My Smoothie Recipe!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday :) I hope you are all doing well. Today I have a health video for you featuring the recipe I use for making my daily smoothie. These ingredients are so good for your skin and hair, especially if you suffer from breakouts. It's also very detoxifying and has lots of great vitamins and nutrients to keep you energized.

I've been using this smoothie recipe for about a year now - although it tends to vary day to day depending on the ingredients I have in my fridge, but I love the way it tastes and the way it makes my body feel. The fact that this is a smoothie, as opposed to a juice, is great as it allows you to keep the whole fruit and veg. Kale is one of the most powerful foods and this is a great way to incorporate it into your diet in way that tastes good and doesn't require you to cook it.

- Kale
- Spinach
- Ginger
- Lemon
- Orange
- Frozen berries
- Frozen banana
- Coconut water

All these ingredients are very high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients making this smoothie very detoxifying. These ingredients also contain anti inflammatory properties which make them excellent for problematic skin types, helping to heal, calm and prevent breakouts.

My Blender:
I'm currently using the Magimix "Le Blender" but I used the Nutri Bullet when I lived in New York which works really well, and is affordably priced compared to most other blenders.

For those of you who might be wondering if I'm still juicing, I haven't bought a juicer yet since moving to London so I've just been making smoothies. Juicers are amazing however, if you're able to purchase both, I'd definitely go for both of them! If you could only by one, I'd say to go for a blender as it's more versatile than a juicer, yet you can still create some amazing healthy drinks.

Do you guys make smoothies or juices? If so, what recipes do you like to follow, or what are some of the ingredients you swear by? Let me know in the comments! XOXO


  1. this looks really delicious, i love making smoothies as well and try to drink one every day!
    I also but some chia seeds in!
    (: Anna

    www. a-dash-of-anna.blogspot.co.at

  2. swiss chard, yoghurt and some flaxseed! :) and for those who like it sweet like me, a bit of natural agave syrup or stevia

  3. Aww Anna! You always inspire me so to eat and get healthier haha Maybe you'll turn out as my lifesaver one day! Lovely video! How do you like London? :) I recently have moved there too!

    Andrea xx

  4. Annie can you do an update on Microderm? I remember for 1 tutorial you used the Personal Microderm, can you let us know via vid or blog post how effective it was for you and whether you still recommend it?

    I am not sure if I should try it and would love your opinion on it. Xx

  5. i love smoothies <3 wow, fantastic recipe! :)

  6. I wish for christmas new blender ! :) and this smootie looks good and so healthy ... Thanks for recipe ;)

  7. Thanks for the video! Can you possibly do a tutorial on making Almond milk?

  8. Yummo! This is such an interesting blend. I usually do soy milk, protein powder, chia seeds, mango, manuka honey and banana (or berries). I've never tried adding greens in to the recipes. Thanks Annie ♥

  9. Yes, I love smoothies, the colour can be a little bit dissuasive at first, but actually the taste is amazing and can't wait for this recipe. Thanks!

  10. This is great and precious.. I was sick with my usual recipe, this would be a great refresh.

  11. Hi Annie!

    I am a French viewer, I am a long time and I love your videos, beauty and nutrition tips! You are amazing, beautiful Woman !

    You are so inspiring! Nice work!

    Tomorrow I will try this recipe! :)

    I had a question related to nutrition, I'd like to know if you know any recipes that could replace to consumption of coffee.
    I always feel tired by work and drink a lot of coffee and I'd like to know what advice? Maybe an idea for our next post: D

    I love you so much thank you Annie!

    ♥ ENJOY & LOVE ♥

    MRAZ | http://novacanemraz.blogspot.fr

  12. Yay I'm so happy you made a blog entry like this! I miss your small and simple entries :) I just figured out how to watch youtube on our new tv. I am currently watching re-runs of your videos on my big tv in the kitchen as I cook dinner hehe. Love you Annie!! I hope you are making the best of London and you are loving it! xoxo

  13. Hi :)

    What camera do you use to take these blog pictures?

  14. Yuuuum! I love smoothies, especially mango and spinach!


  15. Hey :) I like to use frozen bananas, berrys + almond milk :)

  16. Hey :) i like to use frozen banans+ berry+ almond milk or berrys + greens :)

  17. Annie, I have a question and you might have an answer. Have you tried the Mia 2 Clarisonic facial brush? I am very tempted to buy this product but is $150 which to me is a lot of money and I wanted to know if you have used it and if you recommend it. I haven't see anything in any of your videos. please let me know.

  18. What can we replace the coconut water with? I can't find it in my grocery.

  19. hi :-) thanks for this post ! i am currently hesitating between a Magimix blender (which i can easily buy in France) and a Nutribullet....i wonder which is best to make raw soup and smoothie ...but also raw almond milk for instance or my raw dips/ hummus. I know magimix is fairly " safe" and strong built but it is very expensive in France ( about 50£ more than buying one in the UK !!! for a French band :-() ...compared to the Nutribullet.
    since you've been using them both , which one would you advise based on the kind of "raw preparations" described above . Would be vey grateful to get your opinion ..one last comment: beautiful blog & shots