I'm Moving to London!

Hi everyone! I'm writing this to you from London! :) It is so great to be here. I am still settling in and everything is pretty much everywhere at this point. I got so busy whilst packing that I didn't have time to upload this one before leaving. Anyway as mentioned in the video, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past two and a half years whilst I was living in New York. You guys are just amazing.

I am so excited to be here. Everything is so... cute! It is the best way to describe everything over here. The city is much smaller than New York, and the streets and buildings are just gorgeous. It is like a big village almost :) The apartment is about the same size as I had in New York, but this time I'm living in a new modern apartment complex (where as in NY I was living in an 80 year old building which had a lot of old-school charm). It's a nice change though and as soon as I get things more settled, I'll put up some pictures for you guys.

Hope you enjoy the video! XOXO


  1. What about your boyfriend? Will you be together? Can't wait to show us more about your apartment,I'm so glad for you. Greetings from the Balkan- Macedonia-Skopje

  2. Hello Annie,

    I have followed you for a few years now and I have seen you 'evolve' as time as passed.
    It is a nice news to know you moved to London. I live here too, although I come from Italy. And I know how it must feel moving here for the first time.
    I'm 25 years old and don't have many friends here. And as strange as it may sound, I feel very comfortable writing to you even though
    I know that you don't know me. It may be silly but in my imagery it would be nice to meet up one day. The parks are so nice here and I love walking along the Thames as well. Especially now that the weather is glorious!

    PS just to let you know, even though London seems smaller in terms of building sizes, it is actually bigger than the Big Apple. :)

    I am not sure I can post my email address on this comment but I'd really like a reply and get in touch.

    In any case,
    hope you have a nice time in the UK


    I do have a blog set up (but haven't had the courage to start it www.theblondener.com) and a tumblr page theblondener.tumblr.com , just in case you might think I'm a psycho, I'm not!

  3. Wow that's great! Once you settle in and have some free time you should do a meeting in here :) I'll be first in the list! :)

  4. Noooo! I will always see you as a New York City girl, like Carrie.. but I really hope that you are going to enjoy your time in London anyway because you have been such a good vlogger and blogger and so inspirational!

    Much love

  5. Hi,Annie! I'm Tatsuo Suzuki, Japanese male. I really respect you so that you're absolutely good at drawing pictures. And also I'm interested in your explanation about healthy diet. I hope your happiness with your family and boyfriend. See you,bye. T.S 2013.9.5 pm8:16

  6. Have the time of Your life in London, Love!!! :)

  7. Congrats on moving! I wish I had your lifestyle - you seem to have lived everywhere, it's incredible! Welcome to England! I live in the north, about 3 hours away from London. You're right... It's a beautiful City :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  8. I love your videos!! And you are so beautiful! I hope you will enjoy it in London! :)

  9. Hi Annie, I'm so glad to hear that your moving to London! Could you possibly do a meet up, after your settled in? Xx

  10. Nice! Hope you get settled in nicely. Wish I could visit London (or stay there) soon! :)


  11. Annie!!
    London sounds like an amazing place to live!
    I really want to move to there. Could you please give me any advice on where to find jobs/apartment?
    I really really want to move there!!
    Hope you have time to see this lol

  12. Congrats Annie! It is such a big news and a great challenge. I wish you all the best there! Lots of love!

  13. I love your videos!


  14. I hope you'll enjoy London!!!!


  15. Heyyy are you looking for a ropmie? I am italian and planning to move to London too! :) Haven't organized yet but as soon as I get responses for a job I'll start looking for a house! If you want a roomie keep me in mind ahah I love your videos, so inspiring!
    Good luck!


  16. That's awesome!! I live in London too, I hope you'll enjoy it here!! :)


  17. Wow I didn't knew you were moving! Crazy! I always think New York is like THE place to live :) Although I never been there. Why are you moving? Anyways I wish you all the luck :)
    Have a nice moving


  18. Omg i'm so jealous that you get to live in London now <3 it's one of my dreams. i hope it will soon come to life :) hehe
    Where are you originally from? Somewhere in Europe? Also what did you study in NY?
    Hope you love the London life now <3 xxx

  19. Oh annie as silly as this sounds.. We'll miss you here in nyc xxxx best of luck to you and look forward to hearing about your new life!

  20. Yay Annie I am so happy for you :-) You really are a huuuuge inspiration for me, and hopefully one day you will do a meetup and I can come along, as I live in North West of the UK!



  21. So happy for you! London is a wonderful city and I'm sure we'll now get to live there vicariously through you :)

  22. London is one of my favourite cities in europe. I live in Germany but visit London now and then.
    The People are so friendly and you have to try Ben`s Cookies (best Cookies of the world!!!)

    Hope you`ll a wonderful time and make some new friends in London.

    Regards from Germany :)


  23. London is the best city in the entire world, you're so lucky to live there. So, now that you're nearer...you can come visit Italy! ;)

  24. I'm so happy for you, enjoy it there!
    I'm 16 and I adooore your videos ,I've watched them all, such a beautiful soul and girl :)
    btw: I'm from Portugal (Oporto),you and Skeena should visit us sometime ahah
    Kiss :)

  25. I've moved to London 3 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  26. Is your boo moving with YOU???!

  27. Hi Annie, That so awesome! You´re such an adventurous person!:-) I would love to live in London too, I´ve never been there even though I live in Europe! Hope you have a great experience with living in London!

  28. Hey Annie,

    wow what a huge change - can't wait for allll the pics! and do you have a job there now? Let us know.

  29. Annie, I just want to say that i am so , So proud of you, to move to another country, far away from your family.. it's incredible how you seem to embrace the change in your life without fear.. i would like to be more like this too... So now you are not so far from France !!! :) I really whish you the best , THE BEST in your new way of life... of course i will continue to follow you through your blog, and videos. It's incredible how much i am attached to you. (don't know if t's correct in english).. anywayyy i really think you are one of the greatest model to me. thank you for being here, even if it's virtual. hope you are well today in London, are you gonna work there?
    can't wait for your newt post, and good luck for the arranging of your appart ;)

    Much love.


  30. Congratulations on moving Annie! I'm so happy you're in the UK now, I'd love it if you did a meet up:)xx

  31. Hi Annie! you are still so young, so exploration is the best! I wish you will have a wonderful journey in London.

  32. Hey annie, im Really excited for you!:-) Wish u a wonderful time in london (yaay, you'Re going to live a little Bit closer to me Lol)
    Hope u have Ur family and Other Loves Around you, it would make me so happy- kinda weird right ? :) i've Been watchlng Your videos and following ur Blog and instagram in like FOREVER, so it feels like we know each Other, although we dont. Anyway, it feels great, because i adore u so much. You're such a strong person and furthermore i love ur make up and Fashion stYle, so i can Take a Lot of Inspiration Out of this. Keep on going, you Are great! It would be nice, if u would Tell a bit about your Job and study. (If its not to privat for u, of Course) Im studying Too, so it Could be very interesting, how u keep motivated and how u prepared yourself for test etc.

    Xoxo, Larissa from Germany

  33. Hi Annie, glad you're moving to Europe, I'm from Portugal, but my brother lives in London with his wife, they're newlyweds, they both work as cabin crew at British Airways. I've been in London 3 times, love it, would love to live there! And, as it has been mentioned before, London is quite bigger than NYC :) Have a wonderful time! Muah x

  34. Oh wow this is so exciting that you have moved to London :D

    I swear to God you are such an important person in my life. I get so excited when I see updates from you, my family knows about you and we all admire you SOO much.
    I was in NY for the holidays and kept wishing I could bump into you. NOW knowing that you live in london, where I live too, makes me sooooooo happyyyy!!!!!!!!
    PLEASEEE do a meet up, I really really wanna see you :)

    Much love and I hope everything goes really well in your life <3 xoxoxo

    Imen B

  36. Hi Annie!

    I just want to let you know that I admire you for having the courage to move again from one country to a new one. I am looking forward to hearing from you on how you are settling in. I love London and I always wanted to move there, but I just haven't build up that courage yet to do so. I am so so so looking forward to seeing your favorite UK and European products, as they have more of those here in Australia. Though UK tends to be more expensive in fashion and make up than the USA.

    I want to say thank you for running this blog and sharing your beauty and fashion secrets. I really do hope that you continue to run this blog, as you have in some way become part of my daily life, sort of like a friend if that makes sense. I hope you settle in well in London (its gorgeous!) and that you have a happy and healthy life while living there.

  37. You are an inspiration to so many young women out there Annie, in big and smalls ways. Wishing you all the best in your new home!

  38. Hi love! I dindnt know your blog! I've just discovered now and I'm loving it! Congrats for your work in it and every pretty think that you make ! I'm from Spain, and I have a blog aswell and I think I can learn a lot about you! What about your skin? Its just perfect! What daily habits are you doing to get it?
    I was living in London for 8 months, I lived in Mayfair, It is the best place to live. If you need help or ay guestion I would be pleasure to help you. I'm sorry for my english, I forget everything!

    xx, Elena from Marbella


  39. Hello Annie !

    I agree with Sofia, I will always see you as the New York City Girl !
    I love London, especially in the Winter time ; I rush to Harrods to see the building and buy the Christmas tea...It smells soooo good !
    And it is so beautiful when the parks blossom in Spring :)

    Thank you for being so amazing Annie !

    Bisous !

    Emilie from France

  40. Yes please post some pics of your apartment!! hope you enjoy London!!! Have fun staying close to Skeena!!

  41. How exciting! How did you find an opportunity to move to London?! I would love to live outside of my country :)

  42. I was very emotional when watching this video, feeling like life is changing and everyone is moving forward..
    Hv been depressed n dun know what's life purpose but somehow, I got inspired by this video (all of ur video actually).. Thx my love..
    Hv a nice trip n I m happy for ur new chapter..

  43. Hey Annie! Congrats on moving to London!!! Hope you enjoy your time there!!!! :)

  44. love the health videos on youtube.

  45. Hi !
    I'm so happy to read this article because I'm french and i'm moving to London too!
    I hope i'll see you in the city :)

  46. Hello again, Annie ! I'm Tatsuo Suzuki. I hope everything around you have been going well. By the way, I really appreciate you for being watched your Youtube channel. Specially "Health !" ,beacuse I've just met trouble of health recently, so I try to recovery by doing daily exercise and taking care of daily diets. Your lectures are very helpful. Thank you, again. That's all. See you, bye. on May 5th, 2014

  47. London is a beautiful city! I think you are making the right decision! Good luck! Greetings, Man With Van Catford Ltd.