Update! + New Desk Tour

My first video in London! Sorry haven't been able to get anything up from New York yet, still waiting on approval for a few things from TRESemmé so in the meantime I hope you enjoy this update video :) I also filmed a little tour of my new desk and makeup area. The apartment I moved into already had furniture in it, so I didn't bring any of mine here. I did however go buy a new desk because the one in the apartment was too small. I've put my all my 'beauty items' on the desk too because.. well, they're just too pretty to put anywhere else :) They act as little decorative items too. I love flowers, candles and little accent lights like the ones below. They just make the space a little cozier. 

I will probably change up a few things here and there, so I might film another 'tour'-type video in a few months, but for now, this is what it looks like! Hope you enjoy the video and maybe get a few ideas or tips on how to organize your beauty space! 

Also, let me know what you think of this new filming setup? Do you like the makeup products in the back or prefer a simpler background? Let me know in the comments! XOXO

 Click below to watch the video!

Fairy Lights 
(Can't find on website, but they should be in store)

From The Container Store 

 Click here to view my old apartment in New York for more decorating and organizing tips!


  1. YAAAY finally first comment on your post :D
    ANNIEEE I loveeeee your videos!!! :D
    I wouldnt be surprised if I was your biggest fan :) Masha Allah I admire you so much. You're like the older sister I wish I had.
    Intelligent, positive, fun, beautiful fashionable and SO much more.
    Thank you for sharing this video with us. :)
    Insha Allah one day I will bump into you in london!!! :D
    Imen B

  2. Please, I have a question regarding juicing: can I prepare 2 or 3 cups of juice and freeze them? Will the vitamins be preserved? If so, for how long? Thank you for your help! :)

  3. Loove the entire set up! Correct me if I'm wrong but do I spy that gorgeous Zara stones and flower necklace ? :)

  4. hey Annie! Loving the new desk tour-I love how you decorated everything! I'm glad you are back with making videos-I understand how busy you were with moving and new york and everything :))
    Take care now!
    ps: the background is nice but i think the lightening may make you look a little bit dull...well compared to the natural lighting you had in New York

  5. Hi! Annie, great to hear from you. Love your desk with all your makeup. It is so cute how everything is set up. Do you plan to stay in London for awhile? Would like to know about your new job and what exactly do you do.

  6. Bonjour Annie !!! :)
    So, this new video is greaat !!! And yeah, i really like the makeup products in the back of your video, and the light of the camera is good too.
    i am so happy to se a new video, your appartement looks so cute.. and i totally understand you don't want to share more about your personal relationship, it is important to have your own personal space. anyway, i am happy your are well and you enjoy London.
    can't wait for your next videoo :D
    Have a nice week end..
    much love

  7. Beautiful desk! Love the pastry glass trays :)

  8. hello gorgeous, would it be to much to ask what are your future plans here in london? how did you decide to make such a big change?
    I would love to see a video of you sharing some life tips.
    kisses from spain................

  9. So happy to hear you again! So exited that you're in europe too! (I feel like we're neighbors now ;)
    For the lighting I feel like the video is really grey :s maybe is because of the background (your jewelry is making thing "smoggy") it feel a bit "cloudy" maybe if you turn the camera more on the plants and cute flowers it's gonna be more "alive" and pretty :) (like on the first or the last picture that angle look prettier)
    Anyway really happy to see you're happy with your new life and your boyfriend :) <3

    (you're french fan ^^)

  10. Your desk is soooo adorable and lovely! :)

  11. London is actual bigger than NYC. London is 610sq miles and NYC is 470sq miles.

  12. So glad to hear from you again!

    In regards to the spot you are filming; the background is ok, but I feel that its too dull (haha fitting for london) and doesn't have that "glow" you had on your set up in NYC. I don't know if its the lighting or the background, but it definitely feels cold and serious.

    On another note, you look fantastic and I really hope you do a apartment tour once you are settled in! All the best in the new chapter in your life.

  13. It really cute Cozy Apartment/Personal office, Guru annie!! O:)
    -DJ's Louie- keaukoon jangatta

  14. You are my favourite Beauty Youtuber ;*
    Kisses from Poland Annie

  15. Nice desk! Enjoy London!!!!



  16. HI Annie!
    You place is coming along beautifully! I know how hard it is to move far and only be able to take suitcases but looks like you are moving along at a fast pace congrats.
    I was wondering if you could do a video..and this may sound weird..on friendship. I think I am a very loyal friend, I do have a hard time trusting but I feel like I always end up having a friend (not all of them obviously) but a friend who I get really close to and then they betray me...I want to forgive, but can't let someone walk all over me, but it's also hard to just cut someone out of your life... any advice how to balance a friendship like that??
    okay thanks for your posts. Im a grad student and my apartment is decorated (kind of) like yours although I am on a grad school budget so lets' just say mine is simpler.
    Keep posting!

  17. yeey finally :) thanks for sharing! I think it would be much nicer to see your whole head when u're filming because its kinda cut off above. XOXO

  18. PS I think also that the natural lighting was better in NY. like this it looks a bit blue-ish. Maybe in front of a window again? XOXO

  19. Nice desk! I wish you the best in your new apparement :)It seems really nice!
    For lighting and background.. Not so sure, I prefer natural day light and a simple background. And you sitting in the middle of my screen, now you are to much an the right

  20. Hej! Jag gillar verkligen din typ av inredningsstil, skulle inte du kunna tipsa om några bra inredningsbutiker online? Som gärna shippar inom EU :)
    Tack på förhand!!!

  21. Your desk is so beautiful and looks amazing with all your beauty products!

  22. Ahh thank you for posting this!!! LOVE that IKEA tiered platter...have been searching for something like that for my makeup & my kitchen ;). Thank you so much for your blog & videos...I'm a new mom & promised myself I would not fall into a 'mommy rut'...your tutorials are definitely helping with that. All the best in London!!!
    Smiles from New Jersey,

  23. Wow such a pretty set up! Love how you've stored the MAC lipsticks :)



  24. haha WHAT ? I'm living in london and i hate it. i only came for university and i feel its such a dirty city and life is so stressful here. i think i should never go to live in NY haha. u should visit cambridge one day. thats a reaaaalyyy lovely city.
    Do u live near regents park ? why did u decide to live in london ?

  25. Love your blog! London is such a nice city!

  26. I love your videos, you are so classy and smart and gorgeous, please never stop uploading these inspirational videos ! I just enjoy watching them.