How I Do My Hair

Hey my loves happy Friday A new video just went up on my channel showing you how I've been doing my hair lately. This has been requested a lot so I'm happy to get this up for you! As you'll see from the video, I first blow dry then lightly curl the hair using a larger sized barrel which creates these gorgeous bouncy sleek waves. I absolutely LOVE doing my hair this way. Learning how to blow dry is a total game changer haha - bad hair days are very seldom now. This style will last me about 2 / 3 days, it will be curly like this the first day, and the next it will have a softer wave to it, still very sleek and shiny. By the third day I usually put it up into a ponytail and it looks really nice and polished as the hair is blowdried nicely. Hope you enjoy the video!!

Lipstick: Tarte Power Pigment Lipstick in "Glisten"


  1. Hello Annie! Your hair looks gorgeous! Will definitely look into the giovanni leave in balm that you used. Could you share what lip product you're wearing in these photos? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Annie! Was your hair wet before you blow dried? It looked dry in the video thanks!

  3. Hi Annie was your hair wet prior to blow drying? It looked dry in the video

  4. beauty :)


  5. Hi Annie! Which hair products do you use?

  6. Your hair are so amazing, thanks for sharing your tips!!!