DIY Scalp Massage for Healthy Strong Hair

Hey guys! Happy Monday :) I have a new video up for you! This one is all about how to massage your scalp for healthy strong hair growth. I've gotten a few comments in the past asking what to do about hair loss and tips on how to grow your hair faster - and this is definitely my number 1 solution. It is natural and super effective. The point is to stimulate and improve circulation which helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. Scalp massages are great for this, but so is regular exercise! It helps to keep the blood and oxygen moving to all our cells :) I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know if you've experimented or currently do regular scalp massages! XOXO

Benefits of regular scalp massages:
- Stimulates hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth
- Reduces hair fall 
- Reduces hair thinning 
- Moisturizes the hair
- Highly clarifying & detoxifying  

Plus it's super affordable & relaxing! :)

It can also:
- Reduces stress, headaches and migraines 
- Increases energy levels 
- Promotes mental clarity & concentration 

Essential oils for hair growth:
(Make sure to only add 2-3 drops of desired oil)
- Ylang Ylang 
- Rosemary
- Clary Sage 
- Cedar Wood
- Lavender 
- Peppermint 

Summary of steps shown:
1. Front to back
2. Zig zag
3. Head flip
4. Pressure points
5. Moisturize remainder of hair
6. Comb & style 

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is my favorite!


  1. Just watched your video I'm definitely going to do this weekly xx


  2. Great video will give this a try love doing home spa. Thanks Annie.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, it's very helpful! =)

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  4. So happy to see you so regulary again! :)
    Love the fact that you become more and more on the green side!
    As I am very into organic products so I'm really happy to have advices from you and look forward discovering new organics products!

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    Hope it will help you find your perfect one :)

    Lots of love, thanks for inspiring me so much <3

    Brooke (your french fan)

  5. This Video is so great! Never seen a Video in this Topic in the Youtube world! You,re doing a great job!! By the Way, you look so so Amazing On the picture at the bottom, so sunkissed and just flawless!
    Love, alexa from Germany

  6. your voice is sooo calming XOXO <3

  7. Excellent informative video Annie... Could you also please do a tutorial for this beautiful natural makeup look... Thanks xxx

  8. Thank for this tip Annie, I will most definitely be trying this. I love doing coconut oil hair masks, and it has really helped strengthen my hair :) x


  9. lovely video! I cant wait to try this massage! i need it...university can be stressful lol love you Annie!

  10. Love this post/video! I am taking herbal medicine right now, so it's cool to see you use herbs in this! I totally wish I could try this, but I have tape-in extensions and the oil will be no good for the adhesive (how ironic)... I will try it out when I have a break from them, though!! xoxx


  11. Very helpful video, thank you a lot!!! Definetly, i have to try this)))) p.s I love your makeup in this video, sooo natural or you don't have makeup in this video?;) if you have, can you do a natural makeup tutorial? Thank you so much for being so inspirational and motivational!!!

  12. I'm such a massive fan of head massages, my family always get fed up of me asking them to give me them so now I know how to do them myself! Thanks :-)


  13. if you move your finger from front to back, 1st step in massage, doesn't it means that you pull your hair ? i have hair fall problem, is it will make my hair fall more ?


  14. Great video! I'm definitely going to try this out.


  15. Wonderful beauty tips! Thank you for sharing how to keep our scalp and hair pretty!



  16. This is awesome!

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  17. This is great! I'm totally using this!

  18. Great tips, i LOVE coconut oil!


  19. Great tips! I've added coconut oil to my grocery list!


  20. I love oil hair treatments! Coconut oil is great for your hair.

  21. I LOVE your tips

  22. Love this video! I will definitely find the time to try this.
    I've told you this before but I'd really like it if you took my requests into consideration!
    You're my idol =) and definitely the prettiest girl in the world, with or without makeup. I WISH I looked like you!
    Some questions/requests...
    - Could you do an updated video on your favorite skin care products? Such as cleansers, eye cream, etc
    - Could you do a video on your updated hair care routine?
    - Could you do a video on hygiene and taking care of yourself in general
    - Your morning/nighttime routine would be nice to see as well! From skin/hair/body care to what you eat
    - Misc. videos: individual product reviews, vlogs, recipes, empties (products you've used up), hair tutorials

    I love love loveee watching your videos, I hope in the future you'll start posting videos 2-3 times a week :)

  23. LOVE coconut oil !!! <3


  24. Hi can I know from where did you get the coconut oil in Dubai?
    I thought my country did not have it
    That is really cool

  25. I love massaging the scalp! Love the video. Though a note on the coconut oil - there really isn't such a thing as "extra virgin coconut oil". Extra Virgin is really a term for olive oil. There's an entire article here: www.tropicaltraditions.com/what_is_virgin_coconut_oil.htm (scroll down to "Defining Virgin Coconut Oil") about the different definitions from the company who actually started the coconut oil craze in the US.

  26. This looks great, but was wondering if it made the scalp feel really oily?

  27. This is Amazing. I agree with regular massage to the scalp. It really helps with the head ache.

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