Shrimp, Cucumber and Mint

Today was such a gorgeous day here in New York. Spent most of it outside, soaking up the sun. Hopefully I'll be able to go for a nice run this weekend if the weather stays like this, the first outdoor jog of the year :) lol very excited. I also had a microdermabrasion done today which, as mentioned in my skin care video, I've been loving! Think I'm becoming slightly obsessed (in a good way), the texture of my skin is just so smooth and soft. I love it. It's great for people with oily skin, or who suffer from acne scars or skin discoloration.

Anyway it's been a while since I shared a food log entry, so here is one from today! :)

Healthy Food Inspiration Log

- Two eggs. sliced tomato and avocado (my fav recently)  
- Smoothie: Coconut water, spinach, frozen berries, banana
- Shrimp, cucumber and mint salad (so good!)
- An apple and some baby carrots
- Grilled chicken, cauliflower and sweet potato fries  

I never count calories or think about fat content (for ex. in avocados) - if it's healthy, it's healthy! The rawer and the least processed, the better. 

And just a little disclaimer :) 
I sometimes share what I eat from day to day as a source of inspiration for others who like healthy food ideas. These posts are in no way meant to influence the way you guys should eat, everyone is different! And we are all in different stages on our way to optimum, beautiful & healthy bodies. These are just little inspirations!

What did you eat today? Join me in these food logs and share your healthy meals with all of us! XOXO


  1. Annie, thank you so much for sharing your food ideas. Love them all!

  2. Acesse meu blog Post novo ;)
    http://bonitamuitobonita.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/maquiagem-azulada.html Bjss

  3. For breakfast I had a smoothie: lots and lots of spinach, frozen berries, a banana, water, and flax seed :D
    Yay i love your food logs :D

  4. Oh, that looks so good! How do you prepare your sweet potato fries? I tried a few ways and I don't think it came out all that great.


  5. they both look so tasty... check out my blog for some healthy food ideas


  6. Hi Annie, thanks so much for sharing your healthy food post! Could you please recommend which are the best places in NYC to get microdermabrasion done and also where do u get microdermabrasion done? I watched your skincare video and am contemplating getting microdermabrasion done!

    Thanks! Keep smiling! :-)

  7. Pleaase do more food logs! I love them!! :D
    Today I had
    B: oatmeal with sliced banana, peanut butter, chia&flaxseed
    L: salad with veggies and dressing of homemade hummus& lemon juice
    D: grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and salad of buckwheat, grilled eggplants,
    Zucchini, bell peppers and roasted walnuts (props to my lovely mum
    For the healthy delicious cooking!)

  8. Great post! I love avocado too. My food diary is on my blog!

    Genevieve x


  9. Love this!! thank you Annie your food logs are amazing

  10. Love those food posts, thanks :)
    What I ate yesterday:
    Breakfast: carrots (I slept in until 10, then went running for an hour, until I showered and everything, it was around 11.30 and I wasn't that hungry so I ate carrots only)
    Lunch: Bulgur with broccoli, onion, zuccini and a little tomato sauce ( I had one somewhat "large" portion so I split my lunch in two. I ate one at 1 and later around 3)
    Dinner: 2 bananas ;)

    the Bulgur is soooo filling! not to mention so so so healthy :)

  11. kiwis, a banana, almonds, some dark chocolate, and a delicious salad that i came up with:
    -lamb's lettuce
    -red beans
    -fresh basil
    (i often have it with either a hard-boiled egg or chicken breast)

    xoxo, Natalie http://paris-in-bloom.tumblr.com/

  12. That shrimp looks really good! Did you make it?? Share the recipe (:(:


  13. Keep doing food logs and health blogs -- they're so inspirational!
    Breakfast: Smoothie with a whole peach, spinach, kale, frozen strawberries and blueberries, ground flax and orange juice
    Lunch: Whole wheat bagel with eggs, tomato and 2 slices of black forest ham
    Dinner: Mixed bean chili
    Snack: An apple

  14. Annie,
    You inspire me to eat healthy and make better meal choices everyday! Last summer, I really focused on eating foods that made me look and feel better but once I got back to college in the fall, I began to eat whatever and whenever. Today was a huge reality check for me. I wouldn't consider myself fat, but I'm not happy with the way I feel and look, so I decided to make a change. I'm hoping that it'll be a life change, rather than a temporary, get-fit-for-summer change.
    Today, I ate:
    - breakfast: banana and a little bit of Special K cereal (I was in a rush!)
    - lunch: whole wheat bread w/ banana and peanut butter (I'm going to try to cut out bread/pasta/rice)
    - snack: orange, apple
    - dinner: salad w/ grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, and hard boiled egg

  15. Looks sooo good! Keep up the good ideas Annie! xo

  16. Avocado is one of my favorite to eat anytime what do you think about quinoa? I love it beside the obvious that is a great source of protein and vitamins.

  17. I love to eat healthy, thanks for sharing, Annie. On my blog I post some inspirations to eat more healthy too.
    Lots of Love, Teresa Valentina
    Make the most out of your life

  18. Yummmm
    yesterday I had a breakfast similar to this one, with 2 eggs, sliced tomato with some fresh guacamole and a little bit of organic chipotle black bean dip
    It was soooo good, not to mention really healthy and filling :)

  19. Hello, Annie! I admire you so much, I'm a big fan of your videos. You are a beautiful and natural inspiring girl. Do you have any advice for bacne or rough elbows? Thank you!

  20. That looks so yummy. I had a healthy version of a good old fashioned english fry up today. Two eggs, mushrooms, spinach and bacon :) Pics are up on my blog. Feel free to check it out :)

    Hollie xo

  21. Hi Annie ! I'd like to have an advise.
    In the morning, I have two slices of wholemeat bread with some butter on them.
    Would you say that I'd rather stop putting butter and use peanut butter instead ? I do not know which one is best for my body !!

    Thank you so much, you really inspire me !