Controverisal Topic? + Floral Blouse!

Hey guys! Reading some of your responses under the video I just posted - happy you found it helpful. Of course, having some unhealthy things now and then is not bad, but making these switches overall can help you keep a healthy body - along with good exercise routine as well :)

A reason I think I don't do health-related videos more often, is because they seem to be somewhat 'controversial' - which is a bummer! Even though I get lots of people saying it inspired or helped them, there are also those people who always try to point out the nitty gritty details and forget the main point I'm making about living clean and healthy. It bugs me out! Lol but I guess we'll always have people like that, but I hope those of you who follow and know me, understand the message I'm making and that it comes from a 100% good place :) I've been on the other end of feeling totally crappy about myself, and I've come such a long way to now where I eat well, exercise and am so proud of my healthy body. It's a feeling I hope everyone can reach! - no matter what shape or size you are - as long as you're healthy and happy! I am so passionate about clean living and even though I'm not a professional, I've done a lot of research into food and I share some of those findings with you through these videos. I'd like for them to be little "ignitions" and/or inspirations for you to start doing your own research, because there's so much to know :) Being curious is so important! But anyway I will keep making them of course because I want to help where I can.

On another note, I want to show you a better view of the top I was wearing in the video. It's this gorgeous floral printed cotton blouse, which I got at Zara last week (click here). It has a pretty ruffle detail on the shoulders and the floral print is nice and summery. I paired it with my chunky gold necklace from H&M! :)  

Shirt, Zara
Necklace, H&M


  1. that blouse looks great with that necklace!
    i always appreciate your health videos, they give me an extra push to keep exercising and eating at least a little better.

  2. Although I might not agree with you on a few details that you shared in the video, I did get the message that you want to help people make healthier moves. You're not going to get everything perfectly on point (none of us do) and you're not going to make everyone happy (again, none of us do), but I am one who's glad that you share your heart. Keep it up Annie! And that top is pretty on you.

  3. I am always so inspired by your health videos. Since I've been avoiding wheat and dairy as much as possible I feel great and my skin is so glowing. I love these types of videos you do, because their so educational. You can never know too much about health. And I love learning about it. It's a passion of mines as well. Forget all those negative comments, we can't please everyone please don't limit the health vids their so inspiring, to me and a lot of girls here too. Your brilliant Annie xo lots of love

  4. I absolutely love that top paired with the necklace. It is hard to please everyone, as we have all learned. However, I appreciate the advice and opinions and I think you should keep sharing. I always think that helping one person is enough of a reward. Keep it coming!
    xo Mia (earlgreydays.blogspot.com)

  5. It's so cute! :) I love it.. By the way, I'm so impressed with your blog and I hope that maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

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  7. Your health videos are the ones i love the most and always look forward too...Please don't be disheartened by certain comments.. and please keep making health related videos.

  8. I personally find it difficult to eat as clean as you do but those videos always inspire me to make better choices!


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  10. You should ignore all the negativity because if those people can't see the great work you are doing it's their lost. You are such an inspiration!
    I love how honest and personal you are with your videos and I love your positive thinking. I really look up to you. :)


  11. The blouse is gorgeous! I love floral print :D

    I suggest you Coursera, maybe you already know it, for courses about nutrition and health. It's free and it's a great way to learn :)


  12. you're the person who inspires me the most, I can not express by words, but sincerely all your videos help me, your last video is so interesting, and I learned a lot about nutrition. (I made a little book where i put a lot of your post about health) plus, I searched on the internet after reading your posts and I totally agree with everything you write. Annie, do not let the negatives comments affect you and I hope you will continue more often videos on health because they are so important, and inspirationl for me and for so many people i think.

    I send you full of positive vibes :)

    muuuch LOVE



    ps: oh and your top is beautiful by the way !!!!!!!

  13. wonderful photos!


  14. Annie, please keep making these types of videos!

    Eating healthy is not easy and finding inspiration to keep going is just as hard. You inspire many, and even if you inspired only one person to live a healthy lifestyle its reason enough to make videos like this.

    I started exercising and eating healthy 6 weeks now and going strong, your videos keep me going. Thanks!

  15. i never comment on something but this time i feel like i have to take the time.annie you are so perfect that it hurts to look at you. some people are blinded by your light and feel small and it hurts them so they try to find a mistake so they don´t feel small anymore. you are so beautyful. i enjoy just sitting there and watching at you the first time i watch your video and the second time i try to listen to what you try to tell me:) you´re an absolute goddess and such a role model for me (although i am six years older).i´ve learned so much from you about beauty, health, lifestyle and self-confidence. thank you for the time you take to help us. please never dim your light because its shining in the eyes of people with no selflove.it´s not that they hate it´s their instinct to survive.sorry for the broken english and many many kisses from europe:**

    1. I like finding information about food and the more we get tip from someone that already has an idea what it could do for them and how it could help us and share with others it's very helpful. I love the blouse simple and elegant.

  16. Dear Annie, I am a bit shy when it comes to posting comments but I thought it was important to do it. You are such an inspiration and you give us so much. You are a beautiful, king, good hearted, generous, funny person and so many people including me love your videos and your good tips. You inspire us to be better, to feel better, take care of ourselves in a healthy way and be positive and motivated. God bless you Annie. I understand that you are sometimes the target of negative comments and criticisms but unfortunately there will always be negative, envious people especially with someone as beautiful from inside and outside, inspiring as you. It makes me feel sad that you are confronted to negativity but there are so many other people who appreciate and are grateful for all the good things you do and share. We don't want you to be perfect or a specialist of any kind we just want you to be you because we love you the way you are. You are a little sunshine in our lives, our friend, our Annie and I can't say thank you enough for how much you helped and inspired me. I wish you nothing but happiness, love and more success. Love. Hinda

  17. It's cute and so girly on you!!!


  18. Annie, I think you're amazing and special. I don't understand how anyone could take your videos the wrong way - you're trying to help people! Those people need to bug off!

    P.S Love the floral blouse. Want to get the necklace.

  19. Your channel is my favorite and your healthy tips are very useful ! You help more people than you believe.
    I follow you on YouTube for months and I love all your videos! Eating Healthy was not very simple to me but you inspire me everyday !

  20. Annieeeeeeee, you are SOOO gorgeous ma sha Allah.
    I always say this on your videos/blogs but honestly you are the most inspiring person, and without you knowing you've helped me see things through a better light (I've always been positive, but during hard times you've helped me even more).

    Thank you thank youuu for everything, your videos and your blogs, may God bless you, and I reallyyy hope your boyfriend knows your value because honestly you're a diamond <3

    I'd loveeeee it if you could do clothes hauls like you used to, theyre my favourite types of videos and I ADORE your style!!! <3

    Much love and take care gorgeous,

    Imen B

  21. I enjoy your health videos, you should not let people get to you. Youtube is a sad place where people love to bring each other down but you have loyal fans that love you. You are very intelligent and put a lot of effort into your videos and I really appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. Don't let a small group of haters stop you from helping people that need you!
    Love from California

  22. So beautiful! Even more beautiful on you with this lipstick on!

    xx Oksana

  23. Hei. I´m also the kind of person who never bothers to comment BUT this time I felt that I had to say something. You really are an inspirational person to me. I was so happy when I found your blog beacuse it gives me so much strenght to keep on living healthy. Seriously, sometimes when I feel that it is really hard to keep on staying on the healthy track I come and vist your blog and watch some of your inspirational videos. Plus: I´ve been gluten free about 6 months now and it is really cool to follow someone who has chosen the same road. So please-please, keep on posting videos. Greeting from Estonia :)

  24. I think the topic is especially controversial because so many Americans have been raised to learn that milk and bread are important staples for a healthy diet. The food pyramid used to recommend 6-11 servings of bread/pasta per day! Some of us (people like you) are more interested in learning about the reasons why certain foods aren't good for us, and others almost treat it as a belief system, unwilling to accept proven facts as facts. There's lots of information out there, and I'm sure a lot of sources contradict each other, which can make it hard for people who are interested in learning more. I like how you encourage people to do their own research, yet you provide a short, to-the-point synopsis of the information you've gathered.

    I find your nutritional/health videos to be inspiring and uplifting. Others may find it threatening, but I think you should continue to make them. You won't ever please everyone, but perhaps providing a disclaimer at the beginning/end of the video may dissuade offended viewers from commenting negatively.

  25. Hey annie I just want to say what a big change you've triggered in my life. I am a 17 year old girl and a few years ago i wasn't in a very good place mentally and your videos certainly gave me a little boost i needed to work hard to try and get to a better place and even though i havent got there yet i keep trying and trying because if i try I know there is a chance I will succeed one day! Even though i am naturally skinny you have also certainly changed my diet in a good way and shown me that you need to look after your body no matter what state it is in! Ignore the people who don't understand they are either jealous or sincerely don't understand your points of view on food and thats okay because you can't please everyone :)

  26. Hey Annie! I think that the topic is controversial because lifestyle is harder to change than buying make up. A lot of women are not comfortable with their bodies, and in return, seek out the worst fad diets out there. The idea of cutting out certain food groups takes a lot of effort. Some women watching are unhappy with their bodies but could not make that stride. In effect, they start a backlash against your techniques and you. I don't think you should take this personally, as it is not about you but more about the difficulties of healthy eating. When you talk about marketing being a temptation from your major, I can tell you that there is nothing bigger than food corporations.

    I commend you on your commitment to healthy eating. And regardless of the comments from either end, I think most people know that you have the best intentions (i.e. if they don't agree). And some people have nothing better to do then sit around criticizing people they don't know. I do think that gluten free and dairy free diets are the best way to lose weight, which is a problem for many. And if one has to cut out certain food groups to maintain their figure, I don't see why it has to be so controversial.

    All the very best! Props for getting where you are today, figure and all. Keep it up!

  27. that lip color looks amazing on you!
    I think you should keep posting health videos. No matter what, there will always be that one person that decides to talk crap or say something nitty or rude.

  28. Annie I honestly love your health videos (and all your videos for that matter lol!) and get so excited when I see that you've posted a new one. There are always people who for some reason or other try to bring one down and create drama out of nothing. Anyways like everyone else here is saying, please don't let them discourage you from making health videos because we all love them. Hugs from Canada! ♥♥♥♥

  29. Annie, Your passion for being healthy is so contagious and refreshing because I've been on a clean eating journey for 2 years now and i'm still learning so much. When I try to tell friends and family about it they just laugh at times because it's so foreign to our country. Short story .... my uncle was sick for 3 weeks and he just thought he had a bad stomach infection. He went to the doctor's 3 times and they figured it was the same thing he had thought. So they gave him a bunch of medicine and sent him home. He just dealt with the pain. He is a truck driver and was on a trip about 7 hrs away from home when he couldn't take the pain and pulled the truck over and called 911. Well 1 week later and still in ICU he has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. I tried to explain to my family how important it is what we put in our bodies because in time it will cause dieases. It's crazy because I too watch the "lifegenerator" and everytime I think of him I can hear him say " you have to clean your lymphatic system" out and how important it is. Well today I was over his house with my auntie and I looked around in the kitchen and OMG .... all I could say is WOW.
    I'm sure you can imagine all the processed , "fake food" that was in there.

    I admire your desire and passion for helping others and sharing your knowledge. People are always going to criticize you on something. I'm not the one to comment on blogs or youtube, and I do follow you on youtube but I just search for your blog never really subscribed BUT I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM ONE PERSON YOU INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE THROUGH YOUR "HEALTHY" LIFESTYLE VIDEOS! THANK YOU!
    Brandi G

  30. Dear Annie,

    you did a great and very informative health video again, thank you for that! It is so wonderful to see that you are so satisfied with your body and that you feel comfortable with your way of healthy living. Many people can not undersand that because there are so many peoplo today, especially women, who have got a very bad relation to theire own bodys. And I know what I am talking about, because I am one of these women! In the past I did so many bad und horrible things to my body and now than I am 34 I pay my bill. My hair starts falling off, my skin turned into a desaster, I was totally starved of vitamins, minerals and hapiness :-( But one day, there was a turning point in my life and this was the time when I watched one of your health videos Annie! Although you are about ten years younger than I am you have so much more understanding for the things which are really important in life. And this is not to loose as much weight as you can, but to feed your body with everthing it needs to shine und glow from inside! Thank you so much for your inspiration :-) And sorry for my terrible english but it is not my first language and I hope I could still express everything in the way I wanted to.

    Many kisses from germany

  31. Instagram: TheedriJune 19, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Omg, PLEASE do more health videos because I've actually tried to follow what you say! I went to Sprouts yesterday and bought quinoa & veggies to make the steamed meal you posted. It wasn't tasty but oh well, healthy is sexy right! Finally after 21 years, I am inspired to be healthy so keep at it girl!

  32. Hey Annie :)

    You are so helpful and inspiring. Maybe you could gives us a little view on what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as you did it before. You are such a great person.

    xoxo from Germany :)