My April Favorites!

Hi beautiful! I'm back with another video, woop! This video features my favorite beauty products from April, I hope you find it helpful and maybe find some new products to try out. What are your favorites of the month? Let me know in the comments. As mentioned in the video, spring (almost summer) has officially sprung in New York and I couldn't be happier with this weather. It is perfect ♥ I've been starting up my power walks and doing some light jogging again, but still have to take it easy. The nicest thing about spring in New York is seeing everyone out and about in pretty summery clothes :) Love it. What is the weather like where you live? 

Hope you enjoy the video! XOXO

April Favorites Recap
  • Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner
  • Sun In Hair Lightener
  • YSL Touch Eclat Foundation (B60)
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW20)
  • MAC Blush in “Melba”
  • NARS “Piree” Lipgloss
  • Urban Decay “Smog” 24/7 Liner
  • Real Techniques Contour Brush
  • Nivea Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion
  • Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil
  • Bailey Wick “Beach” Candle (purchased at WholeFoods)


  1. I would love to go to NY some day and buy all those things and a lot more!!! Besos from Argentina!

  2. Hi Annie! Love the shirt. Where is it from?

  3. Your hair and makeup is flawless!

  4. Summer all year around... Puerto Rico ;)

  5. Currently at work on lunch break. Cant watch video yet. Devo.
    Lol will be watching your video when i get home lovely, I am in Australia so were currently heading into Autumn - its beautiful out but I am not a cold weather kinda gal so its a tad depressing! But still, gotta enjoy each season as much as possible so yay to beenies and scarfs! haha.
    Just did a typology quotes post, come check it out :)
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  6. Love this xx


  7. Your so lucky, its freezing where I am. But not long now until come over and visit New York in Summer. My first time in the US. So exciting :) can't wait to watch your video tonight.

    1. Make no BLog Acesse :)

  8. Hello Annie!
    Love this video, great job! Its so nice to hear from you again. I hope your feeling better. You look very healthy and beautiful as always! :)
    Just a quick question: Where did you get your sun in hair lightener product. I've been trying to look for it at all these different drug stores but I can't find it anywhere :/ I've been wanting to try a lighter hair color for the summer and this product sounds great!
    The weather is nice and sunny here in Cali!! :)
    Hope your doing well <33

    Alyssa xoxo

  9. Hi Annie!

    My favorite this month is Chi Chi - Glamorous Nudes Eye Shadow Collection, which is a great alternative to Urban Decay Naked Palette for us Aussies since we don't have it available here, and its only $19.95!

    Loving the Nivea Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia: Its smells so divine and it feels so soft on the lips!

    Also bought two lipsticks this month, Clarins 711 Joli Rouge Papaya and the Bourjois Rouge edition 03 Peche cosy. These two lipsticks make my face glow and look healthy.

  10. Weather is rainy and warm, I have not seen the sun for a week pretty depressing.

  11. loveed this video :)) soo happy to see you so quicky in a new vid !
    i didn't know this foundation, but I use the Matt Touch Foundation YSL since 1 year and i love it so much, it looks so natural, and i also love the "texture" of it. you should give it a try :)
    in France the weather is not really great since a while.. :/
    love youu

  12. So glad to see you feeling better Annie and you look great in the video...I’m loving spring here in Texas because our summers are too hot...wanted to ask if you have tried Khroma beauty by the Kardashians; maybe you can do a review on it for us. Till next time :)

    Love from Texas

  13. Hi Annie, I always enjoy watching your videos :)

    I was wondering if you can show us your morning and evening skin care routine and what methods you use to remove your eye and face make up. I will like to see how you treat your skin so it doesn't breakout or anything. Please and thank you Annie!

  14. hi! I love what you do! And I found all simply sublime!
    Is what you might fair a video on the new clothes that you buy?? thank you :)

  15. love this video !!!! you are a beautiful person, you bring me peace and joy :) thanks you so much Annie
    ps: hope you will reply to my email i sent you :)

  16. oopla!
    love it

  17. So happy to see you again and your Video is so sweet as ever :-) the spring weather in Germnay is soo nica and the long winter over *Yeah*

    Have a nice and sunny day xxx

  18. The Sun In Hair Lightener is a great idea for spring/summer !
    And yes, the packaging is so old school ! Love it :)

  19. So happy that you're feeling better! I love spring, it is so beautiful with all the colours and the sun has become really warm here in Sweden! I hope you're having it wonderful in LA :) Love all of your posts, you write really well and your tips are amazing!

  20. I love love love your videos

  21. Please do another look with the SMOKED palette!! :) xx

  22. I love the Nivea body lotion! Et you are so pretty!!!


  23. Yay, you're back!

    A really nice organic lotion you could try would be one of the lotions from Shea Moisture. They have lotions ( in plastic bottle) and creams (in the tube). I have super dry body skin so I use the cream kind. I know you use one of their products but I forgot which. Coconut hiscibbus was the scent.... I DO remember that!

  24. I love this post and love the blog! Seeing you from Portugal :)
    Bj S

  25. they dont have the nivea smooth sensation in Canada, is it called someting else?

  26. That Nivea lotion smells amazing. I've used it for a few years now. :)

  27. Hello Annie!
    You are a great inspiration to me. I love all your videos and posts, especially the healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. I am fitness/aerobic trainer and I just started my blog a few weeks ago, I would really like to know your opinion. So here it is, and much thanks!

  28. I really wanna try Aussie products but we dont have here in Australia :(
    Great vid :D