Bedroom & Bathroom Tour!

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I'm back with a new video, this time giving you a tour of my bedroom and bathroom. I'm so excited to be living in this place! As mentioned in a few videos back, I am only renting this apartment temporary for a few months until I find something more permanent. Nonetheless, I've been taking in the gorgeous views and appreciating all the natural light I get from those amazing big windows. I'm very happy here :) I hope you enjoy the tour and let me know what your favorite part is! XOXO

A few photos... :)

My makeup area! 

I've been a fan of these acrylic drawers from MUJI for years now!
They are so cute and practical - keeps everything effortlessly organized.
(I've got two of the 2 Drawers stacked, and then one of the 3 Drawers)

 I love using chunky glasses like this for my makeup brushes. 
The design on these are really pretty!
(Couldn't find these exact ones, but these are similar and super nice too)

Makeup, makeup and more makeup :)

Cute sunnies by Quay Australia

I love clean modern spaces with natural elements like flowers 
and this wicker basket.

Some clothes are just too pretty to keep hanging inside a closet!
(Garment rack here & here)

My most worn necklace.. ever! You guys probably know that by now :)
(It is from Zara a few years ago)

These Jo Malone candles last forever!
Even though the quality is amazing and I love Jasmin, I'm honestly not such 
a huge fan of the mint in here. It's a candle I burn only
when I'm in the mood :)

This area makes me really happy 

Have I mentioned my obsession with perfumes? Would you like to see a
video where I talk about these? Let me know in the comments! 

Some of my current favorite skin care products! 

Putting them on a tray like this keeps everything more organized and
I also love the way it looks. 

So grateful for this view! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour video and these photos! Much love XOXO


  1. Hey Annie! You're my inspiration ��
    Please do a video on your pefume collection. And also on your pre-travel routine :)

  2. I'm so pleased you decided to do this video i loved it :) Please a kitchen/apartment tour ! I also loved your last get ready with me video. Your work is great and i never miss your posts/videos. Much love <3<3

  3. everything is so lovely! Good job :)
    watching the video on youtube right now❤

  4. Please do a perfume collection and your opinions on them! :) Aaand an updated makeup routine would be great, too :) I hope you'll have an awesome, sunny Spring! :) xo

  5. Soooo pretty! your view is amaaaazing especially with that window :) And yes please do an apartment tour.


  6. Hi Annie! Just wanna know what camera are you using? Photos were stunning as always!

    1. She uses Canon 70D Camera with Canon 35-55mm Lens.

  7. Hi Annie,
    I am new to your channel and blog. I have seen your recent videos, I love, love the H&M lipsticks, I wouldn't have discovered them, if it wasn't for you. Thank you :)
    Greetings from Brooklyn, NY.

  8. That view is EVERYTHING!!

  9. Gorgeous home! Would love to see a perfume collection and kitchen tour :)

  10. I would love to see a perfume collection video on your Channel. We share some fragrances, it is so cool ☺

  11. Hi Annie, this place is so beautiful! Where do you live exactly now? :)

    1. Hi Annie, I just found your videos and website and they make me feel so happy! I'm off to organize my toiletries now :) By the way, you might like this Japanese exfoliant I just found called Aqua Cure Gel.. it's AMAZING
      Thanks for the beauty

  12. I'm in the middle of decorating my beauty room. This blog post gave me lots of inspiration. Thank You ❤

  13. Oh its very impressive. I am a big beauty lover and I love the way you decorate your beauty room. I am also trying to do so now :-)
    Thanks from Revitol best women skin care

  14. Thank you for the lovely photos. I think you really have an eye for the aesthetics. Your style is very much your own - in other words : one of a kind! :) Thank you for inspiring me. After watching your videos and reading your blogs, I find that you are really a wonderful and beautiful person inside out. Please continue creating because your uniqueness, personality, creativity and talent is truly a gift to the world. It inspires me to want to live large!

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