Summer Haul!

Hi beautiful! Just uploaded my new video :) All of these items should still be in stores if you like any of them. I hope you enjoy! What item was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Pictures of a few of the items shown in the video!
Snake-print Shirt, H&M
Floral Blouse, Zara
Striped Dress, Anthropology
Blouse, H&M // Blue Skirt, Zara
Embellished Bikini Top, Victoria's Secret
 Pink Cut-Out Dress, Zara


Next Video

Hello beautiful :) I hope everyone has had a good start to the week! Yesterday I filmed a video featuring some new clothes I recently purchased - aka a fashion / shopping haul :) I am going to start editing it today, so it should be up maybe tomorrow. My friend Emily is here visiting me from Geneva which has been so nice! Last night we went for a yoga class then ate at a super healthy macrobiotic restaurant called Souen. We had a butternut squash soup, kale salad with cranberries, orange and almonds along with a green vegetable curry (picture on Instagram). Yum yum! Anyway just wanted to say HI and that I'll see you soon in a new video! Have a great day everyone! XOXO

Two of the pieces featured in my upcoming haul!


Prom Worthy: Episode 2

Happy Friday my loves! I hope everyone's had a good day. Episode two of Prom Worthy is up :) In this episode I take the girls through shoes, makeup and hair and we get to see their final looks for the evening. Loved seeing them all dolled up and feeling amazing. (If you want to know how I did my hair, check out my hair tutorial here.) Hope you enjoy the video!

Click here to view Episode 1!



Hi my loves! I'm really excited to share this next video, plus some photos, with you of the main room in my apartment where I spend most of my time. I live in a very old building in Manhattan (I believe it's over 80 years old!) and it's never been renovated *insert shocked emoticon face*. Yep! When I was apartment hunting, I wanted something with a lot of "character" - which I definitely got! Next time however, I'm going for a super modern place :) Anyway, I am obsessed with my apartment and I'm excited to share some decorating tips with you below under the photographs. Hope you enjoy!

I love having all my perfumes displayed nicely together - the bottles are too pretty to keep them
anywhere else! The framed picture on the right is of my friend Emily and I :) 
I find mirrored frames so chic and elegant. 

I like to sort through my jewelry every 6 months or so and give away things I 
don't wear so my collection is clean and simple - less is definitely more!

These are a life saver when it comes to organizing bracelets! 
It looks very "boutique" like which I love :)

 This bookcase is one of my favorite parts of the room - it's just so pretty to look at! Bookcases
are great because you can really show off your personality and style by decorating each shelf
as you choose. I change this up from time to time! Sometimes if I buy a new pair of amazing shoes,
they will go up there on display so I can see them all the time :)

White Leaning Bookcase - Crate & Barrel 
Mirrored Frame - Home Goods
Bracelet & Watch Display - Container Store
Small Gold Frames - Bed Bath & Beyond
Hand-painted Red Ballerina (not seen, on top shelf) - Gifted

This is my "inspiration" rack which I love :) I keep clothes on here that I want to wear
and/or that I've recently purchased. Gives a nice girly touch to the space - and clothes
are so pretty - why not keep some on display? :)

Clothing Rack - Amazon (see here)

This bed is so comfy! I used to have a beige/champagne colored bed-cover on top, but
have been enjoying the simple white duvet cover recently. I have a big window right
next to the bed so it isn't hard for me waking up - the sun gets me :)

I wanted a really comfy yet chic look to my bed - so I got these super soft faux fur pillows
along with this beautiful embroidered decorative pillow - all within the same color palette. 
I think having fun pillows on your bed adds character to the space.

I was obsessed with this mirror when I saw it - the detailing is so gorgeous! 
I love WHITE, so I placed this beautiful faux white orchid next to my bed to tie in with the mirror.

Keep water around so you remember to hydrate! 
The first book is "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran - a must have book with beautiful poems! 
And below is one of Chelsea Handler's books. 
The funniest one in my opinion is "My Horizontal Life" :)

I like keeping photos of loved ones around my apartment, along with candles 
as it creates a nice "homey" feeling.  I'm also in love with mirrored furniture.
Here you see my first piece out of this collection. They have a similar collection at Pier 1 Imports!

Bed - Crate & Barrel "Colette Queen Bed"
Faux Fur Pillows - Pottery Barn
Decorative Middle Pillow - Pier 1 Imports
White Floral Framed Mirror - Pearl River Mart
White Faux Orchid - Pier 1 Imports
Borghese Mirrored Side Chest - Z Gallerie
Candle - Tiki Beach, Bath & Body Works

I love the silver studs on this sofa (same detailing as on the bed).

I added these beige and white decorative pillows to the sofa to compliment the colors of the bed.
I think the colors of the pillow bring out the studded rim of the sofa - love!

 Did you guys know I love flowers? Lol :) Something that's great about New York is that all
the corner deli's have flowers (plus they're super affordable here!) I like buying fresh ones for this
center table, and then stick to faux ones for the rest of the space.

Sofa - "Pauline" Z Gallerie
Decorative Pillows - Bed Bath & Beyond
Coffee Table / Bench - Pearl River Mart
Decorative Middle Piece - Pier 1 Imports 
Candle - Honeysuckle, Bath & Body Works

It's all in the details :)

Mirrored furniture (and mirrors in general) is great for opening up small spaces - this one 
in particular is great because it has so much storage space. I have my TV on top :)

I decorated the top of this mirror by adding a few flowers, which are actually for your hair
and a pretty headband. Without sounding vain lol I think it's great to keep nice pictures
of yourself in your space - you know, from a time where you looked fab. 
Helps to keep the inspiration going :)

I love clean, simple and organized! Makes it super easy to find what I'm looking for,
and again, it adds that "boutique" like feeling. I love my sunnies!

Borghese Mirrored Buffet – Z Gallerie
Vanity Mirror - Gifted
Flowers on Vanity - H&M Hair Clips
Ring Display - eBay
Covered Earring Display - Container Store
Sunglasses - Nasty Gal
Hooks for Necklace (not seen) - any crafts store

A view of my desk and makeup area, where I spend a lot of time. It's right in front of
a window so I get great lighting and a beautiful view :)

  I love this quote "She believed she could, so she did" - that's straight forward thinking at it's best :) 

For all the details on my DESK area, click here  

Click below to watch my Desk & Makeup Tour!
(February 2013)

I hope you guys enjoyed! :)



I'm just about to call it a night, but wanted to share a new song I've been loving called Treasure by Bruno Mars - he is just too cute. I'm not sure if it's a brand new song, but I'm hooked! It's such a catchy little tune and just makes you want to dance :) I love the old-school feel of it. His whole new album, Unorthodox Jukebox, is actually really good - some of my other favorite songs from it are Gorilla, When I Was Your Man (of course!), Show Me and Young Girls.

What's your current favorite song? Love finding new good music so let me know in the comments below! My Room Tour video should hopefully be up by tomorrow :) Hope everyone is having a great night! ♥

Perfumes & Jewelry

Editing my next video for you guys and this one is a ROOM TOUR :) It will be short & sweet. The photo below is part of my leaning bookcase where I keep my perfumes and some of my jewelry. Do you see the pink little bottle in the back, next to the frame? It's called "The Body Mist" by Victoria's Secret and smells amazing! It's what I have on now. It is a staple for me - that must be my third bottle. Do you have a favorite scent from VS?

Prom Worthy: Episode 1

Good morning beautiful! Woke up all excited this morning - remember the show I hosted a few weeks ago about deserving students getting a prom makeover? Well the first episode is here! It was so much fun working with these lovely ladies and getting them all glammed up for their prom. We drove about an hour into Queens to Rockaway Highschool and the event took place in their newly renovated gym (it had been submerged in almost 5 ft of water from the storm!). The girls were amazing and I can't wait for you to see the next few episodes. For now, here is the first one! 

Check out Channel 9's YouTube here
 I'll keep you updated when Episode 2 airs!

For some more "behind-the-scenes" pictures, click here



Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! First, I want to say thank you for all the positive comments under my last post - I LOVE you guys ♥ You are a big part of my very special world and you guys inspire me everyday. Thank you for your unconditional support.
I want to share a collection of pictures I took last week on my Instagram. It has definitely become my favorite social media app - a picture says a 1000 words right :) I get a few questions on which filters I like to use and/or if I use any external apps for my Instagram. I use "Picfx" for the little light bubbles I occasionally add to photos, and "InstaCollageFree" to make little collages. As for my favorite filters, it really depends on the picture! But I tend to go for Amaro, Hudson, Walden & Nashville the most.

1. Found this 'oldie but goodie' picture of me wearing white nail polish last year - yay or nay? 
2. This was so good! Yummy berries (and 2 hard-boiled eggs) for breakfast!
1. Yoga time!
2. Something I love about NYC! Fresh flowers on almost every street corner (most for under $10!)

1. Wore super minimal makeup Friday - just some matte Bobbi Brown gel liner & mascara - plus a nice filter helps hehe :)
2. Dinner at my friend, Saskia's apartment! How cute are her plates?
1. Saw these gorgeous flowers whilst out on a walk - how pretty!
2. My nail polish matched my favorite snack :) "Wildfire" by Shellac
1. Made these banana pancakes yesterday for breakfast! (1 banana + 2 eggs + cinnamon)
2. Picture of some of the food mentioned in my latest video - love the colors

These aren't from last week - but I love the pictures :)
1. Recently bought this fitted striped dress from Anthropology 
2. Enjoyed a mint & ginger lemonade at one of my favorite breakfast palces
1. Selfie in front of this pretty mirror :)
2. Gorgeous suburbs of New Jersey! Was out on a power walk
 1. Bought myself some pretty roses at WholeFoods whilst grocery shopping :)
2. A throw-back-thursday picture from when I was in Santa Monica last summer - I want to visit again!

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Controverisal Topic? + Floral Blouse!

Hey guys! Reading some of your responses under the video I just posted - happy you found it helpful. Of course, having some unhealthy things now and then is not bad, but making these switches overall can help you keep a healthy body - along with good exercise routine as well :)

A reason I think I don't do health-related videos more often, is because they seem to be somewhat 'controversial' - which is a bummer! Even though I get lots of people saying it inspired or helped them, there are also those people who always try to point out the nitty gritty details and forget the main point I'm making about living clean and healthy. It bugs me out! Lol but I guess we'll always have people like that, but I hope those of you who follow and know me, understand the message I'm making and that it comes from a 100% good place :) I've been on the other end of feeling totally crappy about myself, and I've come such a long way to now where I eat well, exercise and am so proud of my healthy body. It's a feeling I hope everyone can reach! - no matter what shape or size you are - as long as you're healthy and happy! I am so passionate about clean living and even though I'm not a professional, I've done a lot of research into food and I share some of those findings with you through these videos. I'd like for them to be little "ignitions" and/or inspirations for you to start doing your own research, because there's so much to know :) Being curious is so important! But anyway I will keep making them of course because I want to help where I can.

On another note, I want to show you a better view of the top I was wearing in the video. It's this gorgeous floral printed cotton blouse, which I got at Zara last week (click here). It has a pretty ruffle detail on the shoulders and the floral print is nice and summery. I paired it with my chunky gold necklace from H&M! :)  

Shirt, Zara
Necklace, H&M

Healthy Food Swaps

Hi beautiful, I have a new health video up! As mentioned in my May Favorites video, I love finding healthy alternatives for popular foods, and a lot of you said you'd like to see a whole video on it, so here it is! I hope you find this helpful :) Feel free to leave any healthy swaps you've made below in the comments XOXO

Some of the food mentioned in the video
Open to read more!


Weekly Eye Candy 2.0

Good morning everyone :) Currently having my breakfast and going through some of the latest pictures saved onto my phone from Tumblr. As mentioned in my first Weekly Eye Candy post (view here), my cousin Skeena and I send each other multiple pictures throughout the day of things that we like or we find inspirational and/or funny :) some of the R-rated humor can't be shown here though lol :) But anyway I want to share some of my favorite images of the last few days with you guys, so you can see the type of stuff we send each other and be part of our little inspirational photo sesh! Hope everyone has a great day! ♥


Soft Matte Lips

Hi my lovelies! Just wrapped up filming on a new health video :) Love doing those in particular because I know you guys enjoy them :) It should be up in a couple of days! This morning when doing my makeup, I went for this beautiful pink lip color from NYX. It is their Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade San Paulo ($5.99 at Ulta). These have been out for a while now, so nothing new, but they are very unique in their texture. Just as described on their website, they're not a lipstick nor a lip gloss - but somewhere in between. It applies wet, with a traditional doe-foot applicator, and then sets a few seconds later to a very soft and matte finish which lasts for hours. Another color I love is Amsterdam which is a gorgeous vibrant red as well as Antwerp - a beautiful coral pinky color.

I personally love a matte lip (and they tend to last longer as well) and I find this color so gorgeous! If your lips are naturally dry, just make sure your exfoliate and moisturize them before applying any matte lipstick. Have you guys experimented with these lip cremes? What do you think of this color? XOXO

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "San Paulo"