Boho Beach Waves Tutorial

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this news with you :) I am partnering up with no other than TRESemmé to bring you three retro-inspired hairstyles, which are “Throw-Back-Thursday” inspired. I’ll be “throwing it back” a little further than my lifetime, and creating modern twists on classic hairstyles of the past.

The first one is this Bohemian inspired style, seen mostly in the early 70’s, featuring soft loose waves with a cute hairpiece. I love this look for the summer time – it’s easy, light and feminine – and keeps the hair out of your face during those hot days. Click below to watch the tutorial!

Step-by-Step Summary

1. Prepare by washing hair with Platinum Strength Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner, which will cleanse, fortify and protect your hair.

2. Apply 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse to help retain the waves longer and to provide long-lasting shape.

3. Blow-dry your hair (I like doing it upside down for extra volume).

4. Using a curling wand (25mm or larger), begin by wrapping small sections of hair around barrel (each time in a different direction). Hold for a few seconds, release. Repeat to entire hair.

5. Gently run your fingers through your hair to build volume and texture.

6. Apply TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray to keep waves intact. This spray goes on dry due to it’s water-free formula so it doesn’t feel sticky or stiff! Plus it will keep the hair resistant to frizz and humidity – which I definitely need during hot summer days!

I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on all the hair products used in this video! Check the video's description box on YouTube on how to enter :)

Share your #TRESthrowback #TBT look with me, I would love to see your retro inspirations! For more hairstyles and tutorials from the TRESemmé styling team, check out all the hair tutorials at www.youtube.com/tresemme

This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever.


  1. Great job in the tutorial as well as giving the details on your blog thank you.

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    thank youuu for everything, thank you for sharing your tips I am honestly forever grateful. U know,even my family knows about u, thats how much I love and appreciate ur videos :)
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    Imen B

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  9. I know it is faster to not use a brush but going over the hair with a round brush even if its in huge chunks makes the hair cuticle look more smooth and shiney..

  10. Lovely make up!

  11. i cut off all of my hair just before i mastered a curling iron... totally bummed. wavy short hair is cute but wavy long hair is better. #mermaidstyle super jealous. your hair is amazing!

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