How To: Lose Belly Fat & Prevent Bloating

Hi everyone! Happy Monday :) I hope everyone's had a great weekend. I'm back with a new, highly requested, video on how to get rid of excess belly fat and how to prevent bloating. I've been "practicing" these tips for many years now and it's really helped me to keep the stomach in check. It's of course always a work in progress - and no one is perfect! Hopefully these tips will help and give you a few ideas on how to tone up your midriff.

Here's a summary of the video!

Remove Excess Fat
Note: Impossible to "spot reduce"
1. Cardio exercises (running, biking, swimming etc)
2. Ab & core strengthening workouts
3. Control your diet (eat clean & avoid processed food)
4. Don't skip meals (it throws off your metabolism)

Avoid Being Bloated
1. Eat fiber rich foods
2. Avoid overly salty & starchy foods
3. Get enough SLEEP
4. Drink lots of water!
5. Avoid stress

Other Tips
1. Have realistic expectations
2. Keep a good posture, sit up straight, stand up tall

I've filmed a makeup tutorial on the look from this video! I'm happy you guys liked the makeup :) That green cream eyeshadow is so gorgeous. That video should be up next! Hope you found this one helpful! Feel free to leave any other requests down in the comments! XOXO


  1. I love you annie you are my inspiration, i started working out and eating healthy because of you.
    Thank you <3 love, Farida.

  2. Thank you so much Annie! I love your health vidoes-they are so amazing! Keep them coming! Oh, and I cant wait for your makeup tutorial-your looks are the best! Love you!!

  3. Great advice Annie. I especially enjoyed the one about walking into a room with confidence.

  4. hey Annie , love your videos i just learn something each time. i wanted to ask are you still on a gluten free diet?

  5. Great Video Lovely Lady! Your health videos are always a favourite of mine :)
    I've just done a post all about how i get more out of my days with a few of my health and fitness tips! I think you would enjoy it! Check it out here:
    Follow my Fashion Blog on Bloglovin!
    Have a wonderful week doll xoxo

  6. Love love love your videos! Especially the health-videos!
    You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for your videos!
    Greetings from Germany <3

  7. Thanks for the video!

    Have a fantastic day!
    ♥ Oksana

  8. Hey Annie. Glad you are back with lots of posts and videos. I really enjoy your health and fitness videos. Please post again some of your food diaries and recipes. They helped me A LOT to improve my healthy diet.
    Lots of love from Germany XOXO

  9. hello annie
    this is the first time im writing a comment on a blog but i must admit that yours is the best blog ever!!
    you seem so natural, so nice and you are gorgeous even without make up!
    i went to the swimming pool today and i realized that my belly was more fat than ever, and you posted this video!!!
    sorry for the mistakes, im from france!!
    keep having this positive mind, i wish i had the same

    alya from paris


  10. Great post and advices Annie!

  11. I think that you are such an inspiration. With these videos you have made feel more positive that I can change to be a better version of myself. Thank you :D

  12. Love all your Posts! Your an inspiration.

    XO. Denise Chavez


  13. thank you, such good advice and you are such an inspiration!!

  14. Hey Annie :)
    Firstly I want to let you know that I love your energy and positivism. It's so inspiring. I think it's so important to be a loving and happy person.
    I have a question/request for you. I want to know, if you have any tips on how to start loving your body? I know how important it is to feel connected with your own body but I wonder how to connect again.
    Thank you!

    Lots of love.

  15. Hi!!! My name is Nazira and I want to say thank you Annie for being my role model. i've been watching your videos for about 3-4 months and the very first video that i watched was "How to stay positive and motivated " video, because i'm a student at university and i needed that...Thank you for sharing tips and advices you're sooo inspirational and positive!!! love you from KAZAKHSTAN! THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY^_^♥XOXOXO♥

  16. Wow perfect shape) and goos post also video too

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE your health and fitness videos can you please show us some recipes or you may have some website where I could find some easy meal to prepare. You are amazing ❤

  18. great tips on how to reduce belly fat :D
    I love your health posts :)

    visit my blog!

  19. Is that your stomach in the picture?!?!
    Love your advice and videos!
    Greets from The Netherlands xo

  20. I love your videoes!
    I have a request on a video by the way. U mentioned on your bullying and high school advice video that you used to be very shy, how did u become more outgoing and so on? I am very shy too, and i hate it, because i suck at talking to people i dont know, and im so bad at keeping a conversation going.
    It would have been great if u did a video about that!

    And one more thing! Can u maybe also do a video on how you remove you facial hair/upper lip sometime? Thats a problem many girls are struggeling with and are embaressed about (including me)

    Thanks! I love you blog and your vidoes and i loe you Annie! :))
    -15 year old Norwegian girl.

  21. What is your opinion about Paleo diet ?:)

  22. Great tips here, so many different points of view out there. I have some tips myself, so please feel free to join the discussion http://whatisfitnessandhealth.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/belly-fat/

  23. Thanks for the great info!

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    By the way, all your looks are beautiful and so girly


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  33. Thank you so much Annie!

  34. Thank you annie!