My New Nails!

Hi everyone! Happy Monday ♥ So as some of you might know already, I was recently in Gothenburg Sweden for a few days, and had the chance to have my nails done by the super talented NailsbyEffi from Instagram! To say I was excited to meet her would be an understatement :) I discovered her account a few weeks ago and absolutely adored her work! I was so happy to see she was based in Gothenburg as I had an upcoming trip there. She does gorgeous designs using different colors and textures, but also does the most beautiful natural nails! I love chic classic nails so this is exactly what I asked for. After prepping my nails, she applied a very natural tip, then filed them into an almond shape before applying a light pink gel on top. Having longer nails like this definitely makes me feel more fierce and girly haha. Thank you so much Effi, they are beautiful!!

This style is called almond natural gel 

Effi (@nailsbyeffi) and I
Where the magic happens

Lots of different glitters and textures to choose from
I love the chic, simple and cozy design

This must have been the cutest coziest nail salon I've ever been to. It was a very calm and relaxing place, and the candles she had on smelt lovely! These nails will last about 3 weeks with good care, and I was extra happy to hear the gel brand she used does not test on animals. You can also paint over these with other nail polishes and remove like usual if you want, but nude nails like this is personally my favorite :) Effi also explained the importance of moisturizing the cuticles daily with some oil or hand cream and to clean underneath the nails at night using a nail brush, which she so kindly also offered me. I am so happy with my nails and will definitely come next time I visit Gothenburg!

What do you think of these nails? Do you prefer natural or colored? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

If you want more information about Effi's lovely little nail salon, you can visit her Instagram page here @nailsbyeffi  


  1. Your nails look gorgeous. I love the natural and neutral look of them :) X


  2. Awe I love it! Looks great on you. Thats also the cutest nail salon I've ever seen :)
    XO Janina

  3. Love the nails! I'm practicing doing gel nails at the moment and these are beautiful xx

  4. Never thought I would like this nail shape, but they look so effortlessly elegant on you!!! <3 I must try it out! :)

    Kelly ------ https://Therapology.org

  5. Normally, I don't like this nail shape, but they look so effortlessly elegant and beautiful on you! <3 I must try it out sometime soon!

    Kelly -------- https://Therapology.org

  6. Wish you could list the gel color.

    1. I agree , I'm doing nails home too and would love to know what gel is it ? It's beautiful :)

  7. So pretty and so you!! Love them!

  8. Your nails look perfect! I would have them like that all the time :)

  9. Your nails are GORGEOUS! It makes me miss my long nails so so much. I used to wear acrylic nails for years in this soft almond shape that you have but I decided to go natural a year and a half ago. My nails don't grow past a certain point so they never get this long. I know natural is better for me but I still lust over long, almond shaped nails. I'm liking this color too. It almost looks like a baby pink to white ombre.


  10. Sieht toll aus! :)

    Liebe Grüße

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