Your Beauty Questions Answered!

Hi beautiful! I'm back with a new video featuring your most asked beauty questions. I gathered up six of the most asked about topics, so I hope if you've ever commented with a question, that it's answered in this video. If not, go ahead and leave me your question in the comments! I am still figuring out the lighting, so bear with me till I get it right. Unfortunately there's not a lot of natural lighting in this apartment, so I am playing around with artificial ones. Fingers crossed it gets right soon! Anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this video.

Quick Recap!

#1 - Acne Scars
  • Microdermabrasions for deep exfoliation & rejuvenation
  • Salicylic Acid / Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) = to exfoliate top layer of skin
    Raw honey masks are great as they contain a mild form of AHA
    Aspirin tablets contain salicylic acid, use as face mask (click here for recipes) 

#2 - Blackheads 
  • Tip 1: Open pores, gently extract clogged pores using tissue
  • Tip 2: Prevent pores from clogging up by cleaning with Salicylic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  • No way of permanently getting rid of them - but you can reduce the amount
  • Some oil is healthy for the skin - don't over cleanse or exfoliate

#3 - Crease-free Concealer
  •  Wear primer underneath your concealer to prevent creasing (just as you apply primer before applying eyeshadow)

#4 - Nail Care
  • Get regular manicures if possible, if not DIY at home
  • Don't bite your nails
  • Apply strengthening top coat (I like "Nail Envy" by OPI)
  • Moisturize cuticles

#5 - Covering Blemishes 
  • If red - correct tone by applying green concealer
  • Once it's set, apply regular skin-toned concealer, set with face powder
  • If swollen - reduce swelling by holding cold spoon on blemish
  • Or apply aspirin mask as it's an anti-inflammatory 

Shellac Nails Review: http://www.anniejaffrey.com/2013/03/indestructible-nails.html
DIY Honey Face Mask Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhEx-SqULrg


  1. Great video Annie! Please maybe do more health videos in the future :) I would love to see a motivational video about staying on track with goals etc! Looking forward to future videos/blog updates :) xxx

  2. A kiss from brazil! Beijo! :)

  3. Great informative post, thanks for sharing, will definitely be using some of these tips! x

  4. Great video Annie! What is the polish you were wearing in this video? Its so gorgeous!

  5. I loved this new video, it helps me about the Acne Scars :) thank you... have a beautiful day
    ps: you look gorgeous on this video, I love your white top :)

  6. Thank you for this great vidéo!!!!!


  7. for those who has sensitive skin (for example: cuperous) microdermabrasion is hursh...so be careful

  8. I'm so glad you're back to posting regularly - and now in my country! I'd love to see a new motivational video on positivity or something like that, as you're so inspiring!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  9. Thanks for the tips Annie! I definitely recommend Electrolysis Hair removal for the fine hairs like the upper lip and chin, which laser hair removal just cant remove.

    You look great, cant wait for the next video. Xx

  10. What do you thing to make another make-up video?but more dramatic?thanks:*

  11. Thank you for these tips, they are helpful! I love your blog and channel so so so much <3


  12. Great vid but Annie the light makes you look so blue :-( XOXO

  13. great video and great tips!
    (: Anna


  14. where is your top from?

  15. loved this post. thank you annie! I came from your youtube videos and started a blog now as well. thanks to you and some other people who inspired me.

  16. awesome tips ! i'm so excited to try all of these out :)


  17. Really loved your tips!
    Thank you so much xx.

  18. Hi Annie I love your video. But I'm wondering if you still use the PMD microderm device?

  19. Hello love, still wondering about your opinion on a laser hair removal location in NYC. xoxo

  20. Hi Annie :) I use something called Alep Soap to threat my acne, and it has helped me sooo much!!!! I am so impressed about the results and my skin is softer and beautiful now!! Plus, I drink lots of water and eat clean as you recommend :) Do you know that soap, did you try it ?? I adore you, you are my inspiration and my role model in life!! Hope for you response :)

  21. I've been doing at home laser treatments for a couple of months with a Tria and it's so awesome! Anything that I can do at home, rather than having to set an appointment, is great! Hope it's still working well for you! laser hair removal.

  22. Annie! I was curious where you used to get your mani/pedis in NY! I've been trying a few places, but haven't found a salon I'm in love with yet.

  23. Really I appreciate of this web blog, I am so glad you're back to posting regularly - and now in my country! I'd love to see a new motivational video on positivity or something like that, as you're so inspiring! Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  24. Hi Annie, I've just discovered your blog and your videos, they're so amazing and helpfull. I've been through skin issues, a couple of months ago I've been diagnosed a perioral dermatitis, I am 23 years old and I've never had such a problem before, sure I had blackheads before but it wasn't a big deal. It was exactly the sayme experience I had with the dermatologist , they prescribed drugs,lotions and creams without even trying to find out about my nutrition style. You're absolutely right, what you say matches with my reality, I notice that my skin health depends on how I act how I eat and how I feel, its all about balance. Your Gorgeous skin mask is indeed gordeous, I tried it yesterday for the first time and I really felt the difference.
    However, since I don't live in a western country, it's not possible to find the same products that you use. In Algeria ( north Africa) I can easily find organic unpasteurized honey, but it's not that simple to find products like Himalayn salt or organic cidre vinaigre, so my question is, can I use any other salt or cidre vinaigre that is not may be all natural? And the other question is, what kind of foundation do you advise to use for problematic skins with foreheads and large pores.
    Thank you so much for your tips, I hope to get my answers soon, and be induglent with my english it's not my native language.