Healthy Food Swaps

Hi beautiful, I have a new health video up! As mentioned in my May Favorites video, I love finding healthy alternatives for popular foods, and a lot of you said you'd like to see a whole video on it, so here it is! I hope you find this helpful :) Feel free to leave any healthy swaps you've made below in the comments XOXO

Some of the food mentioned in the video
Open to read more!

White bread with toppings such as butter, cheese, jam, chocolate spreads 

  • Whole wheat toast 
  • Sprouted grain toast 
  • Rice cakes
  • Toppings like
    • avocado
    • hummus (& turkey)
    • banana and cinnamon
    • peanut butter (freshly ground)
    • sliced tomato, smoked salmon and lemon juice

Avocado on toast is so good!
I also like to eat avocados alone as a snack

Hummus with veggies is also delicious!

This is as good as desert!
Warm it up on a pan for more goodness
Illustrates difference between white & whole wheat bread
Candy bars and sweets

  • Sliced fruit 
    • apples
    • oranges
    • berries
  • Natural candy (found at health food stores) 

Replace candy & sweets with real fruit!
White pasta (& white rice)
  • Quinoa pasta
  • Brown rice pasta 
  • Plain quinoa 
  • Wild rice

Brown and wild rice is yum and so much healthier than white

Sodas & fruit juices

  • Freshly made juices & smoothies (including leafy greens like kale & spinach)
  • Tea (green, berry, herbal, vanilla...)
  • Water! :)

Two machines worth investing in!
The NutriBullet is a dream come true, I use mine daily

Potatoes (baked, fried, mashed...)

With sweet potato!

You guys must try sweet potato if you haven't already! So nice and sweet

5 More Healthy Swaps!

1. Potato chips - FOR - Apple chips (baked) / chips made from beans or chick peas (hummus chips)
2. Beef burgers - FOR - Veggie burgers
3. Dairy ice cream - FOR - Coconut milk ice cream / fresh fruit ice cream lollies (home-made)
4. Red meat - FOR - Lean white meat: fish, turkey, chicken
5. Milkshakes - FOR - Freshly made fruit smoothies (no protein powders etc - just real fruit)

A few food tips!
  • Make sure to drink lots of water (but avoid drinking too much during meals, as it dilutes your saliva – which can cause digestive problems)
  • Shop smart and keep good food at home
  • Eat good fats like avocado and nuts
  • If you just eat clean & healthy you don’t have to worry about calories - real food passes through you fast

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  1. Is protein powder bad?

    1. If it only has good things in it, like Perfect Fit Protein (http://perfectfitprotein.com/) it is really good! It's bad when has lots of carbs and chemicals in it.

  2. Hey Annie! I just finished watching your video and it was super inspiring! I have been trying to loose weight (with a poor diet) and the results have been not so great :P which was a reminder for me that the food you put in your mouth is so so important! Im going to go out and get some whole wheat bread and quinoa pasta right now!
    Thanks a bunch girl! Love your health videos! <3

  3. Thank you so much Annie, i needed this so much currently :)
    thank you for keeping me motivated, and passionate about health :)<3
    have a nice sunday

  4. I really enjoyed this video. Healthy food feels so much better, doesn't it? Could you make some new recipe videos sometime?

  5. Vet du om man kan få tag på brow rice pasta eller qinoa pasta i Sverige? :) Det känns som vi ligger efter med sånt men det vore så kul att prova! :)

  6. Loved it! I'm definitely gonna try out the natural fruit snacks. Thanks Annie xo

  7. my favorite blueberry&bee pollen post-workout boost:

  8. Where are your top from? :) Eller man kanske kan fråga på svenska- var har du köpt toppen? :) Jättefin blogg!

  9. Where are your top from? Eller man kanske kan fråga på svenska- Var har du köpt toppen? :) Jättefin blogg!

  10. Annie please do a video on how to deal with jealous people, haters, specially with family members..I need your precious advices!!

    Love you hope you doing well <3 You are THE best!!!

  11. I ate white rice with beef,tomatoe and onion because my doctor said I'm below my weight and now that I see this I feel bad and guilty :/

  12. I like crunchy and salty, which used to mean a lot of french fries and potato chips! (I like potatoes too). I stumbled upon Calbee Snapea Crisps, usually in with the salad fixings grocery aisle. They are about 5 ingredients and satisfy that crunchy, salty craving! I also switched from milk chocolate to dark chocolate- I find that one piece of dark satisfies me more than 10 pcs milk choc.

    I've been slowly making healthy swaps for about the last year or so. If you'd like to check out what I've been doing, I'd be happy to share my blog link with you :)

  13. This was really helpful. I am actively trying to change the way I eat because I found that I feel better that way. Thanks for the advice and food choices!
    xo Mia (earlgreydays.blogspot.com)

  14. You are sucn an inspiration!! Keep on doing videos like this!! :)

  15. Annie, how do you prepare quinoa pasta? I purchased some and followed the directions to make it but it came out very soggy with a lot of gooey yellow liquid. I'm not quite sure what was going on there.

  16. Thanks Annie! Very informative and useful as ever :)


  17. Now this is great! Even though I'm against eating wheat, I really love this post. Pictures and ideas are great, thank you!

  18. very interesting post!


  19. Thanks for this video which is very helpful and inspiring !
    Can you share more recipe with us ?

    Xo Annie ! Carry on !
    Cla from France

  20. You are my inspiration! ;)

    Just love you sweet ;D


  21. Annie what about bean what do you suggest. I like Lentil and bkack beans are they good for you.

  22. Annie you're so amazing! Not only are you an inspiration, but you're humble with a genuine soul! Continue to do what you're doing!

  23. Hi annie!
    Another healthy alternative for pasta or shredded potatoes can be spaghetti squash! I recently tried this and loved it. If you haven't already, you should totally give this a try! :)
    I love your health vids, well done!:)
    Hugs and kisses from SoCal! <333

  24. I enjoy your health videos, you should not let people get to you. Youtube is a sad place where people love to bring each other down but you have loyal fans that love you. You are very intelligent and put a lot of effort into your videos and I really appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. Don't let a small group of haters stop you from helping people that need you!
    Love from California

  25. Thank you so much Annie, i needed this so much currently :)
    thank you for keeping me motivated, and passionate about health :)<3
    have a nice sunday

  26. I love eating healthy! Thanks for some snack ideas!

    xx Oksana

  27. Its awesome Annie. I always watch your vids and every day check out your blog :). You inspire me every day and it would mean a lot to me if you check out my blog and leave there comment :).

  28. what about dairy products? milk, cheese, sour cream?

  29. Just a heads up; deli meat is processed and very bad for your digestive system (can cause cancer), this goes for any processed meats. ;)

  30. heeey i was wondering is brown bread, brown rice and whole grain pasta okay for diet or good or bad ? pleaaaaase reply me xoxo

  31. heeey i was wondering brown bread, brown rice and whole grain pasta are okay for losing weight or good or bad ? pleaaaase reply me xoxo

  32. How about some affordable health tips? I'm currently living in Japan and everything you just said (except the water & tea) would cost me an absolute fortune. Probably 5x the cost of the regular foods you're replacing. Even home in Australia this would be pretty expensive. Not to mention the extra time involved, you don't even mention these factors like everyone has the time and money for this kind of stuff!

  33. These are some useful food ideas for a healthy diet. I love the brown rice and pasta food idea. It contains lots of nutrition.

  34. First I watched this great video on YouTube and came here from there. You have awesome healthy-related items with incredibly simple tips. Appreciate it. I basically like bread and it's very good to know how to turn an unhealthy food to a healthier option, toasting it in this case. Amazing video, thanks Annie!

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