I Went Shopping :)

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new haul! As mentioned in the video, I love the fashion in London. People have great style here, just like NYC but a little bit 'edgier' I'd say, so it's really fun to shop here (although I think I could enjoy shopping just about anywhere lol). If you are from London, or like to visit London, where are your favorite places to shop? I would love to know! Leave me a comment below with your suggestions.

Also, last night on my way home from the gym, I met one of my viewers named Imen (see our picture here). She was so sweet and kind and just had the best things to say. It was truly heart warming. It still amazes me every time I meet one of my viewers (I think we get just as excited as one another lol). I have to pinch myself, I never thought I would be doing this and it makes me so happy to know I might have helped or inspired someone else. You guys are amazing and I love you!

Anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this video! Stay tuned for some outtakes at the end :)

Here's a closer look at my makeup from the video

Foundation - Combination of Tarte BB Cream & Bourjois Healthy Mix
Contour - L'Oreal True Match Powder N8
Blush - Physician's Formula "Natural"   (Opposite from the name, this is a babydoll pink blush which is very pigmented, love it)
Highlight - from the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Medium
Lipstick - MAC "Girl About Town"   (I love this color! It stains your lips and lasts for hours)
Mascara - routine & products used here

Thank you for watching! XOXO


  1. I will watch your vidéo very soon!!!!!! My favorite place when i go to London is Oxford Street!!!!!



  2. hello annie, you have such a great heart, as far as i can judge trough the computer lol but everytime i watch your videos, you inspire me to be a wise and open hearted person, exactly like you are! thank you, for posting inspiring blog posts, videos and instagram photos etc. you're so good in what you're doing! xoxo lots of love from germany

  3. Hey Annie!

    This is such a great video.

    Today has been 'one of those days' in work where I've been feeling a bit fed up and just generally flat and your video has cheered me up so much! It was so light hearted and fun and filled with lots of lovely things to look at. So thank you very much for brightening my rainy Wednesday!

    I'm thinking on going home via Primark on the way home for a bit of retail therapy just to be the icing on the cake! ha ha!

    As for UK shops there are so many to choose from. I would recommend Dorothy Perkins and River Island. Dorothy Perkins is very girly I feel while River Island can be a bit more edgy. It depends what you're looking for on a particular day but both would be worth a trip.

    Thanks again Annie.

    Maxine xxx

  4. You are so adorable Annie ! I really love your style and the way you think : positive. You inspire me each time I see/read your blog/new article.

  5. I just wrote a post about fall trends and I found this video really inspiring.

  6. Great haul video love your livingroom where did you get the throw on sofa its beautiful.

  7. Hello Annie!! Great video! I was waiting for so long for a haul video, i'm so happy you finally did it. You are gorgeous as always. love your purchases. Also love the background and I think the light is better. YES you are an inspiration!! :) Hugs and kisses from Greece. -Popi-

  8. Hi Annie,
    I really really REALLY (lol) like this kind of videos ! It always give me so much new ideas.
    You're adorable, and it's a pleasure to watch you ! And the outtakes at the end of the video are really funny !
    Xoxo from France

  9. Your make-up always looks flawless Annie! Love that lipstick on you :)



  10. Love your videos, Annie! Topshop is probably one of the must-visit places here in London, so is Zara (as you already know lol), Primark, River Island, New Look have great sales around this time of year and Forever 21 xx

  11. Loved watching your haul, you always inspire me!

    Excited to hear you are in London, and I think you may have just pushed me to get Girl About Town (purse weeps) x

  12. I love your make up here Annie it's super pretty! I shop in London I love and think you would really like is COS, one of my favourites!



  13. You're gorgeous love!

    Emma | masqueradebelle.co.uk

  14. Amazing video! You have an incredible style, very inspiring!! =)

    Please, check out my blog

    Thanks! xx

  15. Dear Annie,
    I read your blog for such a long time and i knever left a comment but i want you to know that your the most inspiring woman i've ever seen!
    Beautifull from the inside and outside. Wish that there were more people like you.
    I'm from holland and i'm following your blog for a few years and whenever í'm down you always cheer me up. I'm not in a very happy place in my life right know and whenever i'm visiting your blog i get so cheered up and inspired. If it's about food or make up. That does'nt matter because everthing you post is real if you know what i mean.
    It's like i know you personaly..you are amazing! Keep up the good work.
    There will come nice things trought your path because your such a good person.

  16. loved this new video, especially the outtakes, lol, i really loved this part :) you are so cuute!!
    i hope one day to meet you and tell you your positive impact on my life, on myself :)

  17. Hi Annie! I used to live in London and I absolutely loved the shopping. I'm going back in a few months and I'm so excited!
    My favorite stores are River Island, Forever 21, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Zara, and Top Shop. You must've heard of all of these lol! And for lingerie I like La Senza - they some times have amazing deals! Hope you have a great stay in London xxx

  18. Hi Annie, you look gorgeous. I hope you are having a blast in London.

  19. Annie, can u give us the link to the printed pants from zara? I'm in love with them but i wasn't able to find them :(



  20. Loved this new video, made me laugh with the outtakes--nice touch! I love your fashion hauls, I wish you would do them monthly and more often. I also like the background, should definitely be your fashion haul background :P. Every video you make reminds and inspires me to improve myself, and be the best version of myself. Thank you!!!

  21. OMG! Your skin looks so perfect!

  22. Could you do a Appartment-tour for us please? What is viewable from ur living room looks so nice! You seem to have exactly my taste :) XOXO

  23. Your fashion haul video is fabulous. I like the pretty prints, especially the florals. I love the colour of your lipstick. The fabric of the "really colourful" 90s style t-shirt looks like it must feel wonderful to wear. Your coral-red lace overlay dress is beautiful and the embellished Zara skirt for 60 pounds is very cute.


  24. incredibly gorgeous! i am in awe!

  25. lovely haul as always Annie :)


  26. Love you Annie ! you inspire me so much :)

  27. Annie pls do like a body routine? Your arms and chest look so flawless! Do u exfoliate them? What body cream do u use?

  28. Annie I'm going to visit London next month. Can you give me some shopping tips. What are stores from great finds? What dept stores are worth a look?