Organic Facial in Dubai!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well :) Glad to see so much positive feedback from my last video - happy you guys enjoyed and found it helpful. Yesterday I had the most wonderful (much-needed) facial at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai. Thanks so much for having me! We started with a super gentle microdermabrasion (the most delicate I’ve ever had!) followed by their organic facial which featured some wonderful aromatic essential oils and gentle natural formulas. My skin is recovering from a pretty bad detox I had since switching over to this lifestyle, so this was definitely a treat! Do I think skin care treatments are the ultimate solution to problematic skin? Nope! BUT natural / chemical-free treatments can definitely help whilst your body is healing internally! If you live in Dubai or are coming by for a visit, I would definitely recommend checking out this place. The staff are super professional, very sweet and accommodating! Have you guys ever tried microdermabrasions? It's one of my favorite treatments to get every couple of months. It really helps to smoothen out the surface of your skin by polishing away dead skin cells leaving you with baby soft skin ♥ 

 My treatment room :) 

  The clinic also have their own line of mineral makeup. I had a dash of mineral 
foundation applied before heading out. 

  Gorgeous bronzers and highlighters 


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! ♥

  2. Nice blog. I live in Dubai myself and was looking for a great place where I can be doing my microdermabration. Glad they sell organic make up there too. Thank you.

  3. Well I must admit that I never was on dermabrasion. I was once in my life on the skin-cleansing procedure, but I do not know, it was not bad, but also I do not feel very comfortable.It was the strenght feeling. From my experience the lifestyle and food habits have the big influence to our skin condition.