Braided Crown Updo & OOTD

Hi beautiful! Hope everyone is having a good start to the week. I went to Geneva over the weekend to spend some time with my family. It was so so good to see them! It's so nice that it's only a couple of hours away from London. Anyway, I am back with a new video! This is a hairstyle inspired by the look I saw done at the Rebecca Minkoff show at New York Fashion Week. I think it's a great hairstyle to wear when you want to be glammed up but not over board - I'll wear this for a lunch date or to go shopping. I am also showing you an outfit I would wear with this hairstyle. I hope you enjoy!!

 Below are a few pictures taken after filming

A few pictures from the show!

 A few backstage shots
Credit: Sonny Photos
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  1. Great job Annie love the hairstyle and the outfit.

  2. Beautiful outfit and hair! I like it!!


  3. cute hair and outfit, really chic!

  4. Love braided styles! This is great!!



  5. I will watch the video when I get home from work later, but the photos are gorgeous!


  6. beautiful, as usual!
    (: Anna


  7. Annie would you mind telling me which size you got for the zara top? I want to order it but hesitating between XS and S. Thank you :)

  8. hi annie, love your hair style... u r so so so soooo beautiful my dear, hope u had a great time with ur family...
    can u pls do a room tour, morning routine, night routine etc.. ur fans, including me, are eagerly waiting for these videos... we wish to know more about our sweet n cute beauty guru....

    love you...

  9. Annie, great ! What shoes you wear with your Outfit- Sneakers?

  10. Amazing! Please do more make-up and hair videos. And pretty please do another food vlog of the week please. and more health videos and girl talk.
    Maybe apartment tour?
    Stay the way you are cuz you are AMAZING!!! With you, my life is better and happier. Thank You so much!!! <3

  11. Will you be able to do a make up tutorial of what you used in this video to get the make up look, I am obsessed with it! LOVE IT!

  12. Amazing post!! Love your makeup!!

    Please, check out my blog

    Thanks! xx

  13. Annie I watched your video and I love the final result! It's such an elegant up-do!

    Just a little prettier

  14. Hi Annie, what lipstick do you have in the video? greetings

  15. Wow... it looks really nice and trendy...and it looks nicer on you.

  16. Very pretty hairdo!

    Have a great day!
    ♥ Oksana
    www.makeupbyoksana.blogspot.com {new post >> September favorites}

  17. Annie please do more health videos and posts, food logs... and please post more often! You are such an inspiration!

  18. Hi beautiful Annie!! :) I wonder if you trust in organic makeup brands ? Have you tried one ? Do you love natural makeup ? If so, can you do a video on that ?? I think it is SO important for maintaining a healthy glowing skin, avoiding too much chemicals :) Do you agree ? Love you Annie, you are the best!!! Muahhh <3

  19. So beautiful!<3 Can you do one more girltalk video? I really liked the first one you had!

  20. Can you make a video from when your at the gym and/or the beauty salon? strange question, i know.. but it would have been nice to see which workouts you do at the gym and you know, how you fix your eyebrows and nails and so on at the beauty salon. ?
    Love you and your blog/youtube channel Annie <3 your amazing

  21. More makeup videos please!

  22. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the hair and the makeup...great post :)

  23. poor models, they look soo thin !!!

  24. ehe.. the last two comments are from me too, but i have one more question ;;)

    I wondered if you could make another video on your kitchen when your making a mean, like ou did a while ago! I really liked that one! :)

    So i just have to say Annie that you really inspires me to be healthy and workout and so on, and i really think your beautiful and read your blog every single day! :D

  25. Hi annie! U are looking stunning! Have u lost weight? Please can u do more makeup tutorials and what u eat for breakfast lunch and dinner? Even if u just put pics on instagram. Thank u!

  26. This is a great post,
    you look so good

  27. Really liked this tutorial, even though my hair is a bit too short to make my braids crisscross, gonna have to wait a while to try this look haha.
    Love it when you show us your fashion inspirations, should do a monthly fashion hauls always.

  28. ANNIE! I found you after looking for a daytime blue eyeshadow look on YT. I did my own recreation on it. I talk about it on my blog. Please check it out and tell me how i I did! :D http://ticklemebear.blogspot.com/2013/10/good-morning-its-chilly-sunday-morning.html