Grocery Haul!

Hi beautiful! I have a health related video for you today which will hopefully inspire a good start to the week. These are a few of the groceries I like to buy (more listed further below in the post). As mentioned in the video, my goal is to stock up on as many clean healthy foods as possible (fruits, veggies, beans, greens, healthy snacks) - so that's what I'll eat, as I eat at home the majority of the time :) And I'll eat other foods when I'm out with friends or family. A healthy lifestyle is definitely about moderation - a little 'treat' once in a while won't harm you :) As long as the majority (85%-90%) of my diet is clean, my body is happy.

Dairy & Calcium 
I got a few comments in my last video about dairy and the importance of calcium. And even though dairy is a good source of calcium, there are a ton of other foods that have just as much, and sometimes even a higher content of calcium - without the added hormones and processing of dairy. For instance, almond milk has more calcium per cup, than regular cows milk. "According the the USDA, one cup of whole almonds contains approximately 378mg of calcium. Compared that to the 276mg of calcium in the same measure of whole milk, and we see a startling difference." Almond milk is also very high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help strengthen your body. I suggest making almond milk at home to avoid other ingredients found in store-bought ones. It's super easy and doesn't take too long!

Other natural sources of calcium are: collard greens, rhubarb, spinach, sesame seeds and kale.

Of course this is what I do, and what works for me. I know for a fact that dairy affects my skin, which means my body doesn't "agree" with it - so I avoid eating it and it helps my skin. I am not a doctor, just sharing my experiences, and maybe they will be helpful to someone else :)

A few of the groceries mentioned in the video!

Some other groceries I usually buy (but had in my kitchen already):
- wild rice
- mushrooms
- onion (staple of course when cooking)
- sweet potatoes
- oranges
- pears
- bananas
- mixed frozen berries (for smoothies)
- canned crushed tomatos
- coconut water
- dates
- walnuts
- other flavors of rice cakes (sweet chili, plain - but always with natural ingredients)
- fruit & nut muesli (with oats)
- a variety of natural spices & herbs for cooking


  1. Hi Annie, I know since you like to be healthy I'd just like to inform you that canned tomatoes are bad news! Please don't buy those, they are on a list of things to never eat! It's because of the can... I'd do some research on that, but I've heard that multiple times and it's freaked me out from buying canned tomatoes!

    1. You can find organic tomatoes canned with a bpa free lining. :)

  2. Hey Annie!!

    I tried ordering the Love with Food box however it only ships to the US and not UK. Do you get it shipped to the UK and if so, how did you get to do that?

  3. I'm not a doctor either, but I am a dental hygienist. We know all about how important calcium is for the teeth, as much as dairy is a very high calcium food, your body only can absorb about 25% of all the calcium in dairy. Plant sources of calcium tend to be a little less than in dairy however your body extracts more from it because of all the other wonderful things found in plants that improve absorbability. An over consumpton of dairy can lead to excess tartar build up in the mouth as well which leads to gum disease and eventual tooth loss over time. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in haha. Thanks for your videos Annie! xx

  4. Can you do a tutorial on how to make almond milk? Thanks for the video!!

  5. Great video!!!!!


  6. Hy! I have noticed that only one product from your grocery haul has the sign for organic (if it says that is organic, it doesn't mean that it is, you need the approval sign). If is not really organic you can't get the nutritions and vitamins, especially from fruits and vegetables. I thought you should know this :)

  7. loved this video soo much, it really helps me to see how i could eat too :) thanks for sharing, ... wow i never see in france an olive oil spray ^^ it's pretty cool!
    I always love this kind of video you make! can't wait for the next one!!!!
    thank you, have a nice day :)
    ps: your are stunning in your video, even if you have make up on, your skin is really beautiful, i try my best to have the same ;)
    bye Annie

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  9. i would like to comment on the dairy/calcium topic: PLEASE read this, its important! calcium from dairy actually HARMS your body! calcium that comes from an animal source is very acidic. a human body is only able to work properly when it is in an alkaline state, therefore it will do everything to reverse the acidic conditions caused by the dairy. it does this by drawing calcium (which is very alkalinizing in general) from its very own bones. its such a misbelief that dairy should be consumed for the calcium. please inform yourselves about this. it makes me so sad to see people consume dairy for health benefits, when in reality it harms them. there is a harvard study on the topic, please google it (i can only link you to a german source). GUYS, stop the dairy or keep it to a minimum. your body will thank you!!!!!

    1. Acidic conditions in the body are caused by digestion of protein in the dairy; not by the calcium in it!

  10. Annie - you look absolutely beautiful in this video! I have only recently began drinking almond milk and I definitely feel a difference. I have never felt better.


  11. Thanks for this post Annie! With the holidays coming, I've been having a much harder time shopping and eating healthy. This is encouragement to get back on track!


  12. GREAT VIDEO I LOVE IT!!!!! Healthy food is a MUST! "A healthy spirit in a healthy body" :) :)

  13. Such a treat! Thank you so much for opening your home and fridge to share your beauty health staples!



  14. I recently discovered almond milk, it is SO GOOD! For 8 years I've been eating as much organic as I can (now I'm at uni, it is quite hard). I'm in love with seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables! Your blog is wonderful, great topics to read! I'm a new follower :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  15. Yay thank you for sharing :) I agree, I definitely think you should do a tutorial on how to make almond milk at home!

  16. How do you make almond milk? Could you PLEASE post a recipe or instructions? I'd like to make it at home so much(: x

  17. Thank you annie!!! Your room looks so effortless, please do a room tour soon!!!! <3

  18. Hi gorgeous Annie !
    I love this video ! Eating well starts with a good grocery shop !
    I don't know if you like to include corn in your diet, but I think you should try polenta, (I hope you have it in the UK... )It's soooo damn good and very versatile and wheat free! I personally like to shape it into french fries and put it in the oven with a little of olive oil !

    LOTS OF LOVE !!!

  19. Could you make a video on what to offer for parents on christmas???? I am trying to think about something for my mom and dad and i have no clue!!! a little help would be appreciate!!! :)

  20. Annie, thank you for this video. Health videos are my favorite. You LOOK so healthy! :) and your hair looks really beautiful here! Do you have a daily routine for your hair? Maybe you could make a little video? :) Thank you! <3

  21. I have switched from Almond milk to Rice milk because Almond milk contains Carrageenan..I've done some research and it's bad news. My kids' toothpaste from Tom's of Maine also has carrageenan, will be tossing that as well.

  22. Please do a tutorial on how to make almond milk! Love you!

  23. 100% agree with this food/beauty philosophy. I tell my clients (I'm a personal chef)(when they ask) these same principles. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love your site and your outlook on health :) you are very inspiring and your blog is very enjoyable to read!!!

  25. Hi Annie! (sorry for my english, I'm french...)
    I see that you eat very "healthy". But don't you think that it becomes like a preoccupation? I mean, do you feel obsessed with what you eat everyday?
    Are you asking a lot of oneself? Do you care for the taste of your meals or for their nutritional value? Is your self-esteem better since you begin to eat "healthy"? Do you feel guilty when you eat something else? What do you eat with your friends, your family?
    Sorry Annie, I'm not a policeman and I don't judge you, but I just want to know if your way of life is not a "marketing thing" and if it doesn't take a good part of your mind.
    I'm not saying to eat Nutella everyday at 4 p.m but, to be too healthy is not unhealthy?

    But I also want to say that you seem to be a sweet person and that you are really gorgeous. Your blog is also great, but it was just some questions I was asking to myself.
    Keep it up :)