Prom Worthy: Episode 1

Good morning beautiful! Woke up all excited this morning - remember the show I hosted a few weeks ago about deserving students getting a prom makeover? Well the first episode is here! It was so much fun working with these lovely ladies and getting them all glammed up for their prom. We drove about an hour into Queens to Rockaway Highschool and the event took place in their newly renovated gym (it had been submerged in almost 5 ft of water from the storm!). The girls were amazing and I can't wait for you to see the next few episodes. For now, here is the first one! 

Check out Channel 9's YouTube here
 I'll keep you updated when Episode 2 airs!

For some more "behind-the-scenes" pictures, click here


  1. Thank you Annie this means alot since I did went to that school several years ago. So well appreciated and for sharing the experience they are not forgotten. Thanks Annie.

  2. Annie, that's amazing! You should do more on-screen appearances. It's so much fun to see you as a fashion stylist :)

  3. You are doing so good Annie ! I'm really proud of you :-)
    XOXO Your biggest fan from Germany

  4. My God you are such an inspiration ! Congrats to you Annie, your living out your dream, you go girl!! Xoxo

  5. You're amazing!! Could you do this makeup? is beautiful!!! saludos desde México!!

  6. That was great Annie! I cant wait for more episodes. LOVE YOU

  7. Youre soo beautifullllll!! i just watched all of your videos! youre wooow!!!

    Nermin -

  8. You did such a great job Annie :) I watched the second episode too and I loved the end result, those girls looked pretty and deserved it :) Your skeen lokks so amazing and has a healthy glow, I envy you :)
    Kisses <3

  9. You look so beautiful! You're perfect, absolutely gor-geous!!! you'd make a wonderful host! this video is so sweet!
    love xo

  10. You are beautiful as usual. These girls are amazing and you too. Sorry for bothering you but could you tell me the brand name of your T-shirt? It's amazing and you're really pretty and girly of course :)