Quick DIY Framed Art

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well :) I just moved into a new apartment here in Dubai (once again lol but very happy with this one), and wanted to have something inspirational on my desk. It's always good to have some positivity around you! I first found these gorgeous gold frames when picking up some necessities from Ikea. I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw these frames, they are really good quality and look beautiful in person (I will probably go back and get a few more this week!). So when thinking of what art to frame, I immediately thought of my Tumblr (which I've been pretty active on recently, you can find it by clicking here). Tumblr is like a giant inspirational vision board :) I love it! So I found two images that I thought would fit the frame nicely, and had them printed on glossy photo paper. Super easy and inexpensive! The first one is this gorgeous colorful print with "Good Vibes" written across it. I love the colors and the design! The second is this really peaceful scene of a beach at sunset (or possibly sunrise) and it has a gorgeous soft pink tint to it. There are so many other images I want printed from my Tumblr so I will probably create a little wall collage soon :) Another nice idea would be to frame some positive affirmations as a nice reminder. What do you guys think of this idea? XOXO

Links to images & frame:
♥  Good Vibes image here
♥  Beach scene here
♥  Gold frames from IKEA here


  1. Wow so inspiring n creative :)

  2. This is a great idea! I like having different inspirational quotes and photos around my place. They brighten up my day.

    Aniqa Dreams

  3. Looks amazing Annie! I love tumblr too! I framed the quote "she believed she could so she did" like you did in your apartment back in new york! Hope you do a desk tour or apartment tour soon! Love you! (Going to go make some salt free oil free potatoes now!!) <333 *Sending you lots of hugs*

  4. Hi, Annie! How are you? Hope you are awesome!:) Thanks again for making the world better place and for inspiring us!!! I want to request video about room tour, or an apartment tour? what are the pros and cons living in Dubai in comparison with London or New-York? And by the way, do you know natural, organic cosmetics series "NaturalSiberica"? http://www.naturasiberica.ru/en/ingredients/ I have been using it's cleansing foam, and my friend is using it's shampoo, results are very good:))) Also there are so many good reviews about NaturaSiberica and also it is not expensive, prices are affordable)))) just wanted to share this with you:))) Thank you! xoxo <3

  5. That looks amazing! I've been doing lots of these also recently:) They bring such a lovely positivity to the room. Lots of love, Sophia xo

  6. Love the idea and color theme ... I wish you all the best in your new home! :)