What I Ate Today: Raw Pizza!

Hello beautiful  It's now been 56 days since I started my raw vegan journey (so about 2 months)! I am the happiest and proudest I've been of myself when it comes to my body and health. I know I still have ways to go, but I feel like I'm on a pretty good path! One of the questions I get asked the most is "What do you typically eat in a day on this lifestyle?" This was also something I was (and still am) super interested in knowing about other raw vegans. I follow some great health educators to get inspiration from them, as well as following the 80/10/10 recommendations.

I love this lifestyle for it's simplicity, it's purity and it's numerous health benefits. You eat super delicious foods that are just buzzing with enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. You can't help but feel amazing when you eat this way.

Raw pizza! Oh yes!

The food I eat varies day to day. Some days I may eat more greens or more fruits, it depends on my activity level, my desires, what I have in my kitchen, what's ripe and in season etc.

This is what I had today

Wake up:
500ml water with a touch of squeezed lemon
Breakfast (about an hour later):
Banana milk - 8 bananas (a few of them frozen), 1 liter of water, dash of cinnamon & vanilla extract (I sometimes also add in some dates). Blend up in a high-speed blender to a smooth "milky" texture! (Always make sure your bananas are ripe before consuming, otherwise it can lead to digestive discomfort. A banana is ready when it's got little black spots all over and the skin feels more thin.)

Snack: A few dates

I always start my mornings with lots of water to wake up and hydrate my body! In the mornings, I typically have either banana milk or a smoothie (in a huge jar) or I will have a big "mono meal" of fresh fruit (usually either a whole watermelon or several oranges). Or I sometimes make myself a large jar or fresh juice from oranges, grapefruits and lemon. With all these vitamins I have no urge for caffeine! 

Mango lettuce salad - 4 chopped mangoes over bed of 8oz butter leaf lettuce 

Green juice consisting of cucumbers, celery, apples, kale, dandelion, lemon, ginger

I aim to eat mainly fruit (and a few tender greens) up until about 5pm. Fruits are what give you energy throughout the day. They are easily digested so you don't feel "weighed down" digesting food. Instead you remain energized and focused. I also try to get in a good amount of water between my meals - never during. When you drink too much water right before / after / during a meal, it can dilute the digestive enzymes needed to break down the food, causing indigestion.

Raw pizza - still perfecting the crust ingredients, but the base is made from dehydrated cauliflower. The toppings are tomato sauce (blended tomato, sundried tomato, basil, lemon juice), spinach, sliced tomato, mushrooms and avocado

After the pizza, I went back and had a few more tomatoes. 

In the evenings, I get in my leafy GREENS! I usually have a smoothie / soup and then a big green salad, but last night was an exception, but nonetheless super healthy! I leave my more "raw gourmet" meals for the evening as they can be harder to digest compared to more simple meals.  

Water Total: 3 liters

Some other raw foods I've been eating 
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I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of this change I've made. I'm so happy to be sharing this life changing experience with all of you. I have noticed however, a lot of criticism (some light / some harsh), but it's something I anticipated before starting this lifestyle. I knew some people would be naturally critical of it since it's such a departure from the "mainstream" way of eating. I can understand this as I also thought it was a little "crazy" when I first heard of it, but after reading up about it, opening my eyes and really educating myself about this lifestyle, it just makes so much sense! It took me a while to build up the courage to commit myself to it, but it's so much easier than I ever expected and I feel great!

I'm purely doing this for my health, my wellbeing and for ethical reasons. I am not however, doing this for "vanity" or to get "skinny" (I don't think I'd be able to last long if that was my goal lol). If you're interested in loosing (or gaining) weight in a healthy steady way however, then this lifestyle (along with regular exercise) can help balance you out to your perfect shape.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be doing another Q&A video soon to answer more specific questions I've been asked by you guys. I hope everyone's having a beautiful day! XOXO


  1. Do you get bloated after eating that much fruit & veggies in one sitting?

    1. it´s all about food combining.... when i first tried to eat more raw food i was soooo bloated...but when i researched it it all comes down to food combining...than you don´t have any bloating at all...

  2. This looks so delicious! I find that the more healthy food you eat the more appetising it becomes!


  3. I think is very healthy if done moderate some people need other vitamin and nutrients example an anemic person might need to eat more iron you do not get from veggie as much as you get from red meat we talking severe case
    Everyone should do and try what is best for them do not belittle others for there lifestyle change.
    I like eating healthy but occasionally like eating pasta or meat but that is just me and it works for me. I like your raw pizza it has every ingredient I do not mind eating will have to give it a try. So happy this lifestyle you capture for your health is working for you having you feel more energetic and satisfy.

  4. I've never really thought of having raw pizza before.. I'll have to check out if they're on some of my local raw food cafes menus :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us Annie! You are changing so many lives for the better! I'd never heard of 80/10/10 before I saw you mention it in a video. I've since read the book and am on day 20 although I'm doing raw till 4 most days. I also shared with my mom and she has started too and told her friends about it. I've never felt better and have experienced so many changes already! It's so important that people with a large following share this information and get it out to others so they can try it for themselves. So many people are suffering unnecessarily due to their diet and it is possible to change it and heal! Thanks again for this and please keep sharing! You're an inspiration! :)

  6. Something I've been wanting to ask you ever since you went gluten and dairy free: When you do your research, how do you decide what's "correct"? Whenever I do research about food and diets and elimination of certain things, I ALWAYS find credible studies and articles written by doctors for BOTH sides - on one website doctors confirm that a certain diet or lifestyle is the best thing you can do and the next website says that it's scientifically/medically proven that this diet doesn't have any health benefits or that it's even dangerous to eat/live this way. I can never decide who I should believe, how do you do this?

  7. Hello Annie! I really want to give up coffee/ energy drink but being in medical school keeps me awake almost all night and it's really difficult for me to quit. could you give me some advice how can replace those with healthy, easy to make drinks? i wanna feel full of energy and be able to focus without putting chemicals in my body. thank you so much and sorry for my bad English.

  8. you should definitely try adding some raw coconut flour to your cauliflower pizza crust ! :)

  9. Hi Annie :)
    I think you're gonna also like Kimberly Snyder... she's also a raw foodist and very inspirational! :)

    Laura from Lithuania

  10. I went vegan right aroumd the time you started going raw vegan! It was a coincidence, but made me even more determined! Ive been following you for over a year because of your awesome makeup and positive advice, and I aplaud you for your change. I went vegan for ethical reasons and after watching documentaries such as Forks over Knives I realized animal protein is horrible for you! All you need to do is look up the China-Study. Keep up the great work! Nature provides you with what you need, dont listen to all the nay-sayers or non believers cause the proof is in your self, and how you've improved :)

  11. everything looks so doable and delicious!

  12. It would be great if you write about the feeling after you started to lead this life style. What has changed in your body compared to your diet before.
    Do you feel better, or constrained? I am reading 80/10/10 right now (after your recommendations :) and I want to confess, it scares me a little bit.

  13. Hi Annie! I've always wanted to find out how does it feel when you eat such bug portions (such as 8 bananas with 1 litre of water)? I make a green smoothie for myself in the morning with 1 banana, 1 small apple, 3 handfuls of greens (spinach, roka), 1 teaspoon of Chlorella, 2-3 inches of ginger, 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds and approximately 200 ml of water. At the end I get like 600-750 ml of green smoothie. I eat half of it and I feel that it stretches my stomach that much that it hurts:( I force myself to eat the rest of it and then I find myself eating too much for the rest if the day, because I stretch my stomach too much in the morning. Could you please tell me How long it takes you to drink that huge smoothie or to eat the whole watermelon? Maybe I need to sip it for a longer period of time? I would really appreciate your answer as I watch many raw foodists and that question is my biggest concern ...

    1. I'd also like to know about these portions. 8 bananas seems like so much, as well as a whole watermelon in one sitting. Were the amounts depicted supposed to be for one person? or shared (like the pizza)?

  14. Hi Annie, thank you for sharing your make up and food - you are such an inspiration. There is a (mostly raw) vegan guru in the states - Kimberly Snyder. I am not sure if you have heard of her. She has an amazing website, book and podcast I listen too. I really enjoy her work and thought you would enjoy it too. I begin every day with one of her glowing green smoothies. Would also love to see a new skincare video on natural products. I have a bit older and dier skin but would love to know what brands are you favorite. Thanks again.

  15. Annie, that raw pizza looks simply amazing! So glad that this "raw lifestyle" is working for you! You are truly inspiring!



  16. You're such an inspiration! I've been toying with the idea of going raw vegan as I'm switching between Paleo and vegan Paleo right now. I'll definitely try out some of your recipes just for a week or two to see if I feel as great as you're feeling. I'm sure I will! Love that you're sharing your journey with us. I fully support whatever makes you happy because life is about the journey to your own happiness, not about what others want to see you do.

  17. hi annie! I have a question for your Q&A video. Before your lifestyle change were you on any form of birth control? If you were, how has your new diet and lifestyle affected your birth control? Did you discontinue it and if you did why? Sorry if the question is a bit personal. I am just worried if I change my eating that something might go wrong. I have mostly found blog posts on this subject so I am having a hard time seeing them as credible sources.

  18. Hi annie ..this is second time I am commenting on your post ..I am a big fan of urs and following you for last 2 years or so. .I want to join u on fb and want to show my friends whom I am in contact with. .u r always d support system for me. .but today I have a request for u ..canu u share ur teenage pic when u used to b overweight .u have such a nice toned body ...n it is unbelievable that u used to b overweight ...I have lost 10 kgs but don't have a toned body n I exercise a lot too...if u r comfortable in sharing your pic it will inspire me and others too I hope but if u don't wana share the its absolutely ok..I love u alot n hope very soon I will join u on fb n u can also see me ....n one thing iwana tell u dat I am totally inspired by u and I love u by heart...n I also wanna gave a brief introduction of my self to u ..I am richa ..20 yeats old girl...lives in delhi ...love u a lot

  19. This is exactly the information I had no clue about...LOL! Eating raw is tough, I understand but how you eat raw is another thing that is really important. Thank you SO very much for letting us know how you eat raw in a day and when you eat it. Makes lot of sense!

    PS - I love your approach to negativity and criticism. It takes a lot of wisdom and strength to be the person you try to be each day. I have a lot respect for you.

  20. I would expect anyone who ate eight bananas and four mangoes (when she's not eating a whole watermelon!) a day to look like a sumo wrestler, but you appear to be just about perfect!

  21. Hi annie ..this is second time I am commenting on your post ...I am a big fan of your's and following you for last 2 years or so. ..I am eager to join u on fb and hope I vl also on ur friendlist very soon. ..today I want to request u dat if u find it comfortable can u share ur teenage pic when u used to b overweight ...u have such a nice toned body ...n it is hard to believe that you were overweight earlier..so if u can share it will inspire me in some ways...love u a lot ...u r totally inspiring person ...:) :*

  22. This looks so good! I have considered going raw but it was so tough! Kudos to you for keeping it up! :)


  23. Hi Annie, i love watching your channel.I live in Poland :-) How about vitamin B12 deficiency?

  24. Hi Annie ! I am a naturopathe. raw food is very interesting especially for vitamins, enzymes, fibers. But be careful not to forget proteins that are so important for immune system, skin, bones... Vegetal proteins are interesting (when eated from time to time) but are not sufficient. I can understand that you choose not to eat meat for ethical opinion but wild little fishes and eggs should be included in your meals. I don't want that you think I criticize your changes. I am not !! I have seen so many people developping health troubles after months of vegetalian food that I just want to warn you in a friendly way !! Sorry for my bad english and take care of you !!!

  25. Wow your meals looks so appetizing!!!! Love you Annie! <3


  26. This looks so bomb! I love fruit.
    My aunt and our family aren't vegan but every time we get together for barbecues or family gatherings mostly bbqs she makes a vegan caesar salad with:
    romaine lettuce, sliced cubes or chunks of avocado, green pumpkin seeds.
    As for the dressing its lowfat veganaise, a little bit of olive oil, salt pepper, lemon juice and a little lime juice add as needed for whatever consistency you want for the dressing and its seriously so bomb because the avocado mixes with the dressing and its heaven seriously try it! So easy too.