My Hotel Room

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I got a few comments asking about which hotel I stayed at whilst I was in Dubai last week. I stayed at the Mövenpick in JBR, and loved it. The customer service was really great, and I really enjoyed our room. It's not directly situated on the beach, but it was only a 1 minute walk away (literally across a little street), and the prices were super good (booked through Expedia). The breakfast buffet in the morning was amazing, although it wasn't included in our stay. We ate there a couple of times, but there are tons of restaurants (and shops) just outside the hotel where we ate lots. Below are a few pictures of my room at the hotel. We had a really nice view over the sea, which was so beautiful to wake up to every morning. Hopefully I will have a view similar to this in my future home. I filmed a little vlog whilst I was in Dubai, you can watch it here in case you missed it! Hope you enjoy the pictures XOXO

How beautiful are these swans? ♥ Room presentation was lovely!

Open to see more pictures!

The entrance to the bathroom 
 Pretty rose petals 
The TV & desk area! Can you spot the elephant?
 Here's a closer view :) How cute? 
(In case it's hard to see, it's made from towels! So cool)
The housekeeping were so nice
 Cozy :)
 Could always do with bigger closets, but this was not too bad :)
  Ah this view was everything! I saw this when I woke up in the morning #amazing :)


  1. omg its so beautiful. Ever since I've seen the vlog I know where I want to go post graduation xo

  2. Beautiful room!!! The view is amazing!


  3. This looks amazing!!
    Really want to go to Dubai :)
    alicekatex ♥

  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow, also try sharmelshiek in egypt , you'll adooor it

  5. woowww the animal towel is soo cute !! and love the rose petal is everywhere !! so romantic !! are they decorating your room (with rose petals and the animal towels, etc) on your request or all that hotel room have the same decor ?

  6. Seeing how little space your boyfriend gets in the closet reminds me of traveling with my significant other :-D Love from Austria!

  7. so beautiful.../holidaymode

  8. Beautiful! Dubai is definitely up there on my list of places to visit, and your photos made me want to go even sooner. :)
    Stephanie | Love, August

  9. The hotel looks so pretty and the view is amazing, I would love to stay there!


  10. Hey girl! I really like your posts, especially those about health and motivation. It brings me much inspiration and energy!

    I have a question to you.
    Would you make yourself a tattoo?

    Thanks and take care! :)