Wheat & Dairy Free - FAQ

Good morning everyone! I've gotten quite a few questions under the 'wheat & dairy-free' posts I've written, and wanted to take the time to respond to some of the most asked questions. It's so good to be curious, because that's when we learn! It's also important to do research on your own as well - I literally Google everything these days :) Feel free to leave any other questions or comments below and I will get to them in my next FAQ.  

This looks so good (plus it's healthy)!

Why are you eliminating wheat & dairy from your diet? 
Wheat & dairy affect your hormones and wheat especially, is very inflammatory. Irregular hormone levels and inflammation cause a lot of problems in your body, one of them being acne and breakouts. Read more about this in the first blogpost I wrote about going wheat & dairy free here.     

How are you not hungry by cutting out wheat? 
If ever I'm hungry between meals, I eat fruits or nuts and/or have a juice, smoothie and always drink lots of water.

Do you take a daily calcium supplement for healthy bones from the nutrients your missing from dairy?
I don't take any supplements, but I do eat a lot of food that has calcium in it - like almonds, kale, broccoli, salmon etc. 

Would you ever become vegan? 
At this stage in my life, I don't think I would, just because I like having chicken now and then, and I love fish and eggs. I do limit the intake of animal products because they aren't the best for you technically, but I do enjoy it once in a while for the protein. Who knows in a few years maybe? But it's not something I've actively thought about.

Do you drink alcohol?
My drink of choice is definitely champagne :) but I only have it once in a while. White wine is also nice, but it's very rare that I drink if it's not a super festive occasion. If I've had anything to drink I always drink extra water the next day to remove it from my system as alchol is inflammatory.

Do you ever miss pasta? Bread?
I always tell myself "I know what it tastes like" and then, I just carry on. I'd rather eat something my body can actually USE and that I will feel great about eating, if that makes sense :) It's seriously amazing how my brain has just reconfigured itself lol. But most importantly, what I don't miss are my random breakouts. I also think about that :)

Do you ever have "cheat" days?
I don't believe in 'voluntary' cheat days. It's like telling a smoker, give up smoking but you can have a cigarette every sunday - they will remember the taste and it won't do much good for their health. The reason I eliminate is for a good purpose :) But the exception I do have is, if I'm at a friends or family members house, and they've prepared food, I can't really be picky and say no if it's got wheat or dairy in it - so this is considered my 'cheat day'. Life isn't perfect, but we can do things to compensate - like drink extra amounts of water and include extra servings of fruit or veg the next day.  

Some healthy options! More of these types of pictures here

I definitely don't look at my food choices as a "diet" - just a lifestyle. By eating well, I feel amazing and my skin & body look good! At the end of the day, you can feel really proud of yourself.

If you are dealing with breakouts, body aches, sleep deprivation, mood swings - it's really worthwhile doing researching into eliminating wheat & dairy thus regulating your hormones. It may be hard at first, but the results will serve as great motivation!

Side Note :)
It's so nice when I read comments that eliminating wheat & diary from your diet has helped improve the condition of your skin :) Congratulations! It's one of those things that, unless you research into, you may never know about, so share this information with your friends if they're dealing with any of the above symptoms! XOXO

Read the full post about going wheat & dairy free here: How to: Clear Acne-Free Skin
Also check out Wheat & Dairy Free Breakfast
And How to: Stop Craving Bad Food  

Something else I want to mention:
  • If you're not dealing with any of the symptoms mentioned, then you're probably not gluten sensitive which is great! This is just for people who've been dealing with acne and haven't found a solution to clear it. Everyone's body reacts differently to certain foods, and if my body for instance, can't tolerate gluten then I just don't eat it. No biggie. If you still love your breads and pasta, that's fine! :) Just sharing my experiences with you as I think it might help others.
  • This way of eating is never about "reducing" the amount of food to eat. Just about filling your plate with the right healthy stuff - leaving less room for the unhealthy things. When you eat a clean diet, you never have to count calories or think about fat content. Eat till your full and satisfied!


Wheat & Dairy Free Breakfast

Good morning angels! As a lot of you know, I've recently cut out all wheat and dairy products from my diet to regulate hormone levels which effect everything from acne to sleep patterns to your mood. If you want to read more about it, click here: How To: Clear Acne-Free Skin. Eliminating dairy was easy because I never ate or drank it a lot before, but it was really difficult to cut out wheat (all bread & pasta and white rice). Especially my breakfasts as they usually consisted of something including wheat!

But over the last 4-5 weeks, I've been really good and something just switched in my brain "It's just not part of my life anymore" and I don't even crave the white bread or pasta anymore. The thought of having clear skin, and not feeling bloated is just much more appealing that the 1 minute of pleasure you have when eating the bread! And when you cut out these "fillers" like white bread, you have so much more room for the nutritious stuff like fruit, veggies and protein. 

Everyone is of course different, and for those who aren't gluten sensitive probably won't have the same reaction to wheat and dairy. But if you have been suffering from bad skin for a while (especially around your cheeks and jawline) and you don't know why, this may be the reason and it's worth looking into!

Yesterday: Fruit salad with banana, kiwi & orange
Today: Avocado with pepper spice & 1 egg (boiled is better) - Also had an apple
This is of course accompanied by my big cup of green tea :)

It's also about changing your mind set and reevaluating your patterns. For instance, breakfast is a really important part of the day! Would you rather eat toast with jam & butter / cereal or something that has lots of vitamins and protein to fuel you up? Another tip is to think of which food is more "alive" - thus, which gives you the most energy.

Also, when you eat healthy, you don't ever have to worry about fat or calorie content - you can eat as much as you like until you are satisfied. Fill your whole plate up with the healthy stuff.

Some other good breakfast examples for those of you cutting out wheat & dairy: 
(Combine 2,3,4.. together)
- boiled eggs  
- sliced turkey 
- oatmeal 
- raw peanut butter
 Fruit & Veggies
- tomatoes
- cucumber 
- avocado 
- black beans 
- apples, oranges, banana, kiwi...

Eating clean and simple is always best for our bodies. Check out this tumblr page for healthy food inspiration: http://beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood.tumblr.com/

And I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who emailed me and/or updated me with their progress on cutting out wheat & dairy! I am so happy that it has worked for you too :) Keep the updates coming! If you want more health tips and info, check out the "Health and Diet" category on my blog. Love you guys! XOXO


iPhone Pics from London

Hi beautiful! Hope everyone had a good day. I am back home in Geneva from my one-week trip to London. It was amazing! :) Even though I miss it, I am happy to be home to "reset" myself.  I love glamming up but feel the need to detox from the makeup and hairspray for a couple of days :) Have been drinking extra amounts of water, applied a hair & face mask, deep cleaned all my makeup brushes and did a big load of laundry - maybe the best part :)

One of my favorite things to do in London is shop the high-street. Love the fashion there! I picked up a few cute tops and jeans which I'm really happy with. I love finding inexpensive items and make them look super chic and sophisticated. Harrods is another part I love. I could spend a few good hours in there just admiring all the amazing jewelry, the beautiful food hall, the beauty & fragrance area, the in shoe department!.. I could go on :) They put so much effort into every detail that it's a joy to walk through. And of course, the restaurants in London are so good! Beautifully decorated and amazing food.

Below are a few pictures from my trip, mostly taken with my iPhone. They're a little mix of everything :)

Touching up! I think I was putting on Fairest Nude by L'Oreal
My New Year's Eve dress from TopShop
Ice :) Can never get enough!
Trying on beautiful diamond rings from Sydney Evan at Harrods #oneday!
The calm before the storm (relaxing before getting ready for the New Year's party)
Sparkly things are my friend
Movie night at my brother's!
Rocking a top bun - seriously the easiest way to fix a bad hair day!
Disney Land in Harrods? Yep.
And we ran into things like this
 Matching berry nail polish :)

And some of the lovely food we had!
Fruit platter at Banca
Sole fish, spinach & tomatoes at Novikov
Breakfast fruit bowl at home
This place was seriously amazing! Looking at this makes me hungry lol :) 
Restaurant called Zefi
Belated birthday cake for my younger brother! (And healthy tropical fruit for the girls!)

Back To School

Hey guys! I have a new video up :) It's a little different to what I usually do but I hope you find this one helpful. When do you go back to school? My younger siblings started back up today. Also just got back from London late last night so I will go through the photos today and share them with you :) I had such an amazing time! Can't wait to go back again. Happy Monday everyone! XOXO

A few quick pictures of the back-to-school outfit
Leather Sleeved Top, Zara
Leopard Print Scarf, J Crew
Shoes, Forever 21
Jeans, J Brand "Maria"
Silver Cardigan, Zara


How I Curl My Hair!

Good morning angels! My new video is finally up! I filmed it before I left NYC for the holidays and had issues uploading it. Anyway here I show you how I get my curly hair. This is the way I always do it and I adore the results. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing you how to curl your hair with straighteners, but it was really requested so I wanted to film it for you.

These curls will last you for days - well up until you decide to wash your hair again :) - because your heating up all your hair and smoothing it out at the same time. Make sure to deep condition your hair once every week or two to put back moisture into the hair if you use hot tools regularly.

On the 3rd day with this hair, I like to either put it up in a ponytail with a nice headband or wear a cute hat and have the curls flowing forward, framing my face. Or you can wear it curly and just spray some dry shampoo into your roots and have it wavy.

Whenever you feel that your curly hair needs a little pick-me-up just brush through it, and redefine the curls a bit with a touch of hairspray. 

A few pictures taken after filming

Hope everyone has a great day! ♥ XOXO


Happy New Year!

Hi beautiful! Happy new year! I hope everyone brought in the new year well. I arrived in London a few days ago and been having such a fun time with my cousin Skeena (who you may know from my previous trip here in September) and my elder brother who now lives here - more of a reason to come more often! I just adore this place so much. I think I might live here one day.

Below are a few pictures of the dress I wore on New Year's Eve - literally a last minute find from Top Shop! I am in love with this dress and felt like a true princess - how amazing is that bow?! :) The dinner and party was fabulous, such good food and the party had a live band playing everything from Stevie Wonder to Rihanna. So fun

Both dresses are from Top Shop! My shoes are from Zara (the ones I showed in my fashion haul) and the accessories are from a mix of places. 
The blue dress looked stunning on my cousin. Very Gucci.
Happy 2013! 
Let's make this year amazing (or shamazing per my new slang with my cousin) 
and fill it with love, happiness, success & and lots of laughter!