Mascara Routine! (For Big Bold Lashes)

Good morning loves! I have a new video up for you :) This one is a step by step on the techniques I use when applying my mascara to make my lashes look big and bold. I also talk about how I take care of my lashes. Although I've experimented with false eyelashes, I am not a huge fan of how they feel on my eye, and prefer applying a few layers of mascara instead. I haven't done a "talk-through" tutorial in a long time! What do you guys think of this style of video? Or do you prefer voice-over? Let me know in the comments! (My lipstick is "Sao Paulo" lip creme by NYX) Hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!

Techniques summarized:
1. Start with mascara wand right in the base
2. "Zig zag" left to right
3. Turn wand upright, vertically then press into lashes
4. Fan out lashes
5. Turn wand outward as you're moving up lash

 Some before & afters! 

Products mentioned!
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara 
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Sephora Brow Comb

I've experimented with so many mascaras, this one is my fav! ♥
Earth Science, Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil


  1. Your eyelashes look incredible and you take such lovely photos :) I prefer to curl & apply and call it a day!

    Abundance of Erica

  2. I like the zig zagging method -- thanks for sharing!


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  4. I prefer the talk-through method that you've used here :) Love the video as well, really helpful and I'll definitely try your routine as it looks so good on you! xx

  5. Beautiful! Love the video!

    ♥ Oksana

  6. I know this is about lashes, but gosh, your skin is perfect!

  7. Im going to try this out today. Hope it works with my lashes, too. I like both voiceover and talkthrough. One is short and sweet the other more personal. Can't decide. Love all of your vids. xo :)

  8. Mascara makes such a big difference!!


  9. oooo could you talk a little more about the argan oil pleaseeee. i've heard a fair bit about it but i dont know where to purchase it or whether its even worth purchasing! would be so grateful!

    p.s. you have super pretty lashes!!! jelly jelly haha

    Zoe from withlovefromzoee.blogspot.com xx

  10. Hi Annie!! i'm from Portugal anda i been follow for a few time.
    A know a lt of portugal who as me, enjoy you videos and make tips, please continue your great job :)
    Ana Cláudia

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  12. You have beautiful lashes Annie :D


  13. Hi Annie, awesome viddie as usual! I really enjoyed the talk through video if your doing a more in depth and detailed video like i.e. with this video i really enjoyed the talk through. it is defiantly a lot more personable. I enjoy the voice overs when your doing multiple things and want to be short, simple and sweet and to the the point. Hope that helps. Love your blog and videos, keep up the fabulous work!


  14. Hi Annie, love the talk through video! Its great when you want to explain a certain technique/thing in detail. I find that your voice over is much better when you are going through a lot of stuff though. Mix it up! Thanks!

    Do you have any dark under eye circle tricks?

  15. Talk through videos are nice :) thanks for the tutorial, I definitely learned some new things :) XXX Laura

  16. Great techniques !
    I do the same thing for my lower lashes, but I avoid to put mascara there, because it tends to look weird on me... But it looks good on you, and you're right not to put so much, this is the perfect amount :)


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    Please feel free to contact me at blog@bornprettystore.com

  18. Thank you for the video. I definetely prefer talk through videos. Xox

  19. lashes look amazing and that lippy is gorge x

  20. Thanks for your video. Talk through Videos are better. Which beauty bloggers are you following?

  21. love your new post !!! ♥♥♥

  22. You are such an inspiration and a true beauty
    Love, Lisa.

  23. Beautiful eyes you have!!!!!! :)

    PS: How many CHANEL bags do you have??

  24. Annnieeeeeeeeeee :D
    As you know this (coz I always sign with Imen B) I LOVEEEE ur videos!!!! ive been ur biggest fan since last year and youre my favourittteee youtuber by a mile. Adorable, beautiful, intelligent and inspiration :) ma sha Allah :)

    Can you pleaseee make ''fashion hauls'' i absolutely adore your style and would love to see more of that.
    And if it's not too much to ask pleaseeee can you do a shoutout for me ''Imen Ben'' I'd really really appreciate it :)

    Much love gorgeous xoxoxo

    Imen B

  25. I absolutely LOVE the clinique mascara. I was so excited to see its your favorite too. By the way, loving the fact that you are posting so often now. Much love from Queens, NY


  26. I would love to hear your opinion on the outlets in the USA regarding brands and if they are a bargain.

  27. Hey Annie, hope it doesn't sound super creeper, but I was wondering what shade your natural/usual skin tone is? I ask, cause I'm constantly deliberating on how lipsticks and colors show up on you, and trying to compare to myself. I'm a MAC NC35-40 depending on season.

  28. Hey Annie, I really liked your video, and all of them by the way ! :)
    Could you tell us what lipstick are you wearing in the vid please ? Thx xo

  29. Annie, great information but do you have tips for older woman? As I age I can't find my lips anymore, my checks feld down, and my eye brows have fallen out. Yikes! What has happened to me. Help!

  30. Thanks! Can you do a fashion haul for the summer?

  31. Wow in the pictures you can really see how much difference mascara makes!!!

    The Austrian Rose