Stretch Marks?!

Hi my lovelies! I hope you've all been doing well. Been editing a video I filmed a few days ago, but it just didn’t come out the way I would’ve liked (the perfectionist in me is biting my butt about it) so I thought I’d summarize it, and make a post for you instead! 

The topic at hand today is stretch marks! Although I don't see it as anything to stress about, I have been asked about this quite a lot, and if it's a concern to you, then I want to share my experience and give you some advice! I believe I get asked about this a lot because, as you may know, I used to be overweight in my early teens. With weight gain and weight loss come… yep, stretch marks! And I got a few little stretch mark “souvenirs” with me, so you’re not the only one! :)

In fact
• 75 to 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks
• 70% of adolescent females develop stretch marks
• 40% of adolescent males also develop stretch marks

So they are very common! Are there any ways to prevent them from happening? Yes! But first let’s look at why they occur in the first place.

What are they? How do they happen?
Stretch marks are actually a form of scarring. Whenever there is rapid and sudden growth of body size, the underlying tissue grows faster than the skin layers that cover it. This causes small tears in the epidermal surface. As a result of the tension put on the skin, the epidermal layer ruptures and the scars which result cause stretch marks. (Excerpt from: http://www.gracechem.com) So basically, when the skin can’t keep up with the growing tissue underneath, it “breaks” - and that’s what stretch marks are.

How can I prevent stretch marks from occurring?

  1. Keep your skin moisturized (I like natural moisturizers the best, like coconut or argon oil, cocoa butter also works great)
  2. Exfoliate to stimulate blood flow and collagen production 
  3. Drink lots of water and reduce caffeine intake to keep skin healthy & flexible 
  4. Make sure to eat skin-healthy foods such as 
    • seafood & nuts (high in zinc & fatty acids) 
    • citrus fruits (great for collagen production thus boosting skin elasticity) 
    • colorful vegetables for vit. A (ex. spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes)
Screen shot from the video of me showing how I use my body brush. 
I basically go in circular motions over any areas that could be affected.

Body brushing & exfoliating your skin in the shower using a brush like this will help prevent stretch 
marks and cellulite by boosting circulation & collagen production

Can you get rid of them?
Although there are many creams claiming to diminish stretch marks, the only method that will really help to soften the look of deeply-set stretch marks, are laser treatments. The key here is definitely prevention! :) Body makeup is another option. Even though it's not permanent, it can help to make you feel better about them temporarily for a special occasion. Sally Hansen spray on legs works great! MUFE Face & Body Foundation is waterproof, so it’s ideal if you’re going to a pool or beach party without worrying about getting your skin wet.

 This spray works great at covering up imperfections on the legs and will also 
help with diminishing the appearance of stretch marks, plus it's waterproof!

Stretch marks are unfortunately permanent marks (or “scars”) inside the body, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of! If your stretch marks make you feel really bad however, then consider doing a few sessions of laser treatments to soften their appearance. Always keep your skin nice and moisturized and eat a good diet to help prevent future marks from appearing. If anyone has ever made a negative remark to you regarding your stretch marks, just brush it off - if it's a significant other, like a boyfriend, then he's not even worth your time, a real man won't care about little imperfections like that. Also know that no one is perfect! Celebrities usually have their imperfections photoshoped away, so try not to compare yourself to anyone. You are amazing just the way you are!


  1. Hi Annie! well I know you are not a dietist or nutrionist but you like to eat healthy, so I just want to ask you something.. I struggle with my diet, I want to eat healthy but in I read everywhere about all healthdiets, whole foods, paleo, vegan, raw food. And I dont know whats best for me? I just want to be healthy! What is your definition on healthy diet? HUGS from Sweden!

  2. Great information Annie thank you.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this entry. You are very inspirational, and you motivate me to live a better, healthier and happier life. I will definitely give these spray tan products a go. I've always used Jergens, but most of it washes away in the shower. And I do, too, have a small amount of stretch marks, but I am completely okay with them. (Cellulite, too, but it does not bother me. As long as I am at a healthy weight, I am totally fine with it all.)

    Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  4. Great post! I have a few stretchmarks from adolescence, mostly on my thighs. Though I am conscious about them when I'm in a bikini, I don't let them ruin my day!

    Using the body brush has really helped, as I haven't seen any more stretch marks appear :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  5. I'm going to have to share this post with my sister...she got a lot of stretch marks on her tummy after having my beautiful niece.

    You are so beautiful! Thank you for all of the tips.

  6. I love it!! But I would still like to see the video :)...quick question do the salon airbrush legs have sparkles? Because I tried Sally hansen's aibrush leg last summer and it looked good but the minute i stepped outside it was obvious i had something on my legs because of all the sparkles. Hope you answer love u

  7. I have bad stretch marks on my legs from when I had an operation, I hate them :( But thank you for this post Annie, I am going to try using body makeup to cover them. Hope it works :) x

  8. Thank you for this topic. I have stretch marks and it bothers me, I don't even have confidence to wear bikinis. My husband kept telling me that it's not a big deal. I agree with you beautiful Annie, never compare yourself to anybody. And my husband just bought another pair of bikinis and will surely use it this summer! You really inspires me a lot. You don't pretend and you showed your reader that nobody is perfect. You are awesome! I love your positivity in life. Continue to inspire us. And thank you sooo much for sharing your life to us.

    PS. Would try to do the laser thing as well.

  9. this is a really good post! i have stretch marks, too and i hate it so much :/ i use massage things and creams..and it helps a little bit:) i want to test a body brush like you :)

  10. Hey Annie ! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I'll definitely try the body brush. I hope it helps reducing cellulite too, I do not really mind about my stretch marks, but even with regular exercise and a healthy food, my cellulite is getting worse..Do you have any advice ?

    Bonne journée Annie,

  11. Hi Annie :)
    I love the tips you gave, I didn't know much about the subject.
    Some years ago, when I was still in high school, I was talking to my friends, and found out that many of them were concerned, even with boys. I think it's a subject that anyone won't talk about, because I feel people are ashamed, but in fact it's so common, and pretty easy to treat !
    Have a good day !


  12. Amazing post! Thank you so much for giving me confidence in myself!! :) <3

  13. Really enjoyed this post. I have terrible stretchmarks on my hips/legs/butt and I never knew why. I've never had a growth-spurt and I've always been skinny. They are really noticeable and I don't know what to do.


  14. I absolutley love youre blog and post's am going to try this

    xoxoxxo www.houseoffstyle.com

  15. Annie, i love your blog so much. So sweet and inspiring. "A real man won't care about little imperfections like that." so true. Much love. Xoxo

  16. Hi Annie, i have a stretch marks on my thighs, back of my calves and on my 'love handles' and i have always been ashamed of them but you have given me a boost of confidence and i am defiantly going to buy one of them brushes!
    Thank you !
    - Linsey x

  17. Thanks for sharing! I wanna try this brush out!

    ♥ Oksana

  18. Could you do a post or video on how you take care your your body hair/bikini area?

  19. hey Annie! thanks for the great advice and tips as always! will definately try this!


  20. You are just a ray of sunshine, Annie! Your positivity is contagious :)

  21. annie please upload that video instead! pleaseeeeeee

  22. annie please upload that vid! PLEASEEEEEEEE

  23. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!! You are beautiful!

    Love your necklace!


  24. Please do one on cellulite too!

  25. I would love it if you made a video or blog post about hair removal (bikini). I prefer waxing over everything, but it hurts so much! It'd be great to hear how you get smooth skin (not to be too tmi lol)

  26. Loved this post and your positive outlook- it really is inspiring:) I am OBSESSED with Sally Hansen Spray On Leg I have been using it for years and it makes a HUGE difference!


  27. Nice! :) That'a an awesome product! Love it.. By the way, maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!


    You can also like my Facebook page.


  28. i have to buy this brush!
    love your channel :)

  29. Hi Annie, My first time commenting on your site, LOVE your site and I want to thank you for it and all the work you put into it and share all your knowledge with us! I am also a make-up "savant" as I like to call myself but you take it to another level! Just amazing, thank you for sharing, please continue and you are a very beautiful person- inside and out! God Bless.

    I also wanted to ask, in this photo of you. What color lipstick or cream are you wearing. I just love that soft pink. Hope you reply. TY xo

  30. Will be looking for this brush. I use organic virgin coconut oil on my stretch marks and it has helped them fade quite a bit! :)


  31. Yes, please do a post for cellulite.
    It can be so de-motivating especially
    if you are in the process of loosing
    weight and getting in shape.

  32. This is a great post Annie! This is very helpfull! :)

  33. thanks for the tip this is super helpful! i should really go and try out the brush from bodyshop!

    Check out my new outfit post featuring neon pink and beetlejuice! :)

  34. Can you do a video on how you remove Your facial hair, such as hair on the upper lip? I think a lot of Girls would appreciate it, because it's a theme that concernes many, unlucky Girls (I am one of them). I think it can be a bit embarresing, because it is not "very" common, at least not from the country i am from, and therefore i really want to know a Method on how to remove the hair, at home. With easy Equipment. Please do it! I (and many other Girls) would really appreciate it! I asked you this, because you menstioned in one of Your previos videos that you had hair on you upper lip.

  35. hi annie,

    I love watching your videos, and reading your posts! You are such an inspiration. I just find that as a beauty guru, you take so long to post videos or even a blog post, which is such a disappointment.

  36. does the Personal Microdermabrasion Skincare System works on stretch marks ?
    because i remember You mention it in one of your videos

  37. Annie can you do a blog post or a video on how to deal with negative people, negative family members, haters, jealousy,...? I need your great advices pleaseee!! Some of them are SOOO judgmental to me and I hate that!! I don't want these people in my life anymore!!! :(

    Love you sweety!! <3

  38. Love your last video Annie, you are truly beautiful & inspiring !!
    thank you for sharing the healthy food, i hope i will find quinoa pasta in France.. :)
    much love !!!!! keep going <3

  39. I also have some stretch marks and some of them I don't even understand how they appeared as I haven't gained or lost weight lately =X But your tips are very useful!!

    The Austrian Rose

  40. I found a lot of helpful stuffs here in your blog. The best home remedy would be prevention. Crash diets, binge eating, or excessive weightlifting can all contribute to the development of stretch marks due to the rapid increase in weight such lifestyle choices can make.

    It at all possible, you should avoid making the troubling decision to gain or lose weight in a rapid manner. Doing so will decrease the potential for the development of stretch marks significantly.

  41. Rubbing is key in expanding blood flow in zones where stretch denote have a tendency to improve and hence more water and supplements will achieve this place.
    This will successfully decrease the plausibility of stretch marks treatments happening.

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  48. how to reduce stretch marks after fat loss because the older the stretch marks removal delhi

  49. This is a really good post! i have stretch marks, too and i hate it so much. I use massage things and creams..and it helps a little bit:) i want to test a body brush. Thank you

  50. Thanks for sharing information about products you use and recommend.

  51. I have lost A LOT of weight over the past year by seriously improving my eating habits, working out three times a week, and oh yeah...pushing a 9 pound baby out my body! I lost 60 pounds which was great but my stretch marks actually got worse!

    I have tried a few different products and found the Somatique Stretch Mark Cream to be one of the most effective for the price. Its from Lady Somas website. I also found that by massaging their stretch mark cream into my tummy it makes my skin feel so much softer and smooth. I would totaly recommend this too along with the somatique moisturizer. Just these two things has simply been the best thing I've done for lessening the appearance of any stretch marks. I noticed results within the first month, skin is much more smooth and firm.

  52. I actually enjoyed reading this entry. You are really inspiring, and you inspire me to live a much better, healthier and happier life. I will absolutely offer these spray tan items a go. I've constantly utilized Jergens, but the majority of it washes away in the shower. And I do, too, have a little amount of stretch marks, but I am entirely all right with them. (Lumpy skin, too, but it does not bother me. As long as I am at a healthy weight, I am completely great with it all.).

    Hope you have a remarkable day.:).

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  54. Hey thanks for the great guide on Stretch Marks, I do agree that moisturizing is the number one goal for trying to prevent, and even reduce the appearance of the stretch marks over time. It is not something that will make them go away, but in the long run will be worth while to constantly apply to make sure the skin is elastic in case there is any major weight changes.

  55. Amazing post! I have a few stretchmarks from pregnancy. Thank you for this post sharing information about products.

  56. What a lovely post. A very informative and realistic one. You give idea to everyone who has problem about stretch marks that if you can't remove it cover them up :)

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  58. Body brushing is great to take care of stretch marks. It can make your skin smoother and also reduce cellulite. Thanks for sharing the tips! I will have to check out the body spray :)

  59. After having 3 kids I wanted to try something that would help diminish the stretch marks then my sister told me about dermalmd stretch mark serum and I got. This product from dermalmd.com and it has done a really good job. My stretch marks aren't as noticeable anymore. I'm excited to see how much they fade once I've used the whole container!

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