Makeup & Fashion Haul!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice weekend! I just uploaded a new video to my channel showing you some of my recent makeup, clothing and accessory purchases. It's been so long since I've filmed a video like this, I used to do them all the time. Let me know if you enjoyed and would like to see more in this style. I also just got back from Sweden last night. Super short trip but it was really nice. I did a little meet up which was fun, I will post a few photos of that soon :) Hope you enjoy the video and please check the description box of the video for all details of items mentioned plus how to enter the giveaway. Much love! xoxo

A few photos of the clothing items I got recently


  1. Love all the pieces, that jacket is beautiful! Off to watch the video! <3

  2. Love everything you showed :)
    Is all the makeup cruelty free? I'm trying to buy only cruelty free brands and I having some trouble finding out which of them are and which are not.

    Thank you so much! I love all your videos and you're a big inspiration to me :)

  3. LOOVEEEEE the sunnies! They are so fab :)
    XO Janina

  4. Love the scarf Annie - so winter glam! http://diariesofabride.blogspot.com.au/

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  6. i would be busy again doing some home decors this coming christmas, i’d be buying some new decors for the season;; moonlamps

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