Deventer


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    1. I am obviously not Annie, but I understand what you are saying and my biggest tip is THINK before you buy. It may often seem that people on social media buy huge amount of clothes etc (and perhaps they do), but I truly believe this only leads to an unnecessary consumerism.
      Know your style and comfort zones and invest (read: spend more money) in things you are really going to wear. Spend less on trendy things or in cases when you just want to explore a bit.
      With a bag, for example, think of outfits, put some ideas together on a picture, use Pinterest. Are you going to wear the bag mostly in the evenings or during the day? Is it big enough for everything you need, is it too big to be comfortable, to be taken to a bar? And so on.
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    As for contraception method hav e you heard of tge copper IUD? That's wht I use now, after years of the pills I wanted to stop taking it as it didn't goes with my hippies beliefs so I stopped 3 years ago and went on the "natural" method where you take your temperature and you check your cycles I really wanted it to work but it didn't work out for me, I think it's an amazing solution if you're in tune with your body, not worring of having kids and not travelling as you can easily messed up the timing so it wasn't for me and last year I found out about this "sterilet" as we all it in france, it's not hormonal and it last 5 years, you can remove it before if you want to have kids and it doen't mess up your hormones (it's just really painful when they put it on and my period are a little bit more painful than before but it's a small price to pay to be tottaly pill free, not using condoms, not checking your cycle and being stressed all the time about it, being intamate everyday if you want to... for me it's the best option.
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  12. Hello Annie ! I'm one of your silent subscribers and have been following you for quite a long time now. I'm surprised to read that you are on birth control pills. As you said you haven't found a better alternative yet, I'd like to introduce you to Daysy. Here's a blog post so you can learn about it all (btw the author is a youtuber, she's a herbalist into healthcare, you might be interested in her content) :
    I really hope this is useful to you or to any other woman.
    Take care !

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    I have been following you for the last 6/7 years, since I was a sophomore in high school. From being a 14 year old and learning about myself to now being in my twenties and finding myself more and more each day, you have always been someone I looked up to. Especially lately, with the more you are opening up, I have never felt so inspired and understood. I know what you mean when you say that sometimes you feel odd, like you are different than those around you. And I completely feel that too-- It's nice to know there is someone out there like you with similar goals and a similar mindset, making her dreams into a reality. I feel so hopeful for what is to come in my future. Thank you Annie and thank you for being a role model to me as I've grown up through highschool and college. <3 .

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