New Video! (10 Makeup Tips)

Hi everyone! I have missed you!! I had a little surgery a couple of weeks ago so I was OUT but am all better now. Filmed a video for you featuring 10 different makeup tips that have been working really well for me. (I apologize in advance for the slight constriction noise in the background - this is what happens a lot in New York!) Anyway I am so happy to have a new video up for you guys. I hope you enjoy! XOXO

10 Makeup Tips
  1. Re-blend your foundation using face mist & buffing brush
  2. Bring Q-tips with you to remove mascara buildup in eyes
  3. Wear a primer if you’re going to be out all day
  4. Apply your foundation in natural sunlight to see true color 
  5. Avoid touching your face (bacteria, blotchy - use tissue)
  6. When blotting, first soak up oil with tissue - then re powder
  7. Choose a blue-red lipstick to help your teeth look white – use crest 3D white strips
  8. Nude lips are so pretty - but go for the color that’s already on your lips (not scary nude, ghostly)
  9. Use a color on your lower lash line to make your eye color pop (purple, green)
  10. Use a highlighter - it makes your skin glow and look dewy like real fresh skin
  11. Don’t forget to smile!! :)

Products Mentioned:
  • MAC Fix Plus
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush
  • Q Tips
  • Cover FX Clear Primer, Benefit PoreFessional, Too Faced Primed & Poreless
  • Red Lipsticks with Blue Undertone: MAC “Russian Red”, NYX “Amseterdam” Lip Crème, MAC “Cherry” lip liner
  • Crest 3D WhiteStrips
  • L’Oreal “Fairest Nude” lipstick & NARS “Piree” lip gloss
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Whisper of Guit”


  1. we missed you ! hope you recovered well :)

  2. Can you please recommend another good highlighter you know of; cheaper, drugstore brand? The MAC one is a tad too expensive for me.

    1. Depending on your skin tone ofcourse but try the HARD CANDY TIKI its a dupe for Betty Lou-Manizer

  3. Glad to see you back Annie!! i hope you get better soon and the surgery went well!!! I also hope to see new posts/videos soon :) take care

  4. what surgery? missed you so much! was scared you weren't coming back!

  5. So glad that you're back - we missed you! Hope everything's good!

    And amazing tips...10 is the perfect amount - not too many!

    Beautiful as always!

  6. Annnieeee <3
    I really hope you're okay, Im curious as to what surgery you had because it was unexpected.
    You'll be in my prayers lovely :)
    Thank you SOOO much for your video, I absolutely LOVE IT. Allll your subscribers/fans would loveeee if you could upload more pleaseee :D

    Love of love beautiful xoxo

    Imen B

  7. your such an insparation, im trying to lose weight and you keep me so motivated and your one of the most gorgeous females living i love you Annie. I love your videos and i hope your all well <3

  8. Missed You soo much !!!! Hope you are great now !!! Send you all my love :)
    Your new video made my day... Waited for a new vid so bad !!
    Love U

  9. I'm glad you are back Annie! I have missed you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! and I love love love tip number 11! You are so inspiring! I fricking love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay so I come to your blog every day to see if you've posted, and I was SOOOOOO happy to see that you posted today!! yay!!! And welcome back - Surgery is tough. So glad you are feeling better. I am actually wearing a honey mask right now using organic raw unfiltered honey as you recommended and I LOVE it! I do honey masks about 3 times per week now. :) I take notes during your videos and have bought almost everything you've recommended. You are my GO-TO guru!! xo

  11. YAY SHE'S BACK!!!!!
    made my day xx

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  13. Can you share some instant and DIY makeup tutorial videos to us?