Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone  As many people, you might have a love/hate relationship with this particular day. To me, this day is about celebrating and acknowledging love - one of the most important things in life. Of course, we should practice and share love every day, but today is a day we should just go that extra little mile! And that especially goes for if you're spending this day as a single girl! Without sounding totally cheesy, the most important person to love is yourself. So much goodness happens within you when you care for yourself.

So whilst there may be couples out and about making each other feel special, take the this time for you, and make yourself feel special. Maybe do something today which you might not have had time for before. Below are a few "I Love Me Day" activities! Feel free to share some others with me in the comments!

This is one of my favorite pictures, I felt so good this evening (and had so much fun)!
It was taken on New Years Eve last year. 
I like glancing back at pictures like this from time to time :)  

Example of a few "I Love Me Day" Activities:
- First and foremost, repeat a few positive affirmations to yourself
- Give yourself a luxurious body scrub (coconut oil & sugar is my fav) and then take a relaxing bath with candles
- Clean out your closets (that's what I'm about to do!)
- Organize your desk / workspace
- Give yourself a few compliments!
- Call your parents and grandparents - spread some love to them too :)
- Call an old friend and catch up
- Make yourself a super healthy juice (try this recipe) It will make your feel clean & energized
- Go for a run or take a workout class - exercise releases feel-good endorphins
- If you got a bit of extra cash, book yourself a spa day and get a massage to release tensions in your muscles
- Make yourself a delicious meal
- And lastly, go buy yourself some flowers girls! They look pretty, smell nice, and they can be from you to you :)

However you're spending this day, I hope you feel loved and spread the love to friends and family. Happy Love Day friends ♥ XOXO


  1. Great tips Annie also great to get dress up and hit to the restaurant with your single friends. Enjoy your Valentines doll.

  2. Such a great idea! Self-love is so important! I think we are all very hard on ourselves and need to take that time to pamper ourselves.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!


  4. Lovely tips, I definitely agree we should all love ourselves first and foremost! And you look so beautiful in that picture :) x


  5. Great tips! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!


  6. Nice post, Annie! :) You look amazing in that dress <3
    I spent my valentines day partying and dancing with my friends. It was so nice to get all dressed up and put makeup on and wear a beautiful pair of high heels. I felt so glam! We were on a cruise ship with lots of other high school students, because we are graduating this spring. :)

  7. Thank you for this great blog post! <3 I did some of these things on 14.2. :) find your tipps really good. maybe give yourself a manicure and take time to read a book you never had time before. make a fruit palette :-)

  8. Is this dress Jones and Jones? It's gorgeous! x


  9. Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing this loveliness with us.



  10. So beautiful look <3

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  11. annie I want to tell you i find you a very inspirational girl and that because of you i started writing my own blog :)


    keep doing your wonderful work.....