Staying Positive & Motivated | My Tips!

Good evening from London everyone! Hope you've all had a nice weekend. I spent most of it cozied up at home with my love watching TV and relaxing. The weather was super drab so staying in was just perfect. This morning I finished editing my newest video and it's just been uploaded! I hope you guys enjoy this video and maybe find it helpful. I like watching other people's versions of videos like this - with their tips for keeping motivated & positive. If you've ever made one, or any other video that relates to this, feel free to leave me a link with it below in the comments and I'd love to check it out. I'm going to light some candles and take a warm bath now :) I hope everyone is having a great evening! XOXO


  1. Im a perfectionist it good and bad. I like to surround myself with peace and alway have fruitsin the fridge they put a smile in my face. Great job Annie

  2. Just a lil message to thank you so much for your positive and inspiring videos, I don't think you realize how much it count for me.
    Like one of your advice in this one, I've "break-up" with some of my "negative" friends this past year and even if it was hard and I sometime feel a bit alone thanks to your videos I feel much better and, you remember me how important it is to take care of myself and self-esteem and self-love.
    Now I'm moving to a new country and I know I'm gonna surround myself with good positive people. And if I feel sad one day I know I can watch some of your videos to feel instantly better!
    You're like the sister or the best friend I've never had <3

    You're french fan


  3. I want to recommend you a book which inspired me so much for life. Its kind of classic but full of inspiration every single line of it. Sandra Anne Taylor's 'Secret's of Attraction' This book definetely changed my perspective to life, relations, to myself and other people..

  4. I have the same Zara blouse Annie, what do you usually pair with that blouse? Like what kind of jeans, leggins or skirt?? Would love to know your suggestions.

  5. hello.. I am a 25 girl from Slovenia (a little country in Europe) - I pointed this out just too let you know, that also in a little country like Slovenia we know you and like you sooo much ...I really love watching you and I can say with certainty that you are my best beauty guru.. Love your videos and all about you (your amazing amazing soul, your glamorously astounding unique beauty, your tender sweet voice, your lovely gestures..and i can go on and on ;).. I am really thankful good for beautiful being like you, who help and bright the lives of many people.. Like many other people you are also my inspiration and I often ask myself what gave rise to the fact that you grew up in such a nice, friendly, smart, amazing person .. was critical education of your parents, or perhaps some person through whom you looked up, was it maybe your decision to make yourself in so unbelievably personality as you naw are? I would really like to know what make people so incredible like you are.. Thank you for all your beautiful, helpful, inspirational and amaizing videos. I honestly appreciate all your work and effort that you put in the videos
    I sincerely wish you all the best on your life path! Whit love …your faithful viewer.

  6. Annie, you look fabulous <3 Thank you for your tips, this video boosted my motivation again, and I really need it these days as I am trying to lose weight. You truly are an inspiration to me and whenever I feel down or feel like I wanna give up, I go on your channel and watch some of your videos because seeing how you take care of yourself and your body helps me to stay motivated. <3

    I also wanted to tell you that you should maybe update the "description" on your blog because if I'm not mistaken, you are not 23 anymore, lol. ;) You probably didn't think about it yet hahaha :)

    Thank you again for all the time you take to make all those great videos <3 You are making a difference, I hope you know that. :)


  7. Thank you Annie, I really needed this today..perfect timing.

    Also, this song always helps me when I occasionally get a bit unsure of who I am or where I am headed: Worlds Greatest - R Kelly

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! :)
    It really did brighten up my day and made me smile!
    A song that I personally find very inspiring and that always makes me happy is "Give the love around" by The Script. If you don't know the song, definitely check it out. :)
    Another song that always brightens up my mood is "New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini. It's just such a fun song to sing along. :)
    But there are still so many others I love!
    And there are also so many inspiring quotes and books out there! :)
    Anyway, thanks again Annie, there truly should be more positive people in the world like you, inspiring others!

  9. You are so wonderful <3

    Thank you for your great videos!!!!

    <3 Anne

  10. Thank you so much for your tips! These kind of videos are why I love your videos!
    You are a beautiful person, inside and out!
    Keep it up, xxxx

  11. Annie. Youre awesome. I watch all of your videos and read everything you write. I absolutely love your blog. You are very inspirational and your personality si such beautiful. Just keep posting and motivate me forever :)).

    Julie's blog

  12. that's true ! when i eat healthy, it affects my emotion too..


  13. You are so amazing! Thank you for these videos ♥

  14. I just can say one thing : I love you Annie !

  15. You are my angel Annie!!
    Thanks for everything <3

  16. Annie, Can you talk a little about how to find a meaningful and loving relationship. I am in my mid 20's and have found myself in continuous toxic relationships. I would love some advice on how to meet a guy who is worth my time. Thanks again for being an inspiration xxo

  17. Thank you, Annie, you are such an amazing beautiful person from the inside and outside, thank you for being inspiration for me and for your advices. i feel your positive energy from your videos and you boost my mood, energy level and motivate me to be the best version of myself:)). I from the bottom of my heart wish you all the bests in your life^_^ xoxoxo

    Love you from Kazakhstan<3<3<3


  18. Hi Annie, I really like this video; especially the part about getting rid of the negative people in your life.You are such an inspiration and truly beautiful inside and out. I have a question; do you own a car or do you walk everywhere?

  19. I really needed this today!! Thanks!!

  20. Thanks Annie for you're video, you're a source of inspiration really !
    Kiss from Paris <3


  21. Great video!!!! Thank you for sharing it!


  22. What a great video...You look great also... Could you do an updated "winter hair care video" with the latest products you use... Thanks Annie for all your advice...I admire you for the person you are... Love from Texas

  23. Lovely advice, spot on! You're a pleasure to watch Annie.

    www.lifestylesheblogs.blogspot.com (new blog) xxx

  24. Great video! You look so pretty!

    Please, check out my blog


  25. So are such an inspirational person! I really like your videos, especially these ones :)

  26. Hi Annie! I've been watching your videos for quite a long time now and I really enjoy ALL of them, but specially the ones where you talk about bullying, inspiring motivational videos, you know, and they really help me because I am unfortunately a teenager and I have a lot of struggles being one.
    I am very insecure even though I really am not ugly and I feel I don't have reasons to be but I am scared to be myself, sounds pretty embarrasing, I dont know if you have experienced it, but seriously it sucks that because all of the teenagers want to be accepted they do everything just to please the society and it is hard for me to be myself because I don't want to be another of the girls I always see that are bullied. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and apreciate if you could do a 'SHYNESS /SOCIAL ANXIETY' type of video for all of the high school students who also feeling this way.
    I hope you read this.
    Xoxo from Mexico

  27. Hi Annie, I love this video on staying positive and motivation. This video is so inspiring. Recently, I have friendship issues and it is true that what you have said on eliminating negativity in your life. To not take into account criticisms and wrongdoings people have done to us. We do not need other people to bring us down with their negativity. It is not our responsibility to deal with all that. What I have learned that having lots of friends does not mean that you are happy. I love having a small group of friends who are positive, who would help you under what circumstances. Thanks once again for the inspiring video and I hope more of your motivational videos up on your blog. ;)

  28. Always so nice listening to you speaking motivational, you're very good at it Annie, please keep on inspiring :-)

  29. Thanks for this video! I always look at this when I'm down. Please keep them coming, with any new ideas, etc. Oh, Annie could you do a updated winter hair care routine, a dry skin routine (I know you have more oily prone skin, but for us girls with the dryness!) , maybe nightime or morning routine?? But my fav videos are your motivational ones. All the best from Canada!