Palm Tree Yoga

I am back home now after an incredible trip to LA! I am so grateful I get to travel a lot and meet people from different parts of the world. I haven't been to the states in what feels like forever, so being back felt SO GOOD. I especially loved going shopping at some of my favorite stores again (America has the best stuff!) particularly picking up some new makeup and beauty items.. I missed it! I will be doing a little haul soon featuring some of the goodies I got.

I was also able to meet some amazing people, one of which took these photos of me doing some yoga.. against a palm tree :) California is seriously so beautiful! Thank you Jenny for the photos :) You can see her website, Veggie Jenny, here and Instagram here. The swimsuit I'm wearing is by Vitamin A and I am totally in love with it ♥ It's cool to see how much I've progressed in my yoga this past year. It's so good to challenge yourself and try new things. Obviously yoga isn't always about pretty poses against trees haha but it's fun taking it outdoors and creating beautiful shapes with nature. Are you guys into yoga? So good for body & mind!


  1. You look so flexible and strong!

  2. Amazing... You are such an inspiration Annie! I am just yoga beginner... :) & Organic beauty lover, too!

  3. Ahh Annie, you are literally a massive inspiration! I love yoga too! x


  4. ANNIE
    I was thinking yesterday, what if something happened to you and I didn't tell you enough what an impact you made on my life.
    Annie - I cannot tell you how inpsiring you are to me. I am vegan, I go for natural products and you make me try harder to be the best version of me. I have watched you for over 3 years and I am so proud of you. I cannot believe how awesome you have gotten thru all the challenges in your past. I like how you have a filter and keep things private and focus on being HELPFUL and informative in your videos.
    Anyways, I adore you. THANK YOU for everything.

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