"Change" is undoubtedly the most fitting word to describe how my life has been over the past couple of months. Change to me, is that which shakes up our comfort zones, propels us to undiscovered territory - we either happily leap into it, or freeze up, too afraid of the outcome. Almost every part of my life suddenly changed in the blink of an eye. Some changes I welcomed and embraced, whereas others were a little harder to grasp.

I love sharing parts of my life with you because, even though I don't necessarily know you, after all these years, and all your emails and comments, it almost feels like I do! I enjoy connecting with you, perhaps in hopes of you finding inspiration, ideas or simply so you can have someone to relate to. Life is absolutely beautiful (let's never forget that) but sometimes.. well.. it rains! We all have those quiet times to ourselves when our mind drifts and we reflect on areas of our life that could be improved, things we might want to better about ourselves. Although perhaps not the most "positive" moments, these times are great for figuring out "what do I really want?" These moments present us with opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

I've received many emails asking how to deal with change, new environments, new situations, end of a relationship, end of a familiar setting etc. I thought today would be a good day to share my thoughts. When the change is positive, of course we are excited for the new opportunities! But when the change pulls on your heartstrings, it seems easier to dive into bed than deal with the situation head-on.

In midst of dealing with changes in my own life, I thought I'd share some things I'm doing to help myself. For those of you who might be dealing with changes, or just feeling a little "stuck" in life, maybe this will be helpful!

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1. Let there be a "mourning phase"
Allow yourself time to be an emotional mess! This is completely natural and very common at the end of relationships. Cry, get angry, be sad, talk it out until you can't talk about it anymore. Although I wouldn't recommend it, if you want to stuff your face with "comfort" food, do it - but make sure it's somewhat healthy :) or else it could make you feel even worse. If all you want to do is sleep and watch movies, then do it. Allow yourself this grieving time. I recommend keeping this to a few days to two weeks tops! Feel the pain, but don't drown in it.

2. Be grateful for everything you have 
Gratitude is so important, and it can help ground us during the most difficult times. If you might be finding it hard to concentrate on what's good in life when you're in a negative head space, then simply take out a pen and paper, and list a few things one by one - or type it up on your computer :). This is also known as a gratitude list :) Keep it with you, and read over it whenever you're feeling down. Feel the gratitude in your heart when you're reading your list. I also recommend doing this habitually first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Remember, "we bring about what we think about!"

3. Get organized
Now that you've somewhat come to terms with what's happened (it's ok if you're not all the way there), and you're in a more positive and thankful headspace - it's time to think about what you want! First, make sure you're room / work space / apartment is clean and organized so you're in a positive clear environment. Take this time to think about what you want to achieve in life, relationships you might want to have, new skills you may want to learn, how you want to look and feel etc. Again, note all of this down and make it your intention to work towards these goals.

4. Find inspiration & get educated
I love finding inspirational people, blogs, youtube channels - and I absolutely love learning about new things! Especially when it comes to health and well-being. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting and interesting things which inspire you. Feel the positive energy in your body.

5. Do something everyday that will bring you closer to your goals 
Now that you've thought about what you want, it's time to DO IT :) You have nothing holding you back. Avoid settling for "I'll do it tomorrow, it's fine". If your goal is to get your body into shape, make sure to move your body everyday, even if it's just for a 30 minute walk. There are also lots of free yoga and workout videos on YouTube to watch (I like doing the yoga ones). I find removing emotion from the situation helps me get stuff done quicker! This works I promise :)

6. Envision your future 
Journey's song "Don't stop believing" plays in my head when I think of this :) Never ever (ever) give up! It's so important to have a healthy and positive outlook on life (even if it's challenging at times). One of my goals for example, is to always be healthy, happy and in a peaceful state of mind with an abundance of love around me. I try stay true to this everyday, and I envision nothing but the best for my future.

Remember everything truly happens for a reason. In every new situation lays an opportunity for growth and experience.

I hope this was helpful to some of you! Sometimes it feels like we are all so far away from each other, but we are closer than we know! If you have any tips on how to deal with change, feel free to leave them below in the comments :) It's always nice hearing from you guys! XOXO


  1. Thank you so, so much for this post. This is just what i needed. You have no idea how much beter this makes me feel after some things that have been going on in my family for a couple of months now. Reading your post makes me feel a lot beter. Thanks for inspiring me:)

    Lots of love from The Netherlands ♡

  2. Hi Annie, I was starting to get worried reading the first few lines of your post, I thought you was going to say that you will no longer be blogging!! Phew!
    You have been one of the biggest inspirations for me since you started your channel. I truly admire your dedication to never giving up on any aspect of your life, & love the way you just give everything a go!!
    Great that you have come so far going raw & that your doing it for your mind set too.
    You really are wonderful & a joy to watch.

  3. Whenever you're ready to share, I'm very curious what specific things are changing in your life. I think that would help me relate to you more. I am 23 (almost 24) and man, this is a humbling time in life. Thanks for sharing as much as you do Annie.

  4. Hi Annie!!! thank you for sharing this post, i missed this personal article, because they are so inspirational !!!!!! hope you are well in Dubai !!! have a nice day :)

  5. I really love your Blog! It's so motivating and informative :-)
    I also tried to change to raw and it feels so,so good! <3

  6. Ps.....have you taken a look at the five minute journal?
    Worth a look. I have one & it's great for starting or ending your day on a positive note!!

  7. I have been following you on Youtube but this is my first time reading you blog. I absolutely loved everything you said here and definitely felt the positive energy you were trying to share here. Thank You Annie :) - Aleena

  8. Very inspirational, thank you Annie! x


  9. Annie, you're simply amazing! I love you!

  10. This is very helpful tips. I pray and read the bible no matter what happens in my life good or bad.

  11. This is exactly what I needed Annie. Thank you so much for sharing. I completely agree with you on everything you mentioned in this post. I have always struggled with change in my life. Through the years, I have become better at it, but its still difficult at times. Sometimes, exciting things will happen, but the fact that it takes me away from my comfort zone makes me not enjoy an opportunity to the fullest. I've learned to use many of the tricks you mentioned, and even though its still hard at times, it definitely helps. Stay strong Annie! Change is hard, but like you said, everything happens for a reason! <3 xoxo

  12. I read your blog often but I've never commented. This post struck home to me. I am going through a break up and it's been a tough journey. Your list I will keep in mind to help me through this tough time.

  13. Great post! I truly enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos on YouTube. It's very inspirational!

  14. I have so many changes going on in my life the only thing I can do is accept it. What I learned from it is incredible. Life is getting better in every way. My advice about change would be to sit back and relax urself to the best you possibly can, even if the change is something not very exciting or shocking. All we can ever do is not give up and do the best we can.
    The inevitable fact of life is it changes... for us and everyone around us...nothing stays the same forever. Be prepared and ready for the ride! :)

    I pray for strength, peace and patience to you and all ur followers and everyone going thru a "change" in life among us.

  15. Great advice! I miss your videos!
    I'd appreciate if you'd take a look at my blog! I just did a post on "The Truth About Perfection"


  16. I really agree with everything you said in this post, I was having a tough time yesterday (so naturally I blogged about it) and it was to do with how I have changed into someone I am not happy with. However your words, and Zoella's words from her Just Say Yes post have helped me and are encouraging me to make a difference and to become the person I once was. Thank You x


  17. (I forewarn my english isn't good ;) ). I discovered You yesterday on yt and I'm really SO happy and thankful Good for this :) You are amazing girl, I love your positive energy and all Your person :) You are soo beauty, kind and just supergirl :) I'm your new fan and I'm be every day look in your website:) I send You regards from Poland!! Wish you all the best!! :)

  18. Annie, Thanks for all the videos and posts..
    You are my inspiration and always impress and encourage me to be a better one!! I love you so much despite you dun necessarily to know me :)
    please keep it up.. xoxo

  19. Thank you beautiful for this beautiful article :)
    And thank you for answering to e on instagram. I fell privileged.
    Thanks a lot for being you, you are my inspiration.

  20. I understand all these changes. 4 months ago I changed the truth. I am now not the one that was last year. I have now matured. And I think that all these changes specially prepared for us to become better, we were chchem. Thank you for such a beautiful / motivating article.

  21. You are always a font of inspiration for all of us. Regards from http://weloveobsession.blogspot.com.es/

  22. Thanks for sharing annie, you are so lovely. I Need to hear These Kind of words to always keep going. You're posts are so helpful and YOU are so nice and unique. Lots of love, Svenja from germany<3

  23. Love this post, it's so inspiring and reminds us to be grateful of the things that we have and if times get tough, we just have to keep going and know that on the other side, there's growth and strength :) x


  24. great advice, thanks!

    Fashion vid/blog?

  25. Such an insightful post! Love your blog.

    Beth x

  26. This post is so good! I can relate to gratitude list. I am learning to think about the things that I am grateful for all the time. It can be anything! Just feel it in your heart and everything around you changes. Thank you Annie :) Greetings from Chicago

  27. I really admire you for staying so humble! :)

  28. what u told s absolutely true dear...sometime wen something awful happens in our life we jus thinks that its d end of our life..but always think that god has created us for something bigger nd better...remember how lucky we r to b selected and born in this beautiful world...
    U r a great gal who can inspire thousands of others...
    Keep going Annie :)
    Love u loads

  29. Beautiful and honest. You're a fantastic writer, you should publish posts like these more often :)


  30. Very well written. You have and continue to inspire me! :) x


  31. You are amazing, love you! <3

  32. This is an awesome post <3 I really enjoyed reading it. Kisses Fergie


  33. Beautiful and so true. I think for me the period of grieving is really important for me to just tell myself it's ok not to be ok!

  34. This post was like a breath of fresh air, so different to what I usually read and more than anything real. Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Elizabeth x | www.candyflosscurlscupcakesandcouture.com

  35. Goodmorning beautyful!

    This is exactly what I needed today. Last weekend I was a totally mess 'cause I've been thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend.
    I'm just struggling with the fact that he's perfect, but I don't have butterflies anymore..
    So yeah this blogpost was really inspiring to me, thank you so much!

    A struggling girl from the Netherlands ♥

  36. I love you Annie, but that jacket, I need to know where to get it!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Beautiful post ;))))



  38. Great post, lots of good advice !


  39. Hi Annie, this is a beautiful post and I am sure it will help a lot of people out there. Xo, Alexandra

  40. Great post, love the insight. I do miss your fashion/make-up tutorials on youtube though!

  41. Great post, so inspiring! Miss your makeup tutorials though!

  42. Thank you so much with this post. I hope I could have read it last June when my relationship ended, it would have helped so much at that time. I hope you are doing well and all these negative changes in your life are only temporary and you will find your light really soon! x

  43. Thank you so much Annie! I'm 25 and reaaally trying to avoid the "quarterlife crisis". But in this time and place it's so hard. This post really helps!
    Love, Myriam.

  44. You are so wise and brilliant, Annie! I love you!!! Thank you for such warm words and inspiration. God bless you! xoxo

  45. Thank you so much for this post Annie. You embrace life so well, you're so positive and uplifting. Very grateful, xo stephanie.

  46. Merci Annie. Te lire fait tellement de bien , ça aide à se remettre en question et aller de l'avant. plein de bisous <3. Thanks Annie you're so great , just keep writing , this is so inspiring!

  47. What a lovely post. I always find you so inspirational >3

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