Recent Hair & Makeup

Here's a closer look at the makeup I was wearing my latest video! I've been loving "YDK" eyeshadow from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette recently - it's such a pretty rose gold color. I like deepening the outer corner using "Tease" from the same palette and then smoking out a darker brown on my lower lash line. I recently bought the new YSL Touch Eclat Foundation (shade B60) which I have been so in love with! It's a very natural looking foundation since it's not fully matte. I powder down my T-Zone and leave the rest of the face looking slightly dewy. The blush I'm wearing is called "Melba" from MAC which is a great staple blush to have. It looks great on a lot of skin tones. My lipstick is "Fairest Nude" from L'Oreal with "Piree" lip gloss from NARS - love this combo. As for my hair, I just threw it up into a big top bun (usually my go to hairstyle on bad hair days). I show you how I do it in the end of this video - just fast forward a bit :)

New Video! (10 Makeup Tips)

Hi everyone! I have missed you!! I had a little surgery a couple of weeks ago so I was OUT but am all better now. Filmed a video for you featuring 10 different makeup tips that have been working really well for me. (I apologize in advance for the slight constriction noise in the background - this is what happens a lot in New York!) Anyway I am so happy to have a new video up for you guys. I hope you enjoy! XOXO

10 Makeup Tips
  1. Re-blend your foundation using face mist & buffing brush
  2. Bring Q-tips with you to remove mascara buildup in eyes
  3. Wear a primer if you’re going to be out all day
  4. Apply your foundation in natural sunlight to see true color 
  5. Avoid touching your face (bacteria, blotchy - use tissue)
  6. When blotting, first soak up oil with tissue - then re powder
  7. Choose a blue-red lipstick to help your teeth look white – use crest 3D white strips
  8. Nude lips are so pretty - but go for the color that’s already on your lips (not scary nude, ghostly)
  9. Use a color on your lower lash line to make your eye color pop (purple, green)
  10. Use a highlighter - it makes your skin glow and look dewy like real fresh skin
  11. Don’t forget to smile!! :)

Products Mentioned:
  • MAC Fix Plus
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush
  • Q Tips
  • Cover FX Clear Primer, Benefit PoreFessional, Too Faced Primed & Poreless
  • Red Lipsticks with Blue Undertone: MAC “Russian Red”, NYX “Amseterdam” Lip Crème, MAC “Cherry” lip liner
  • Crest 3D WhiteStrips
  • L’Oreal “Fairest Nude” lipstick & NARS “Piree” lip gloss
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Whisper of Guit”


From Me, To Me.

Hi my beautiful. These past few days I've been a bit "under the weather" to say the least. No matter how ill I might be, I never stop being "me", I still get up and try to pull myself together - brush my hair, apply some makeup and do something which will make me feel good - it makes the healing process more bearable :)

In life, we all go through issues with our friends and our significant others - it's inevitable. We all have relationship issues we wish we didn't. But even during the toughest times, I always remind myself that I am the most important person in my life, and even though I compromise and sacrifice for people I love, I never want to forget myself. My mom and grandmother always taught me to be independent. Every girl loves to be treated nicely (and deserves to if they're a good person), I love romance and flowers and little thoughtful gifts as much as the next. But something which came to my attention recently is, if you want those flowers and if you feel like those flowers will make you feel better, go buy yourself some flowers - don't wait around for someone else to bring you happiness. If you want that beautiful car or those new shoes, work hard and earn money to buy it for yourself. Taking care and providing for yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do in life, especially as a woman.

Life is absolutely beautiful - focus your time and thoughts on those people who show you that (and forget the rest). Remember that people will come in and out of your life, but the only person who will always be there, is you. Celebrate yourself every single day. Today was just one of those days. The roses look gorgeous, and they're from me to me I hope this will help anyone who's dealing with or has dealt with something similar in the past. I'm going to be bedridden for the next couple of days but will be back soon with some new content. Love you guys! XOXO


Neon Pink Lips

In celebration of today's amazing spring weather, I decided to wear this bright pink lipstick from OCC which I purchased back in October at Sephora. This color is called "Anime" and is pretty much the brightest neon pink lipstick I own. The best way to describe an OCC lip tar is like "liquid lipstick". It comes in a tube-like packaging along with a little brush. The consistency and longevity of this lipstick is really nice but this was the only shade I really loved on my lips (the nude ones just looked to pale for my skin tone). Have you tried any of their shades? If so which one?

I first apply a small amount to the back of my hand, then use a Real Techniques detailer brush to apply it to my lips. The consistency is pretty liquidy (yet very pigmented), so it works great with a brush and it will give you a nice control of the color. It's not ideal for touch ups however, since I'd have to bring along the brush. Overall, I'm just obsessed with this color, so fun for spring! MAC's "Girl About Town" & "Candy Yum Yum" are very similar in color and I love those too. (There are also other dupes for this shade found at the drugstore by brands like Wet n Wild and Revlon.) What do you guys think of this color? XOXO

"Anime" Lip Tar by OCC
"Detailer Brush" by Real Techniques

Shrimp, Cucumber and Mint

Today was such a gorgeous day here in New York. Spent most of it outside, soaking up the sun. Hopefully I'll be able to go for a nice run this weekend if the weather stays like this, the first outdoor jog of the year :) lol very excited. I also had a microdermabrasion done today which, as mentioned in my skin care video, I've been loving! Think I'm becoming slightly obsessed (in a good way), the texture of my skin is just so smooth and soft. I love it. It's great for people with oily skin, or who suffer from acne scars or skin discoloration.

Anyway it's been a while since I shared a food log entry, so here is one from today! :)

Healthy Food Inspiration Log

- Two eggs. sliced tomato and avocado (my fav recently)  
- Smoothie: Coconut water, spinach, frozen berries, banana
- Shrimp, cucumber and mint salad (so good!)
- An apple and some baby carrots
- Grilled chicken, cauliflower and sweet potato fries  

I never count calories or think about fat content (for ex. in avocados) - if it's healthy, it's healthy! The rawer and the least processed, the better. 

And just a little disclaimer :) 
I sometimes share what I eat from day to day as a source of inspiration for others who like healthy food ideas. These posts are in no way meant to influence the way you guys should eat, everyone is different! And we are all in different stages on our way to optimum, beautiful & healthy bodies. These are just little inspirations!

What did you eat today? Join me in these food logs and share your healthy meals with all of us! XOXO


Health & Diet Tips!

Hello beautiful ♥ Hope you're all having a great week. Just finished editing my next video which is now up! I am so excited to share this video with you. This is a video featuring some health and diet tips, as well as some frequently asked questions :)

There's also a little message at the end to all of those who have emailed me in the past with their health and weight loss updates - you are all amazing! Hope you enjoy and find it helpful. 

Click to watch the video below!
Recap of advice mentioned:
  1. Sip on hot water throughout the day
  2. Do some light exercise before you hop in the shower (if you haven't had time to do a proper workout)
  3. Shop smart when you're at the supermarket
  4. Check ingredients and eat as simple as possible
  5. Eat slowly
  6. Treat yourself in moderation
Questions answered:
  1. What keeps you motivated?
  2. What was your heaviest weight?
  3. What do you like to eat?
  4. What exercises do you like to do?
 Check out the Fit Miss on Tumblr, she is awesome! http://thefitmiss.tumblr.com/