Simple Glowing Skin Juice

Hi my loves! I hope everyone's had a great day! This morning I spent an hour or so catching up on my YouTube subscriptions (feels like I haven't properly watched YouTube in ages!), and I came across a video on this juice recipe for beautiful skin, hair and nails. I have Dan, aka "Life Regenerator", to thank for teaching me so much about juicing and most significantly, about the power of raw fruits & veggies. He's got a ton of great informational videos on his channel, so if you're curious or interested in juicing then definitely check them out! His style of videos are as simple as his diet, "raw"! As in, he does not do a lot of editing, but if you stick with them you can really learn a lot, he is a genius!

Made this juice today! Super simple, yet so amazing. Thanks Dan for the inspiration :)

Benefits of cucumber & celery juice for beauty! 

Click here for Life Regenerator's channel

What does it taste like?
This juice in particular tastes very faint and light, almost like water. After the first few sips you get used to it and it's really easy to drink. You could add apples to make it sweeter :)

Should I specifically buy "organic" produce?
If you are able to, try to buy as much organic as possible. They spray tons of pesticides, preservatives and chemicals on food these days - and who ends up eating them? We do. Organic, non sprayed, is the way to go!

How often do you juice?
I have juice everyday! I love it :) I have a juicer at home, but there's also a place around the corner from my apartment where they make fresh organic juice - so I usually get mine from there. If you don't want to juice everyday, then make a large batch, and add lots of lemons and you'll be able to keep it for up to 3 days (lemon acts as a natural preservative).

As we're on this juicing topic, below is the recipe I normally have daily:
- apples
- cucumber
- celery
- lemon
- ginger
- blended with kale & spinach (blending allows you to keep the whole leaf, thus getting more of it's nutrients)

I hope you guys found this post useful and interesting! Dan always fuels my excitement and appreciation of raw food and the benefits it has for your health and beauty. Maybe he'll inspire you too! XOXO


  1. Hey Annie, you've inspired me to eat healthy. Whenever I feel unmotivated and like I want to eat chocolate or something I watch one of your video about health, they're so inspring. I've been buying juices lately, my favourite is ginger (a lot), carrot, lemon (a lot), celery, beetroot and maybe some orange or apple. So yummy and I can completely feel my body loves it too! I'm getting a juicer for myself this week, so excited, I'll be juicing at least once a day! :) thank you Annie xoxoxox

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe

  3. Hi Annie !!

    Love this post again, i am so interesting in healthy food now.

    You know i used to suffer for really bad acne, and I took a treatment for acne who is famous (roaccutane) because it is a really hard treatment (for 6 months)... usually when you take it, you don't have acne anymore...

    but this morning i just cry so much, because i have news acne pimples around my chin.

    I am a really thin person, i can eat what i want and i'm not going to put on weight. BUT i can honestly say that i eat bad food (nutella, a lot of dairy..etc..).

    so i was in your categories Health and Diet, and read everything, & sought by myself about eliminating dairy and wheat. Because i feel lost, i am 22 years old, and feel less confident with this acne...

    So today is the "big day" haha, i'm goind to eat only HEALTHY!

    In how many time did you see any results on your skin, on eating healthy, please ?

    Thank you for reading this :)

    Hope you will answer me..

    Have a nice day, and thank you again for this blog and videos !!!!!!



  4. I've been wanting to get more into juicing. I will definitely check out his channel. Love <3

  5. I started making green smoothies with spinach, celery ginger lemon soy yoghurt and bananas for my mother and me, and she said after a few days of these smoothies, wow I DO have a lot of energy and now she is inspired to make different recipes herself. Dan is amazing!

  6. Great post, thank you !


  7. I really want to eat it right now :)

  8. That looks yummy and healthy!


  9. I will definetly drink this. You should read my blog beauty start from inside great green smoothie recipe with beauty benefit.

  10. I add greek yogurt, flax seeds, and wheat grass to mine :)

  11. I love your healthy lifestyle tips!

    xx Oksana

  12. hi Annie :) i don't have a juicer like u so is there any other way ro do it ????

  13. Hi Annie :) i don't have a juicer so is there any other way to do that ???

  14. Im so happy now you post every day something new <3 pleasee make up tutorial new kisses

  15. You inspire me everday sooo much! :D
    But unfrotunately, I do not own a juicer :\ time to buy one sometime haha

  16. Sounds like an awesome recipe and lifestyle! I'm inspired.

  17. Thanks for sharing this useful and interesting recipe!

  18. Hi guru annie! oh it really interesting for this tip! thank you for share :)

  19. Hey Annie, this is so ironic because celery and cucumbers happen to be foods I just don't fancy but they seem to be so good for the skin - you're living proof. Thanks for sharing. :)

  20. Good skin care products that do exactly what women want them to do are hard to come by. It's not that most of the offerings don't do most of what we want but there's usually some drawback-either the scent is off or it's too greasy or something.

    However that is what makes really good products such a great gift. The person who gets them will appreciate them. Now, foods that we eat for better skin should give less problems. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  21. Green juice is really helpful to our skin. If we know green juicing recipes it will be helpful to create green juice.

  22. Hey Annie

    One of the reasons I juice is to better my skin.

    I love juicing cucumbers because they give you lots
    of juice compared to other ingredients.

    My favourite Juicing for Better Skin recipe is

    * Cucumber
    * Apples
    * Parsley

    Really yummy and good for you too.

    Hope you are well and take care.


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