Healthy Tabbouleh Recipe

Hi my beauties! Hope you are all well :) Today I have a new video for you on one of my favorite raw vegan dishes, tabbouleh, which I like to have once or twice a week. I just love parsley - it's so good for you and this is a great fresh way to incorporate it into your diet. Traditional recipes use bulgur wheat - but I opt for quinoa for it's high vitamin and mineral content. As mentioned in the video however, I have also made this using just pine nuts instead of any wheat - which tastes super good! It's all about tailoring this to your preference - as with most recipes :) I hope you enjoy and find it interesting! XOXO

- 1 medium sized cucumber
- 2 tomatos 
- 3/4 red onion  
- 2 cloves garlic
- 1 cup lemon juice
- 1/2 cup quinoa (soaked & sprouted to remain raw)
- 2 bunches parsley
- 1/2 cup mint leaves

Optional: pine nuts & romain lettuce leaves to serve 

Top left: two bunches parsley (one curly leaf & one flat leaf)
Top right: diced cucumber, onion, garlic and tomato 
Bottom left: lemon juice, quinoa and mint
Bottom right: romain lettuce leaves

I love having my tabbouleh in these romain lettuce "tacos". They are so fresh & sweet!

I love the vibrant color! This stays good for about three days (and get's better the longer you let it sit) 


  1. hi! I absolutely love Tabbouleh mostly for its freshness!! I do want to let you know that in the 4 pics above it reads left for right and right for left. I mean its obvious what the pics are about but just saying...

  2. I love parsley, this looks quite interesting. I will definitely try this some time, would be a nice thing to take to work as a pack lunch as well



  3. Amazing recipe I going to give a try perfect for now weather is getting warmer and you want a delicious nutrition healthy meal.

  4. I live in Dubai and I'm having trouble finding quinoa and the curly leaf parsley . where did you purchase them from? :)

  5. Hello Annie, I LOVE Tabbouleh and will definitely try this receipt! Thank you so much for sharing. xxx Fergie

  6. Hi Annie! I am sure you have heard it and read it from your followers but I just want to say it once - You are beyong inspiring !!

    To stay positive and fight your sickness with the attitude you have about life is simply amazing. Much love to you and your strength. May you heal soon and share with us your success story with pride.

    I was born and raised in Kuwait and I love Tabbouleh with some Seekh Kabab. However I never thought of eating it for healthy fresh meal on its own. Now I know I can do that too...Thank you!! :)

  7. I will try this out for sure :)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Dolce Kisses ♥

  8. that looks sooo good! try out this chia seed pudding recipe! its awesome!


  9. Wonderful recipe ! Have you thought about putting hemp hearts in the tabouleh instead of the pine nuts ? I think it would taste great as well. Take care xoxox