Skin Breakouts & Dermatologists

I was going through the comments received on my latest juicing post (click here to read), and I saw a comment which I wanted to reply to it, however I'll do a post about it since it might help others as well. I hope you don't mind Sydney! :)

Firstly, I totally understand you! As a blogger myself, of course I always want to look picture perfect :) But the reality is, in my case however, the food I eat and the environment which I'm in, sway my skin's health and appearance. If I take care of my body, eat clean, juice regularly, exercise, live stress free etc my skin is clear and radiant. But if ever I'm overly stressed, eat poorly, (dairy, wheat, meat, sugars etc) my skin goes crazy. Also, breakouts around the mouth and chin, are normally caused by hormonal imbalances.

Something however which is often over looked is the "detox" phase which sometimes happen if we suddenly start cleansing the body (daily green juices etc), or introduce a new healthy powerful detox ingredient into our diet. When this happens, the body starts eliminating toxins which have been built up in the body, and one of the ways we eliminate toxins is through our skin (sweat, oil etc...). And the skin on our face is unfortunately no exception!

This happened to me a few weeks ago (when I bought a juicer here in Dubai and began juicing regularly again), I started getting these "under the skin" blemishes on my forehead, especially around my temples - where I never broke out usually. I did some research and found it could be a symptom of my body detoxing. Thankfully about a week later, my skin started clearing up and now feels so good.

My experience with dermatologists 

I've been to about 6 different dermatologists in my life, as I've had problems with my skin since my teens. I've been prescribed medicines and lotions and face cleansers, but finally after so many years, I'm finally realizing that the body can heal itself and find it's natural balance, if we provide it with the right nutrients and vitamins - and avoid foods which cause stress and discomfort to our bodies (as well as using organic chemical free beauty products). Problems we have with our bodies, are signs that something internally is not functioning correctly.

The saddest thing about all the dermatologists I saw, was that no one asked about nutrition, but simply wrote out prescriptions for different drugs and creams which are in reality very toxic to our bodies, especially our liver. I by no means think doctors are "bad", but I think before taking medicines, it's best to be aware of what WE could do first to heal ourselves.

The point I'm trying to make is, go natural and stick with it and your skin will find it's balance if you provide it with the correct tools (nutrition, vitamins, minerals etc...). I admire the raw food community and I hope to one day be able to practice this lifestyle.

Excuse the length of this post, but hopefully it might help a few people - if not at least one :) And just for disclaimer purposes, I am not a doctor - just sharing my experiences and the research I've found with you. As always I want to provide small bits of information with hopes of it inspiring you to do your own research - the things we can learn and discover are so interesting and powerful!

I hope everyone's having a good evening! XOXO


  1. Thanks for that Annie, I have my days with juicing I try to two-three times a week, I hope I can find the time for it everyday! I find myself not feeling to do it at times because I cook a lot- lots of veg included. I really appreciate your reminders and motivation. Hope you've settled in well. Lots of love X

  2. I agree 100% percent with this post I knew a friend that constantly went to a dermatologist and instead of helping her it made the situation worst and
    gave her holes in the face I do not know the name of the treatment but not worth it. Best to stick eating healthy and detoxing also look into homemade
    facial for acne.

  3. OMG I am having the same problem right now! I've recently started eating lots of fruits and veggies, and drinking green tea and making the smoothie regularly that you posted a video about (the one with ginger, kale, lemon and other stuff). It's delicious by the way, thank you for sharing it! :)

    Now my skin broke out pretty bad, I got a couple of painful spots on my forehead. It probably is the detox phase for me, too.

  4. Hi Annie- I'm 15 years old and approaching my exams (worryingly quickly!) so I just wanted to enquire if you had any tip on motivation, organising your time well, and dealing with stress!! Thanks!
    P.S I find your blog posts and videos so inspiring and I love the positive outlook, that constantly shines through!

  5. Thanks for this post! Its so nice to see a beauty blogger talking about taking real care of our skin which really comes down to how we take care of our bodies in regards to health, and not so much what products we are using on our faces!


  6. What a great and interesting post!!!!!


  7. Very well put Annie! It's very true for most cases.

  8. So true! I've seen 2 dermatologists and they just prescribed topical lotions and Accutane which provided only short-term results. I've stopped drinking dairy milk and switched to almond/soy milk for the last 2 months, cutting down on almost all other dairy as well (cheese, yogurt, etc) and my skin looks so much better! We also recently got a juicer, so I am now drinking green juices and smoothies every day. Fully Raw Kristina is so inspirational, you both really made me think twice about the things I put into my body. Thank you <3


  9. agree with you !! body can heal itself..we just need to provide it with right nutrients..now i've never go to dermatologist again because its normal to have acne sometimes..

  10. Annie,
    I totally agree with you! I went to my dermotologist because my skin was going crazy with eczema..it was so bad that even when i would eat fruit like grapes my legs would flare up and start itching. I tried to eat clean for about a month but my eczema on my legs kept growing and spreading. So i finally went to the dermotologist and all she gave me was a cream. I had to use it for the sake of being comfortable in my own skin-literally-but i did ask her if perhaps i was getting eczema because of my diet even though i was eating clean and juicing etc. She just stared at me and then shook her head and never answered my question just moved on with prescribing me a cream. I was kind of mad...but anyway, i just used the cream because i was so tired of hating myself because of my skin. It cleared up but my legs are very scarred. But now I am eating healthy and clean to keep my legs from eating eczema again. Sometimes it comes back but i just try to be careful with what i eat. Honestly, its really hard sometimes to eat healthy especially when you really want something unhealthy but in the end, you arent really satisfied with the unhealthy meal you had...idk if its just me who feels that way. Anyway I totally agree with you and cant wait for more posts and videos. Love you

  11. Annie I find your posts/videos to be so inspiring. I admire your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I am also interested in raw food and juicing, it helps me so much to come to your blog and read related posts on it. I also love how you incorporate beauty products into the mix as well! You're awesome!! =)

  12. I am so glad you recommended the other youtubers. I have been watching Fully raw Kristina for about three months now and her story is sooo inspirational. She is a true depiction of how a fully raw diet can change your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. I can totally vouch for the truth in this post. I've never had less trouble with my skin than when I've been good to my body It's often overlooked that everything that goes into your body will affect your ENTIRE body- including your skin. It's also often overlooked how huge of an effect hormonal imbalances and other conditions can have on your skin. I had a period of bad breakouts and I had some testing done and found out my body doesn't produce certain hormones. Since I've been on hormone replacements my skin has cleared up tremendously. Great post Annie, I love reading your stuff. :) <3 Vanessa (if you're interested, check out my blog mostbeautifulview.blogspot.com)

  14. I love your blog Annie! However, I was wondering how living in a city as Dubai affects your skin. I've been there for some time, and I immediately noticed breakouts because of all the pollution. Also, the water coming out the shower affected my hair in a negative way. Anyway I wish you the best in this amazing city and if you get the chance visit Muscat in Oman, I've been there too and it's so magical. Total contrast with Dubai :)

  15. Thanks Annie for sharing your knowledge with us! i always love to read your blog or watch your videos and it helps me just so much and keeps me motivated to be clean and healthy. you just seem to be such a nice person! i only wish the best for you <3

  16. Wow, Annie I was so shocked to see my comment I left you, in your new blog post! :) Thanks for answering my question... very helpful info!



  17. Normally I would disagree with you and find you a fundamentalist (being a dentist myself) but truth is... I absolutely agree! I've recently been to the best dermatologist in my area and the truth is he did exactely that - prescribed really toxic meds for me to get rid of a few imperfections and black spots! My work with its responsability and long hours brings me a lot of stress, which I've been trying to balance in a better way! I do believe lifestyle and nutrition can make a huge difference on your body and maybe even replace or minimize the use of this drugs! Keep writing like this :) Rita

  18. Great point about the effects of detoxing. I also get headaches, cramps and the shakes before I start to benefit. All the more reason to keep going! :o)


  19. thank you thank you for this personal post, i totally agree, i am 23 and i fight for my acne since i am 12, and i took a lot of medecine, but when i began looking at your vdeos, you talked about being gluten & dairy free, and i never heard n the past about nutrition, and how it can affects our body. and thanks to you, i started to search on internet..etc.. and now i just can affirm that beign on this lifestyle is just amazing for my skin,t's not perfect , but i feel so much better!

    :) thank you !!

    oh and i missed you so much , your videos and post !!!

  20. Thank you! This post was very helpful! I have been trying to figure out is why i get random breakouts. One of the things I have notice is that it has to do a lot with my nutrition and sleep. I also went to a dermatologist and didn't feel like he tackle the root of the problem.

  21. So refreshing to read a post like this!! I can completely relate to it and to you, ladies, who have to go through acne or other skin issues. I had a baby face till I was 18 (!) and then all of the sudden, horrible breakouts on my forehead. Along the years, they got better, but moved to different areas of the face (on the cheeks, around my mouth and nose, and not I regularly get a break out on my left jaw. Strange, but only there!). What worked for me (and I've seen dermatologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists who say that 'all is well, get this cream/baby pill, etc') was homeopathic treatment (Silicium) and cutting down on dairy. But most, and foremost, the best cure I found is self-love :) The body is a great mirror of our mental health and overall wellbeing. The body is telling us, through illness, very important things... my conclusion is that the skin is happiest when you love yourself :)

  22. You have the ability to inspire 1000s of people! Thanks !!