Some Photos From Today ♥

Wow I feel like Instagram has totally swept me away from my blog these last few months! I love connecting with you guys on there and seeing your beautiful photos, but I love this space too so I will keep it going as well :) I hope you guys are doing amazing! I thought I'd share some photos with you from today, which was a pretty exciting day as I'm looking for a new apartment and found a pretty cute one! I also had to go into town to run some errands and quickly caught up with two friends over some veggie sushi, so yum! I also stopped in at H&M and quickly browsed the jewelry section for some gold bracelets and found two super pretty ones. It's been ages since I bought something like that, and I love it 

Love these shades from Urban Outfitters 

Top & Bag by Zara (purchased a few years ago), Necklace by J Crew, Bangle by H&M, Shoes by Converse 

Can't get enough of this veggie sushi! I always pick up a tray of this when I come into town.

Found these sweet gold bracelets today at H&M

On another note, I had to go through my blog yesterday to find a specific photo (as I was updating the "Fan Artwork" tab here on my blog, which by the way always puts a smile on my face - you guys are so talented) and came across all the posts I made when I first started blogging a few years ago! I feel like time has just flown by! I sometimes think back and miss my time in New York, but I felt like I really made the most of it which makes me happy. And right now I'm at another big turning point in my life which is exciting. I will share more about this a little later :) Anyway I hope that you enjoyed these little photos from my day and mini update :) Hope you guys are having a beautiful day! 


  1. A great and cute selection of photos! Love your blog!


  2. You look lovely :) I'm also a massive fan of those UO sunglasses. They really suit you X


  3. Annie!!! Loved your blog post today! Love your outfit and the bracelets from H&M-super cute! I'm glad you will be posting here on your personal blog more often :) cant wait for the exciting news to come!! love you!

  4. Glad your back to blogging Annie! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I just love all the things you share with us! :)

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  6. Hey Annie, I'm so glad you are blogging again! The photos ar gorgeous by the way!
    Love from Austria, Verena

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