Your Questions Answered!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I have a new Q&A video up on my channel. Also, click here if you want to see the Red Carpet Glam video I filmed for the I Love Makeup channel on YouTube! I gathered up a few of the most recent questions I've been asked in this next video - hopefully I got to yours! If not, feel free to leave it down below in the comments :) Hope you enjoy the video! XOXO


  1. Cool video! I loved the Oscar-Ready Red Carpet Glam tutorial, I was missing your makeup tutorial videos, love them! =D

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  2. Love the video.....I'm really nosy....so I like asking/answering videos!!


  3. So far you cover a lot of the question I just wish you the best in Dubai and that everything works out.

  4. Heyyy Annie where's your top from??

  5. And pls pls do a clothes haul video!!

  6. Hi Annie
    Love the video. I'm moving to New York soon to study music, i'm from Denmark.
    Where in the city will you suggest buying beauty (not expensive like sephora).
    Lots of love

  7. Dear annie, i love u Even more with your "new" lifestyle! I would like to know what u studied and why, i.e. Which carrer did Aim at, if Youtube wouldn't came Across.

    Much love, Alex from germany

  8. I really liked this video, I'm glad you're doing so well in Dubai! :)

  9. Thank you soo much for this video! I've got the answers for the questions that I had))) You are so beautiful from within and just a nice, kind, smart person! Wish you all the bests, all the joy, happiness and other dreams come true!!! You are an inspiration and motivation for me to keep healthy lifestyle and to be the best version of myself! Get well and keep your positive energy be spread around the world^_^
    Love you,
    your fan from Kzakhstan ,
    19 year old Nazira B.B

  10. Please please please do a hair tutorial on this hair style! xxxx

  11. Love the honesty you have in this video. You are doing what you love and not following trends. Can't wait for more health conscious and lifestyle videos :)

  12. I wish you all the best Annie! Great video.


  13. You're my idol =) and definitely the prettiest girl in the world, with or without makeup. I WISH I looked like you!
    Some questions/requests...
    - Could you do an updated video on your favorite skin care products? Such as cleansers, eye cream, etc
    - Could you do a video on your updated hair care routine?
    - Could you do a video on hygiene and taking care of yourself in general
    - Your morning/nighttime routine would be nice to see as well! From skin/hair/body care to what you eat
    - Misc. videos: individual product reviews, vlogs, recipes, empties (products you've used up), hair tutorials

    I love love loveee watching your videos, I hope in the future you'll start posting videos 2-3 times a week :)

  14. Hi Annie! Thank you for answering our questions! It shows that you really care for your viewers and you make a lot of effort to connect with them. I'm definitely a big fan of yours!
    I hope you enjoy Dubai! Please do vlogs and show us around. Thanks!

  15. Förutom att blogg är så bra så är du ju också skit snygg. Du verkar vara en riktigt skön person. DU är dessutom den enda jag lär mig smink av. Denna sminkning på SMOKEY EYE som patricia longo gör är skit snygg men jag skulle gärna vilja se hur du gör den så jag kan lära mig. Hon är så kass på det.Jag vill veta mest hur hon gör eylinerns och markerar ögonen svart. Sen är det kims make up. Om du skulle kunna kombinera dessa skulle jag vara väldigt väldigt glad. Wish you all the best in dubai and wherever you go! SMOKEY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nftSEq0UqcU KIM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dd4y1w-iZA

  16. Annie, what do you do for a living?

  17. Hello annie!!!
    first of all id like to assure u that most of us (or at least i am) watching ur channel because ur just that amazing person that makes us feel that everything arnd you is nice,perfect n alright :D ...like when ever i watch you u just make me feel all motivated to work on myself n become a btr person ...n believe me its not rly about the products u use... cuz as i mentioned b4 in one of the comments I wrote i live between saudi arabia and egypt so I dont rly get the chance to buy the products u use as most of it are not available (now u kind of understand what i mean as u moved to dubai... but dun worry ul always find other products to substitute with :D) so if ur going organic will still be here watching u! :D <3 <3

    the other thing is , if you could plz plz plzzzz make a video on ur morning and night time routine for ur hair, skin and body (like if u exercise everyday or something too) .

    thats it :D
    thank u!!!! and hope ur having a good day!

  18. Annie! What a cute picture. You're such a doll <3 Thank you for answering personal questions! It would be amazing if you could blog weekly! Much love from Germany. Big hugs

  19. hi annie can you do a fashion haul?

  20. Hey Annie!
    I really like your change to natural products! I hope you do some updates than you find something you like, especially for bodycare and deodorant.
    I can say that the make up products from Lily Lolo are very good - don't know if you can get them..
    Love from Germany! :))

  21. I am glad that you are loving the weather in Dubai. You would definitely love Sydney, Australia. We don't get that much rain and and it being sunny is a norm. When I went overseas and it was raining I definitely realized that I took for granted having sunny days on a pretty much everyday basis. I appreciate it much better now.