Health & Diet Tips!

Hello beautiful ♥ Hope you're all having a great week. Just finished editing my next video which is now up! I am so excited to share this video with you. This is a video featuring some health and diet tips, as well as some frequently asked questions :)

There's also a little message at the end to all of those who have emailed me in the past with their health and weight loss updates - you are all amazing! Hope you enjoy and find it helpful. 

Click to watch the video below!
Recap of advice mentioned:
  1. Sip on hot water throughout the day
  2. Do some light exercise before you hop in the shower (if you haven't had time to do a proper workout)
  3. Shop smart when you're at the supermarket
  4. Check ingredients and eat as simple as possible
  5. Eat slowly
  6. Treat yourself in moderation
Questions answered:
  1. What keeps you motivated?
  2. What was your heaviest weight?
  3. What do you like to eat?
  4. What exercises do you like to do?
 Check out the Fit Miss on Tumblr, she is awesome! http://thefitmiss.tumblr.com/ 


  1. Great advice!!! I've never tried the hot water, so I will be giving that a try!

    ❤ Temi Truly

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  2. Annie, i check your blog id say 5x a day, and i scream with joy from the inside everytime you upload a new post, or a new video! you keep me so motivated. your one of the Youtube gurus who i can watch over and over again, the same videos too! i love you so much, your one of the biggest inspirations out there to women and girls my age-16! xxx

  3. Love watching your videos <3 greetings from Germany xxx

  4. You are such a role model! Keep going, love you:-)

  5. I love this kind of blogs, just loveeee. I'm also very passionate about healt so I cook for my self, buy my own groceries, workout at home and that stuff. I feel like I'm living so much healthier then rest of my friends (I'm 18) and when I try to talk with them about healty and nutrition they are like, whatever, who cares, ect. Maybe that's the reason why I read about it on internet like EVERY DAY :P. There is just so much to learn you know. Anyway i just brought a smoothie blender and today try to make smoothie. I made it, try it, and then flush it down the toilet :P. It was just not good. I really really like vegatables and fruits so I will try again with some other recepie. I hared you say you also make smoothies ao please could you share you recepies? I would love to try them. Great video, lots of love from Croatia :*

  6. I loved the video Annie, you're such an inspiration! I'm trying a lot harder to eat healthier and you keep me motivated! Thankyou xx

  7. Aqsaa is right :) You are incredible , i love your blog , videos , the way you talk . AMAZING !
    Make get ready with me - make up + hair + outfit : )

    Kisses from Poland Annie ;*

  8. I love your videos and blogpost sooo much :)

  9. I look forward to your posts and videos so much Annie! You're so genuine and really care about your viewers which is why I love you! I'm going to work towards doing all the points you listed as I'm having quite a lot of trouble eating in moderation :/ I'm training for a 5 mile run right now so your videos are helping me soo much, I'm trying to fit as juch exercise as I can during the day, even doing simple calf raises in the shower lol. I have a fitblr if you would like to check it out high-onfitness.tumblr.com

    Love you Annie!


  10. the best video so far, Annie :) I also like to add fresh lemon juice or slices of cucumber in my hot water, makes it taste so much better :)

  11. I love your health advice, it is always very inspiring :)

  12. Annie you're such an inspiration. Truly amazing!

  13. Annnieeeeeeeee <3

    You don't understand the happiness I get when I see a video from you. I swear it literally makes me smiiiile and say ''Anniiieeee'' I really do feel like I know you sooo well and that youre a very close friend.
    When I saw u made a shoutout on this video I was like ''ahhh I wish she could do the same'' just so I know you've read my message :)
    Thanks sooooo much for your tips on everything. You truly are beautiful inside and out and sooo genuine.

    Lots of love xoxo

    Imen B

  14. Oh.My.Gosh! Love this!
    Great blog here so excited to follow along!
    Your newest fan,

  15. Oh my god Annie I can't describe how much I love you and your Videos! I am a 18-year old Turkish girl living in Germany and I watch your videos since months and months.. Your the most inspiring girl I have ever seen.. Although I have many friends I don't think that anyone of them would understand me as much as you would do, I wish I could just meet you ... The first video that I watched when I found you was a health video because I was always struggling with my weight, there were times when I was a little bit owerweight and also times when I was too skinny.. I never really found a middle way.. But now that I'm done with school I'm workig hard for my dreambody and YOU are the one that keeps me motivated. Especially this video was so nice, and I will never get enough of your videos. Especially your health videos :) sorry for this long text and sorry for my bad english but I had the feeling that I needed to say all those things... I hope you will read it, looooooots of love from germany <3 <3 <3

  16. I was like crazyyy.. & happy when i saw a new post here :) you're always a great inspiration to me, we are the same age & maybe that's sounds crazy but i pray god to find a friend like U..
    thank you for being here, even if you're far from france :p
    have a nice day Annie, hope one day i could meet you :))

    lots of love


  17. I'm literally your exact starting weight and your weight now is my goal, had it with all these fad diets its time to just be healthy! Thanks so much for the inspiration, wish me luck! Xxx

  18. I love your videos like this!

    Genevieve x


  19. Hey Annie,

    Could you please do a video or a blog post on natural methods of getting rid of blemishes? In your videos you have mentioned that you suffered from acne - how did you manage to clear your skin from the blemishes? Your skin looks amazing without makeup!

    Btw, I've been doing the raw honey mask ever since I saw your video and it works really well at calming any breakouts and I find that my skin looks more glow-y. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I LOVE these kinds of videos!!! :)
    Would you do a waxing video? It would be super helpful!! :)

  21. Could you post a before and after picture on Instagram? You are such a health and fitness inspiration for me and many girls.

  22. Annie you inspire me to be more healthy SO much! I always look forward to your wellness videos :) I followed you on tumblr too! My tumblr is http://themotivationwall.tumblr.com/ if you're looking for something new to follow! Keep the videos coming girly! You're so amazing! <3

  23. I love love love your videos. I'm just so happy , when you uploaded a new video. You inspire me.♥

  24. Annie!!! I love you so much your videos are just amazing and motivating :D
    I always struggled with my weight and I really really want to do it this time.
    can you make a video in some advices during the weight loss process, like dealing with stretch marks especially..
    I'm almost 82 kilos now and my perfect weight is 59, but i'm aiming for 55..please keep up these inspiring videos and advices we need them :)

  25. Hi Annie,

    Is drinking warm water really better for you than drinking cold water? I heard drinking ice water burns more calories because your body has to work to warm up the water to be in balance with the rest of your body. Not sure if I am right, but I thought I'd just ask!

  26. Just found your blog, you are soooo pretty! x

  27. I love you're blog...You are pretty and smart girl:)

  28. Hi Annie,

    You are so beautiful and inspirational. You motivate me to work out more often and eat leaner food. Keep up with the inspiring tips and videos. XOXO

  29. You are such an inspiration Annie! Your blog is exactly what I could dream of mine being one day!<3

  30. I'm going to check that out.

    bye bye


  31. Hey Annie!!! Thank you so much for your video! I've been trying to follow your advice!

    I have a request for a video if you don't mind. I'm absolutely in love with your hair color and I've never done anything to my hair but I told myself in May I want to color it (I have black hair and dark eyebrows) and light skin. Could you do a video or just post what your hair color is and what you asked your stylist to do? Thanks so much!

  32. Hi Annie,

    thank you sooo much for all of your videos!I've been watching them in the past couple of months and I really love everything you post because you really put an effort into making them. And that's what makes you different and special :) and of course my favorite youtube gury ♥

    love you a lot, x

  33. Annie! You're so gorgeous! I have a request for you....

    It would be great help if you could discuss how to get rid of blemishes and red marks from old pimples! I have alot on my cheeks and they don't fade away! Pleaseeee upload a post on how to lighten these marks! The pimples go away after a few weeks but the blemishes always stay back for a long time.

    Absolutely love your videos! <3

    Hope u keep my request! =)

  34. Can you explain the specific rules that you went by when you lost weight as a teenager, especially the food part because I dont rly know what to do anymore. im 16 so and ive been trying to lose weight my whole life so it would be really helpful! thanks and i love your videos!

  35. Hey gorgeous!!

    I wanted to say that u've been such inspirational to me. Keep it up! DU ÄR UNDERBAR! I love the fact that you love life and take care of yourself and inspire others. The secret is really to love yourself. It has make such a difference into my life. And I want to thank you! Health and beauty are my passions now.

    Lots of love!! -Finnish girl :)

  36. Hey Annie! I love all of your posts, never fail to make my day :)
    I was just wondering if you still do the Brazil Butt Lift, I think you mentioned it in your workout routine video. I was thinking of purchasing it and just wondering what your opinion on it was, since it is quite pricey. Thanks so much, you are a true inspiration!

  37. Hey Annie! I just wanted to recommend drinking warm water with a slice of lemon. I always try to start my day with it. It detoxifies and cleanses the body and boosts your immune system too since it has vitamin c. And for another alternative you could add a bit of honey. :)

  38. Hi Annie, thanks for this post.
    I really like The Fit Miss tumblr too, you should check out these ones if you haven't seen them before:

    http://fit-not-thin.tumblr.com/ (my favourite)

    Hope you like them

  39. Great post Annie. Just a thought, instead of sipping on plain warm water through the day, you can include Green Tea to your diet. It's very helpful for any person looking to lose weight / diet. This can be had after big meals through the day. It increases body metabolism, intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories. Read more facts about Green tea here.

  40. Annie, you are just simply amazing!
    You're my inspiration and role model,
    love all that you do!

  41. Love your videos! always very informative & love your warm-hearted personality! Can you maybe do a video on your cleansing routine at the end of a day and your basic skin routine before you put your makeup in the morning? Thank you!!

  42. Is your top from HM? , looks like my top ,love the pattern on it! ;)

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  46. Will you tell me what ingredients which help at the time of dieting?

  47. Hi Annie!
    I am an italian girl who has just discovered your YouTube channel.I am writing you because a year ago I decided that i had to lose weight.Since that time i have lost 5 kilos,but now,I don't really know why I can't lose more weight.Is it normal?Please help me.
    P.S.I haven't changed any of my habits like eating healthy or exercising

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