DIY Face Massage Routine

Hi my loves! Super happy to be sharing this video next video with you, showing how I do my face massage! This is such a nice little pampering treatment to do on yourself a couple times per week, and besides the fact of feeling so amazing and relaxing, it has so many benefits for your skin and overall health of your face and body. Stimulating and promoting blood flow to your face using these techniques is super beneficial for promoting healthy, vibrant and glowing skin by increasing oxygen and nutrients to your cells, helping to produce collagen which is great for anti-aging, smoothening and preventing wrinkles, reducing puffiness, defining your features, as well as helping to gradually fade scars and dark spots. I also share some of my other little tips and advice on how to get the most out of your massage. I hope you find this video helpful!!


  • Increases circulation & blood flow to your face 
  • More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your cells 
  • Smoothens out and prevents wrinkles 
  • Encourages natural collagen production 
  • Aids in fading scars or dark spots 
  • Can help prevent breakouts / acne 
  • Promotes healthy glowing skin
  • Reduces puffiness / sinus congestion in face
  • Can help to slim down and increase definition of your features 
  • Highly detoxifying and promotes internal cleansing 
  • Helps your entire body relax, which is perfect before bed 
  • Can also be energizing and stimulating, great for mornings 


- Tap fingers all over face 
- Stroke hands in upward direction 
- Stroke one hand upwards on each side and across forehead 
- Massage in circular motions all over face 

- Gently massage lymph nodes to create warmth 
- Stroke from chin to jawline to back of neck and down

- Zig zag fingers on forehand vertically
- Then horizontally 

- Pinch brows and area above the eyes 
- Massage in inwards circular motions towards center of eye 

- Press down on pressure points (temples, between brows, jaw) 
- Tap fingers all over face 
- Gently clap / slap face 

… relax and enjoy all the benefits!! Thank yourself for taking time for YOU! 

It doesn’t have to be done exactly this way or in this order, however this is my preferred way :) Do what feels good for you, but focus on promoting circulation and stimulation to your face. 

Remember to drink water BEFORE & AFTER massage. It will keep you hydrated and will allow the additional toxins just released to be transported easier out of your body after the massage. 

Also pay attention to your breath, make sure you are breathing in and out deeply and relaxing your entire body. This face massage is of course amazing for your face and skin, but it is also relaxing and super beneficial for your whole system, including your digestion, nervous system and overall mood and anxiety level. 

I hope you found this video helpful!! Let me know if you're already a fan of face massage or if this is something new to you. Always love hearing from you guys. Much love! xoxo 


  1. Definitely need to try this!
    XO Janina

  2. Hi Annie,
    I started watching YouTube videos during late 2012 when I was a complete illiterate in makeup and beauty...and u were the 2nd youtuber to whom I subscribed.
    And I was so influenced by the way u groom urself,the products u used and ur style.(that's how I bought Clinique mascara).and then u moved to Dubai,Thailand,etc and ur videos changed to vegan lifestyle videos to which I couldn't relate much and I missed ur videos so much..and since last 2 weeks u started doing those videos again and u have no idea how happy I am...thank u so much Annie...u had been an inspiration to me in so many ways....keep doing these videos

  3. I am just totally obsessed with this video. I don't know if the message will help to fade my scars but it is so relaxing that I will keep doing it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for doing a recap on your blog Annie. xx

    Lea Melissa


  4. can this be done on a weekly basis

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