Benefits of Running

Although us beauty lovers would most likely prefer running towards a sale at Sephora, going on the occasional jog outside is so beneficial to your overall health and well being! Working out improves the "beauty of your body" - which is just as important as the beauty of your face. Below are a few quick pictures from my iPhone from when I went for a run a few days ago with my boyfriend. It had been raining all day but cleared up late afternoon, just in time for sunset so the view by the water was gorgeous. I usually go for about an hour and alternate between jogging and walking. I try to run my first stretch for about 30 minutes - that's usually my goal (ps. good to keep goals!). One of my favorite reasons to run is because it totally clears my mind and I always look forward to listening to my music, plus it makes me feel really good for the next couple of days.

We stopped to do some toning exercises (like the ones from my workout video
as well as some stretches to cool down at the end

In case you need a little extra motivation to get up and go for a run, let's look at some of the health benefits:
  1. It's a high calorie-burning exercise
  2. Good for overall mental health (your body releases chemicals which make you feel happy) therefore decreases stress, anxiety etc 
  3. No expensive equipment required
  4. Helps strengthen heart and lungs 
  5. Great for your immune system
  6. It increases self-awareness, boosts confidence and self-esteem
  7. Gives you energy
  8. It revs up metabolism (even when you're not running)
  9. Gives you opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature
  10. It boosts creativity & helps you think clearly

Something important for keeping a healthy & fit body is consistency, so even if you can't gather up enough energy for a run, go for a walk instead - just remember to move your body everyday. I also love doing yoga classes and Pilates - so good for your body! Do you guys like to go for runs? What's your favorite type of exercise? XOXO


  1. I love running. A few months ago when I seriously started exercisng and eating clean, running was my main form of exercise and now I love it so much. I have had shin splints for a month or so, but that is slowly getting better! Especially when I am stressed, running just clears my mind and gives me motivation for other things in my life. The after-run feeling is just amazing!
    I usually start of warming up with a mix of a jog and power walk then I stop and stretch for a good 10 minutes, then I alternate between actually running, jogging and walking fast. Then I stop again and do some toning exercises and start running again!
    Take Care Annie XOXOXO

  2. I love going for a run, though I rarely do anymore. Instead I just go on the treadmill which can be boring. I don't have a running partner anymore and I feel like it's much more fun to go for a run with someone rather than on your own. xo


  3. Great tips Annie! I'm always impressed by people who can run long distances. I definitely enjoy to sprint because it gives all the benefits of a run in a shorter amount of time!

    ❤ Temi Truly

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  4. love running!


  5. Running is amazing for you. What's currently on your running playlist?


  6. Hi Annie! You`re so inspiring!!!
    Maybe you could post about some of your favourite running music? :) I`m curious what do you like...

  7. i'll deffo consider running nest time thanks alot for this post!!!xxxxx

  8. Thanks Annie for this post, I've actually just started jogging(more like alternating jogging and walking haha), but sometimes I find my breathing difficult and easily get a stitch in my side from not breathing properly, do you have any tips to help with proper breathing while jogging?
    Love your blog, it always brightens up my day :)
    Love from Ireland, Mary <3

  9. EFF I need to start working out again. Thanks for the reminder!


  10. I love running but can't find the time! I would love to see your musicplaylist for those runs!

  11. I love running! This feeling when you're tired after a workout is just "oh yeaaah" :D
    I also love riding a bike. This is like an adventure!

    ♥ Oksana

  12. i really need to start running more often thanx for the tips annie

    1. Great breakdown and all of it is true thanks.
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  13. I love running so much! I feel so well when I go to! xoxo

  14. I love running too!It's good to have a running buddy to keep you consistent in doing it.
    I usually run with my fiance' twice a week after office and go to the gym at least thrice a week before going to office. We also dieted together so we share healthy foods and call each other every lunch to know what we're eating at office. Our wedding is on November so we're really working out to get fit on our Big Day. I blog about it here: http://www.romanelle123.blogspot.com/2013/05/my-week-long-diet-wednesday-to-sunday.html

  15. Running is my all time favourite cardio workout, it maintain and improve general health and best for Stress relief

  16. Absolutely love your posts! You always inspire me to eat and stay healthy! I've just started my own blog and would really appreciate it if anyone could offer me some advice to get me started :)

    Simran XOX


  17. you are SO inspiring!! because of you I have such a healthy lifestyle now :)

    even started my own fitness-blog: http://healthyfitbitch.blogspot.co.at/

    love you !!

  18. you are soooo amazing and inspiring and thank you for everything ! Because of you i have become healthier so I just wanted to say thank you so much and have a nice day ♥♥♥

  19. Working out require inspiration and this post does that, thanks for sharing about benefits of running.