5 Goals To Set This Summer

My favorite time of year is finally here! There’s no better feeling than walking outside and feeling the warm kiss of sun embracing your skin, taking a deep breath to smell the gorgeous flowers and hearing the birds chirping in all their glory. Magical! In celebration of this new season, I wanted to sit down and share 5 goals to set this summer to make it the most amazing one yet!

1. Travel More
Although I consider myself somewhat of a homebody, I love getting out to experience the beautiful places in this world! To me personally, traveling is one of the most exciting, memory-building, humbling and beautiful experiences there is. My parents also loved seeing the world, so I remember visiting lots of different countries when I was young. I guess it stayed with me all these years because I still love learning about new places, cultures and people.

Europe is everything in summer! There are so many beautiful cities and islands to explore here. Plus if you already live in Europe, most places are just a couple of hours by plane away. Mo and I will normally plan 1 week in the summer somewhere (usually over our anniversary) and then we love taking shorter weekend trips to places like Barcelona, Milan, Mykonos - and on my bucket list are Capri and Positano!

2. Set A Skincare Ritual

To me, summer beauty is all about lightweight fresh natural makeup, and the best way to wear lighter makeup is to take care of your skin. Adopting a daily skincare practice or ritual can do wonders for your skin and how you feel about yourself, plus a little “me” time is so important in our day.

I am big on cleansing and gentle exfoliation because I have combination-oily, acne prone skin so if I don’t clean my pores regularly they get clogged up. After cleansing I will tone and apply a vitamin C serum which is really great for helping to brighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots. I follow up with a lightweight yet very hydrating moisturizer and indulge in a little facial massage as I allow all the goodness of the skincare products to soak in. Top off with a little mineral SPF and I’m ready for the day. I also love to use face masks (usually deep cleansing ones but I also like a hydrating revitalizing one from time to time).

Taking proper care of your skin will improve it’s texture, clarity and overall appearance which can then encourage you to feel more confident wearing less makeup and embracing your beautiful-self!

3. Organize Your Space
I love a bit of spring-cleaning… and summer-cleaning. Ok let’s just say I am big on cleaning and organizing in general :) When a space is organized, it gives me clarity in my mind. Fun fact, I really dislike having a lot of “stuff”! As much as I love shopping and discovering what’s new in beauty and fashion, I also LOVE to donate and clear out my beauty drawers and wardrobes (several times per year). If I don’t wear or use something for a long period of time, it’s gotta go! I would say I’m relatively simple by nature, so I do not like things to clutter my space, thus my mind.

Summer is a great time to go through your things and get rid of what you don’t need. You can either pass the items along to a friend or family member, or donate it to someone in need. When I go through my items, I think “Is there someone else who would wear / use this more than I do?”. If the answer is yes, I do not hesitate to pass it along.

4. Enjoy The Simple Pleasures of Summer
Summer is a great season to practice just being and taking in. There are so many simple pleasures to experience that are not always possible in the colder months. Some of my favorites include walking barefoot on the grass or on a beach, eating fresh local strawberries (and fruit in general), feeling the warm sunshine on my skin, eating meals outside, driving with the windows down, admiring fresh flowers, or simply lounging in a hammock. The list goes on and on! :)

5. Eat Healthy
Summer is one of the best times to eat natural fresh food as lots of great fruits and vegetables are in season. Eating a diet rich in plant based foods will make you look and feel amazing from the inside out. Stock up on lots of fresh produce at your grocery store or local farmers market - and maybe even step out of your comfort zone and try some new fruits and vegetables that you’ve never bought before.

What’s great about fresh fruit and veg is that they’re not only packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals to make you glow, but they’re also super rich in fiber. Our digestive system needs fiber to properly cleanse itself from the inside out, which in turn leaves us with a happy healthy lightweight tummy. There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated when you’re in a summer dress or swimsuit, so keeping our gut healthy is so important in making us feel happier and more confident.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to know if you have any goals for this season and what your favorite thing about summer is! XOXO

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  1. Reading this post makes me reflect upon my life and see how much I've changed over the past year. A lot of this change has been thanks to you and as I was reading this, I'm happy to say that I think we're on the same page here. I don't know if you could say traveling is a hobby, but if it is, it would be my number one favorite hobby! There's something about discovering new cultures, or revisiting old ones, eating different foods, and switching up your routine a bit which is so refreshing and might I say quite important for the body and mind. I think you really need to have a talk with my dad, because no matter how many times I try to explain to him why I have such a "complex" skincare routine, he just ends up saying "honey, you're obsessed!" haha! I hope you have been having a terrific summer so far!


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  4. I can't believe summer is almost over and when looking back at what I've accomplished I don't think that I'm contempt. Luckily there are a few weeks left so there's always time to change this. p.s. i read that you like to donate most of your unused "stuff" please feel free to donate to me!! haha I've been following you since your NY days and am proud of your accomplishments. Keep it up Annie!!


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  6. Sometimes it´s just nice to leace the well-known home and explore other cities and cultures. Thanks for reminding me about that from time to time, as I have become a real homebody too by myself. I truly love your hair in these photos.


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  9. I love your blog posts! These are great goals. Thanks Annie!!

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